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Teach me how to dougie...errrr...Morgana

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Skeleton Jáck

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Morgana is not a support. Forget Riot's moronic tag and what other people may try to tell you. She has utility and she has dps. But a support she is not.

Doran's Ring to start

At this point you have to look at the team comp. How much MR are they going to have (tanky types who build tank items or have scaling MR) and how much CC will they have. If you're not sure which champs have scaling MR, etc... click on them when revealed and check their MR stat.

Heavy CC Core
Merc Treads + Haunting Guise + Deathcap

Heavy MR Core
Sorc Boots + Haunting Guise + Deathcap

Standard Core
Sorc Boots + Deathcap

After your Core is complete pending the team makeup, build Catalyst. If your build doesn't use a Haunting Guise consider building Catalyst earlier.

From this point you either build a Banshee's Veil, or go directly into AP.

Items to Consider:
Hourglass (being focused a lot)
Will of the Ancients (consider later rather than earlier)
AA (not having issues with dying)
Frozen Heart (being focused a lot and no problems killing people)
Lichbane (Merc + BV + LB = solid MR on Morg combined with Shield. Also the follow up auto attack damage is very powerful once you're at the 300-500 AP range.)

You can build directly into a RoA as your first item with Sorc Boots. This gives you more "tankiness" but at the cost of slowing down your damage. If you have trouble living as Morgana consider this instead.

For Runes I personally do mana/lvl in yellow, and flat Magic Pen in everything else. 9/0/21

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This is the Morgana Guide (http://www.squidoo.com/league-of-legends-morgana-guide) i follow.

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Thanks for the advice?

Lol who downvoted me? I'm not dissing anyone or saying I'm a good Morgana, I'm just asking for help...

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I play a lot of morg and have a good win percentage with her. I build dorans ring, then catalyst, to sorc treads, finsh ROA, DeathCap. Then from here depends on their team comp. I stack AP because it works. Despite the fact she's been nerfed, her ratios are still excellent. If you have 400 ap, you are snaring for a quarter of their health and first tick ult for nearly 1/3. Voidstaff works well if they are building MR.

As far as laning goes. go wqwe. Then w all the way up and q all the way up. I play Morg very aggressively. Just use your pool to farm. Hit the caster minions with the pool on the edge so you can try to get some of the melee minions as well.

The key with playing Morg though is well timed blackshields and being able to land your snare. So if you can't do either of those effectively, you are gonna look bad no matter what your build is.

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Start: Saphire Crystal, HPot, Mpot
First Trip back: Catalyst and Boots
Second trip back: Fiendish Codex.

Upgrade the Catalyst to RoA or Banshee's depending on the match.
Upgrade the Codex to Morello's at your leisure.
Upgrade boots to Sorc Boots. Ionian Boots are ok but I prefer Sorc Boot's.

From here on out it depends on the opponent's team composition: Frozen Heart, Abyssal Sceptor and Void Staff are all useful on Morg. Zhonya's UA works on Morg but I find it it is rarely useful since the best part of her ult is maintaining the link for the stun and most people with any sense immediately run from her when she ults. So standing around like a golden statue while everyone runs defeats the purpose.

She is a great mid and solo lane especially if you have a jungler. Q then W while your jungler rushes in and finishes.

If I duo lane I only do it in my premade as the teamwork makes her shine. Q then W and my lanemate finishes. The Shield to bail them out when they overextend.

A solid, support role Morgana is a powerful tool especially in a premade. Don't waste time stacking AP on her. That isn't her job. Protect your carry with E, harass with W and bind their carry with Q. Ult in teamfights and hold them for the stun so your team can mop up.

You'll know you are doing it right when the opposing team starts to focus you. If they leave you alone then you are not doing it right.

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1) How do you lane with her against aggressive ranged opponents who autoattack you when you go in to lasthit? You can't really Q them because of creeps, and you can't really trade autoattacks because Morgana's autoattack is slow and short-ranged.

I'm really surprised no one has mentioned it, but I find it really important to level her W to 3. At that point, you can throw it under enemy caster minions and kill them off without having to do anything else. That's 3 guaranteed* minion kills out of every wave that don't require you to stand in range of the enemy for very long. Note too that you can afford to take a few hits now and then because of her passive spell vamp.

* If you've managed to stay in your lane for a long time and all you have is the Doran's Ring that you started off with, I think caster minions will eventually get just enough MR to be left with a sliver of health. Going back to buy some AP items fixes this issue.

2) How do you build her?

My core build generally consists of:

Doran's Ring
Sorceror's Boots
Archangel's Staff
Void Staff

You'll probably need to adjust depending on the match though. If you're getting focused or they have a lot of CC, consider Haunting Guise, Zhonya's, and/or Banshee's Veil somewhere in there. Even though Morgana isn't terribly bursty, you can still do a lot of damage with her Q, and moreso if you stick a W under their feet immediately before/after.

If you're doing particularly well, consider getting a Mejai's somewhere after Archangel's. As a support character, she tends to get a lot of assists (though generally not a lot of kills, unless you're super fed).

3) Do you guys seriously lasthit with her horrible attack animation? I kinda get lazy and use W on caster creeps, and try to lasthit the rest.

She's really not that hard to last hit with, though as stated above, I rely way more on her W for farming than her auto-attack. Again, once you get W to third level, it makes farming ridiculously easy.