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[Guide Request] Teemo

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Errrrhm, for those who use Last Whisper for the 40% armor penetration, please exchange that with Brutalizer. You ignore 15 of the opponent's armor, better than percentage base. If you're against an armor stacker, yes, Last Whisper is fine.

I have not tested this but even if this is the case the reason for choosing a Last Whisper as a debuf to armor is because you need a second attack speed item and this is a nice side affect. So basically when chosing between Last Whisper and Wits End you are only choosing the second part of the item, the AS increase is the needed part.

The brutalizer is a better item for Tristana where Damage is greater than attack speed. Teemo in my opinion in most cases needs 2x AS, unless Exec Calling is needed for health debuff and that case you would change to a Critcal Damage build with Phantom Dancer instead of a second BF Sword item.

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I usually play Teemo with a Life leeching dps build, this ends up making me the carry which I really enjoy.

I use Attack Speed Mark Runes, Mana Regen Seal Runes, Cooldown Glyph Runes, and Attack Speed QuintÂ’s.

I usually try to lane with someone that has a stun, and I start with blind and then get poison. I can usually pull off first blood if the person I lane with is adept with the stun.

I like to use cleanse and teleport. I like being able to get out of trouble with cleanse, and teleport is nice to be able to quickly get back in the action with teleporting to mushrooms.

I start with Boots of Speed and 2 health pots that usually keep me in lane till I hit level 6. After I hit 6 I throw down a mushroom or 2 and go shopping.

My Item build usually goes like this:

Berserkers Greaves

After I have purchased all three I'm usually lvl 9 or 10 and do a bit of jungle to pick up the lizard buff, kill the dragon if no one has yet, and sometimes I'll do the golem buff.

The entire time I'm throwing down mushrooms in bushes at key areas, watching the score to see who I can feed off of, and watching our towers to see if we need support anywhere.

Next I usually grab:
Giants Belt + Ruby Crystal and eventually build these into a Frozen Mallet

By this time I can withstand a pretty good beating and can leech a good portion of life, so I start really hunting champions. I pick out any of the ones I noticed were feeding earlier and really start hammering them. Also I keep an eye on any champion that uses magic like Veigar and only attack them if I have backup. Otherwise champions like Yi are easy targets.

After the Frozen Mallet I build a Bloodthirster. By this time if the game is really swinging in our favor the game will probably end before I complete the Bloodthirster, but if not after the Bloodthirster Ill pick up an Infinity Edge for good measure.

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I play an effective AP/support teemo.

Haunting Guise (early regen helps)
Mercury Treads
Rylai's Staff
Nashor's Tooth
Lich's Bane
Mejai's soul stealer
Zhonya's Ring (sell guise)

12 second cooldown on mushroom (with mastery/runes) gives you much better map and lane control, the blinding dart has a slow effect and does considerable damage.

Summoner spells > Ignite + Exhaust. Ignite for damage, but also for AP boost when on cooldown. Exhaust for magic penetration and blind.

Masteries - > Enough offense to get ignite and exhaust buff. Rest in Utility for mana/health regen & cooldowns.

Runes> Magic Penetration, Cooldown Reduction, Mana/Health regen, Ability power.

I don't understand why Teemo is seen as a attack dps carry. He doesn't have a single attack-based ability. Toxic dart is AP based and adds negligible damage.

You could build any ranged attacker (like heimerdinger) with the above carry items and "pwn". It doesn't have anything to do with being Teemo.

Other ranged carries have abilities that affect or are affected by attack speed and damage.

If you are playing teemo with the other people's item builds, just get one level in dart and one in toxic and one in mushroom and max out move speed. Its the only "carry" ability he has, the blind on dart doesn't get better with levels and without AP it doesn't really do anything anyway.

You won't really have mana or regen to put up mushrooms or spam your darts, so it won't matter what level they are.

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For starters heres the guide with explanations and details

Gonna break down my teemo guide for you
1.Toxic Shot
2.Blind Dart
3.Toxic Shot
4.Move Quick
5.Toxic Shot
6.Noxious Trap
7.Toxic Shot
8.Blind Dart
9.Toxic Shot
10.Blind Dart
11.Noxious Trap
12.Blind Dart
13.Blind Dart
14.Move Quick
15.Move Quick
16.Noxious Trap
17.Move Quick
18.Move Quick

healer/regen counter build
Vampiric scepter
Beserkers boots
executioners calling
Infinity edge
phantom dancer
The Black Cleaver or bloodthirster
bloodthirster or The black cleaver(wich ever you didn't get before)

Regular build
Vampiric scepter
Beserkers boots
infinity edge
the black cleaver

Summoner spells
masteries 21/9/0

with 11% dodge, 21% attack speed runebook youll have nearly 1.75attack speed and 36% dodge after phantom dancer, crit strike will be over 50%, it will only take up to 3hits to fully heal yourself at one time. speed will be off the chart fast, and with exhaust +blind you can keep someone missing attacks for up to 7seconds!

My tips are basicly harass champions with poisen then poisen every minion so you can keep your lane minion controlled while still dealing damage to the enemy. occasionaly you'll dodge minion attacks because at the start you'll have around 16% dodge, make sure you only use blind when you know they are going to harass or attack you with AD and not spells, to prevent them from doing damage to you. keep getting last hits and poisening minions so that you get more minion kills then the enemy and when the time is right exhaust them from getting away, attack and movequick if they will get out of range.

When up against someone like trist they really have the advantage in burst damage, so you have to take advantage of keeping her hp lower then yours, make sure you shroom in front of you so that she jumps onto the shroom, blind when she jumps then count to 3 and exhaust for maximum blind timing.
If she does jump you, don't waste time and rally as soon as she does, the burst damage is going to work fast and your healing over time won't, but the bonus in attack damage and Ability power from rally will keep you over trist in damage.

Don't face off against players like annie or katarina, blind does nothing against casters and teemo is best used as an anti AD carry.

This has proven to be my best build for teemo.