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Jarven Discussion on Playstyles and Builds

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Captain Dildac

Senior Member


So Ive been playing Jarven since he came out with both successes and failures, you now the usual deal when a new champion comes out half the community says he/she sucks and the other half is in love with them. Ive done alot of lurking on Leaugecraft and mobafire seeing what people have tried. In the beginning I was dead set on doing certain builds that i personally thought could work but found to be lackluster. On of which was stacking Tiamats with tank gear because i felt like if i could trap 2-3 people in his ult i could use the splash to my advantage finally for once using an item that everyone dislikes for obvious reasons. Anyways whats the general consensus on Jarven? To get things going ill start by throwing up what i have found to be the most deadly route to go which is AD Jarven. The following info as well as this whole post is a bit sloppy since im writing it up real fast, sorry in advance

Armor pen reds
Armor Yellows
Magic resist Blues
Health Quints

This i feel is great for Jarven as he is a melee DPS after all regardless of going tank or not and will be drawing alot of hate and focus from your enemies. These runes give him great early game survivability and the armor pen increases your overall damage output.


making sure to spec armor pen in offensive and getting the extra MR/ARM from defensive

The Utility point is normally teleport spec which is in my opinion a great SS for Jarven( A champ with innate Armor and Attack speed bonuses B-B-BACKDOOR/Teleport "BD&quot

Aggresive Early Game
Ganker Early Mid Game
Focus on being with my Team Late Game(of course)
My playstyle is normally extremely aggressive early game starting with a longsword and hp pot using my Q on every CD to harass my enemies for a non-ignoreable amount of damage. Of course ive gotten owned on some occasions which comes with the territory of being aggressive.

So there it is rather sloppy, i know but, anyways what have all of you who are Jarven players discovered with him? What playstyle and build combos work with great synergy? Fire away!

P.S. If there is another Jarven Discussion thread I dont know about please point me to it!