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Fiddlesticks, the fearful drainer

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I can't understand which items i must buy ?? Please tell me more information

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Great guide thanks alot for it!

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It's actually a tricky balance if you want to jungle.

At the moment I am playing fiddle on my new US smurf account (transferring my play from EU server as solo games suck and most of them can't even speak English).

As a result I'm about lvl 9 and without full runes/masteries etc.

To jungle from level 1 you need to take drain (you can start anywhere apart from blue or red buff provided you have smite). And if you want to get the blue buff at level 3 and clear out the jungle without blue pilling then you need to take a second level of drain at level 3 as well.

My first item is always sapphire + HP + MP. With drain extra mana eans more healthh and more damage and it's tough wtith limited runes/masteries to take out the blue buff without the extra 400 mana the sapphire + 1MP gives you

By the time you get back to shop you usually have about 1200-1300 gold and are level 5 and in touch with the other players (maybe a level or so behind mid).

A solid way to spend that cash in a drain build is on an upgrade of the sapphire to glacial armor (its armor is handy vs DPS, towers and critters but you are really getting it for the 20% CD reduction - this means you can chain your drains non-stop and get to use everything else faster as well). You don't really need any more CD reduce after that.

Another possibility that springs to mind (for a build less committed to drains and/or facing likely interrupts) for an upgrade to the sapphire with 1300 gold is to get Catalyst (presumably with the idea of working towards a Veil in mid-late game) and level one boots instead.

Sorc boots are core too of course and I get them next.

Assuming you have at least 9 levels of masteries (and so have 16.5 magic pen), sorc boots and your innate magic resist lowering means that you don't need to buy any more items that add to this unless the opposition are buying MR items.

If you do need more punch then I quite like Abyssal (as you can always do with more MR). Void staff is another possibility (if both teams are mainly DPS). If this is the case you will also want to build out the glacial armor (if you took it) to frozen.

AP ratios aren't actually that great for Fiddle. Sure I tend to often end up with stuff like Deathcap if the game goes on long enough but IMHO they aren't a priority.

As for the balance between fear, drain and dark wind, I have tried just about everything. I even played with fear left at lvl 1 once (it wasn't good once out of the jungle).

A jungle built really has to go D,DW,D,F, but the lvl 5 pick is tricky. Drain lvl 3 will see you cut thru the jungle (esp. the buffs and the dragon) faster and more safely. The red buff is also very nice with a drain fiddle. But I suspect that the better the opposition is the more you should see drain as a nice way to cut thru the jungle and get health back without blue pill downtime. DW is a compromise - it's good in the jungle with blue buff up as you can spam it to kill faster and also you best laning skill with good utility in team fights. And fear - well you never go wrong vs any other champs with fear on board.

Obviously Crowstorm is lvl 6 pick.

After that it really does depend on what the game is doing. Fear + Drain is great for one on situations esp in the jungle (jungling or counter-jungling) but sucks for farming.
For ganking CS+ fear are the key abilities (and a maxxed drain is then nice to throw in) but without DW you will fall behind in levelling unless you are getting a lot of kills.

I suspect optimal in most scenarios even starting in the jungle is to just take an early two levels of Drain and then level up Fear and DW. Maybe something like D,DW,D,F,CS,F,DW,F,DW,CS,F,DW,F, DW, D, CS, D, D.

However against opponents you are not focussing you (for whatever reason) fear+drain might be a cheesy way to go but can be very effective.

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I'm not one to post on Guides, but not getting darkwind early is crazy. The silence, plus the damage is great. If you have 2 champions standing near eachother, it willdo tons of damage, silence them for awhile, and overall, leave em very unhappy.

1st this was a drain guide, im not getting at you here just defending this guide..or more its ability selection really, its a guide built on drain as youre staple. drain is very effective early game to sustain lane presence. taking drain 1st/maxing 1st, fear 2nd ult 3rd and dark wind 4th.

take drain 1st 2nd take a dark wind 3rd take a fear, then take every avalible drain up, exluding ult ups, then max your fear, gives max drainability if you are going for that style fiddle and also makes him really effective in the jungle, which I might add is good strategy for a jungler. take dark wind a lvl 2 and only take when you have no other options as a drain oriented fiddle, dark wind is better for a support fiddle in the bottom lane to keep people away from your tank/carry or however you run the meta. fear and drain maxed first and second is also much better for team fights and gankability.