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Sivir's Spell Shield - The "What is and what isn't blocked" List

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Poki3 tem

Emissary of the League


So I decided to make a list of every skill I can think of and see if, and how it works vs Banshee's Veil, Sivir's Spell Shield, Nocturne's Shroud of Darkness and indirectly Morgana's Black Shield.
This should be useful for everyone - for players so they'll know what they can and can't block, for others so they know what to expect when fighting someone with a spell shield and what to use to pop it, and finally for the Devs, since they can tweak the spells and fix the bugs.

Skills that can't be used or have no effect on enemy champions have been omitted. (P) means Passive. (U) means Ultimate. SS - short for Spell Shield.

I'd like to thank my friends that helped me test: Athllon, arcian, Czerkan, DarkTomek, Fre4ko, Gofrownica, Greyrir Wolfwood, Haldir Aros, Ivan Luthien, Ivellos, kWASu, Muotek, NekroJakub, norch, Rychlin, sedzia87, Szerg, Wladyslaw.
And to the people that did some tests for me: SBMaster86 (Rumble), JustinBlade (Orianna, Sejuani)

If there's anything that works differently then what I wrote, or you find it confusing, PLEASE comment about it. Bugs get introduced and fixed all the time, and it's impossible for me to test every champion every time the game gets patched.

Latest Update: Draven patch
Current bugs:
* Karthus's Wall of Pain - Slows, does not break Spell Shields. (Last tested: Varus patch)
* Orianna's Command: Attack - Breaks Spell Shields in the cast location. Damage is when the ball passes through. (Last tested: Varus patch)
* Volibear's Rolling Thunder - Damage not blocked. (Last tested: Varus patch)
* Volibear's Thunder Claws - All damage blocked, even autoattack damage. (Last tested: Varus patch)
* Hecarim's Devastating Charge - Not blocked. BUGGED I say. (Last tested: Varus patch)
* Hecarim's Onslaught of Shadows - BUGGED to hell. Spell shield is destroyed at the time of casting, much like Orianna's Q. Even if it's not broken, best case scenario you'll block half the damage. You'll always get terrified and take some damage. (Last tested: Varus patch)

(Re)tests needed:
* Expand Baron Nashor's section.


  • Items, Classic:
    • Bilgewater Cutlass - Blocked.
    • Deathfire Grasp - Blocked.
    • Executioner's Calling - Blocked.
    • Hextech Gunblade - Blocked.
    • Ionic Spark - Not blocked.
    • Randuin's Omen - Not blocked.
    • Sword of the Divine - Not blocked.
    • Sheen - Not blocked.
    • Lich Bane - Not blocked.
    • Trinity Force - Not blocked.
  • Items, Dominion:
    • Entropy - Not blocked.
    • Hextech Sweeper - Active not blocked. Passive only works if you get hit by the ability.
    • Odyn's Veil - Not blocked.

  • Summoner Spells:
    • Exhaust - Not blocked.
    • Ignite - Not blocked.

  • Baron Nashor:
    • Some of his attacks can be blocked, but it's difficult to test what exactly.

  • Ahri:
    • Orb of Deception - Both hits can be blocked. If at max range, you can block both hits, but normally just one.
    • Fox-Fire - If Ahri is close and all flames attack at once, you can block all of them. If the flames come one at a time, only one will be blocked.
    • Charm - Blocked.
    • Spirit Rush (U) - Damage from one dash can be blocked.

  • Akali:
    • Twin Disciplines (P) - Bonus magic damage cannot be blocked. Spellvamp only works on damage dealt, so it's indirectly blocked.
    • Mark of the Assassin - Initial hit is blocked (No damage, no mark). If you get marked, you can't block the extra damage.
    • Twilight Shroud - Not blocked. AoE.
    • Crescent Slash - Blocked.
    • Shadow Dance (U) - Blocked. She still dashes, but deals no damage.

  • Alistar:
    • Trample (P) - Not blocked.
    • Pulverize - Blocked. You still get the little swirly animation under you.
    • Headbutt - Blocked. Alistar charges at you, but will not damage or push you.

  • Amumu:
    • Bandage Toss - Blocked. He pulls toward you, but doesn't damage/stun.
    • Despair - Not blocked. PBAoE.
    • Tantrum - Blocked.
    • Curse of the Sad Mummy (U) - Blocked.

  • Anivia:
    • Flash Frost - Both the damage and slow caused by the attack flying through you and the detonation damage and stun is blockable. You may get hit by the pass, get your Spell Shield broken and then hit my the detonation on certain ocasions.
    • Frostbite - Blocked.
    • Glacial Storm (U) - Not blocked. AoE DoT.

  • Annie:
    • Pyromania (P) - All stuns are blocked along with the corresponding spells.
    • Disintegrate - Blocked.
    • Incinerate - Blocked.
    • Summon: Tibbers (U) - Initial damage blocked. Tibbers can of course still attack you and his burning still damages you regardless of SS.

  • Ashe:
    • Frost Shot - Not blocked. Attack toggle.
    • Volley - Blocked. You don't get slowed nor damaged.
    • Enchanted Crystal Arrow (U) - If hit directly: blocked, no stun or damage. AoE still damages and slows everyone around. If someone else near you is hit, then shield does not pop, and you get slowed and damaged.

  • Brand:
    • Blaze (P) - The passive isn't applied, triggered nor refreshed if a spell is blocked.
    • Sear - Blocked.
    • Pillar of Flame - Blocked.
    • Conflagration - Both casting on you and the AoE are blocked. If you are ablaze and get hit by the spell it will not trigger AoE.
    • Pyroclasm (U) - Blocks 1 bounce.

  • Blitzcrank:
    • Rocket Grab - Blocked. You're not pulled or damaged. The hand stays on you for a bit though. Funny ;]
    • Power Fist - Blocked.
    • Static Field (U) - Passive effect is not blocked. Active effect is (both damage and silence).

  • Caitlyn:
    • Headshot (P) - Not blocked.
    • Piltover Peacemaker - Blocked.
    • Yordle Snap Trap - Blocked.
    • 90 Caliber Net - Blocked.
    • Ace in the Hole (U) - Damage blocked. Targeting cannot be blocked.

  • Cassiopeia:
    • Noxious Blast - Blocked.
    • Miasma - Not blocked. AoE DoT.
    • Twin Fang - Blocked. If you were poisoned, Cassiopeia still gets her cooldowns reduced.
    • Petrifying Gaze (U) - Blocked. Both variants.

  • Cho'Gath:
    • Rupture - Blocked.
    • Feral Scream - Blocked.
    • Vorpal Spikes - Not blocked. Attack enhancer.
    • Feast (U) - Blocked.

  • Corki:
    • Phosphorus Bomb - Blocked.
    • Valkyrie - Not blocked.
    • Gatling Gun - Not blocked.
    • Missile Barrage (U) - Blocked, both direct hits and the splash.

  • Darius:
    • Hemorrhage (P) - Autoattacks not blocked. Blocked skills don't apply stacks.
    • Decimate - Blocked.
    • Cripting Strike - Entire damage blocked.
    • Apprehend - Blocked.
    • Noxian Guillotine (U) - Blocked.

  • Dr. Mundo:
    • Infected Cleaver - Blocked.
    • Burning Agony - Not blocked. AoE.

  • Draven:
    • Wicked Blades (P) - Not blocked.
    • Spinning Axe - Not blocked.
    • Stand Aside - Blocked.
    • Whirling Death (U) - One pass blocked.

  • Evelynn:
    • Hate Spike - Blocked.
    • Shadow Walk - Slow blocked if used as an attack. If Eve comes out of Stealth with a skill, the skill will be blocked, but you get slowed.
    • Ravage - Blocked.

  • Ezreal:
    • Mystic Shot - Blocked.
    • Essence Flux - Blocked. Bugged - Destroys allied Spell Shields!
    • Arcane Shift - Blocked.
    • Trueshot Barrage (U) - Blocked.

  • Fiddlesticks:
    • Terrify - Blocked.
    • Drain - Blocked cast.
    • Dark Wind - Blocks 1 bounce. Doesn't silence.
    • Crowstorm (U) - Not blocked. AoE.

  • Fiora:
    • Lunge - Damage from 1 Lunge is blocked.
    • Riposte - Damage from the Riposte can be blocked. It's like playing ping-pong :P
    • Blade Waltz (U) - 1 hit blocked. Blade Waltz continues as normal.

  • Fizz:
    • Urchin Strike - Blocked.
    • Seastone Trident - Not blocked.
    • Playful / Trickster - Blocked.
    • Chum the Waters (U) - If hit by the fish during it's flight, the fish drops to the ground and will detonate after a while. It can't be picked up by the same person. If the fish is on the ground, you can pick it up and not have SS broken. The shark bite can be completely blocked by SS, regardless if you have the fish or someone else.

  • Galio:
    • Resolute Smite - Blocked.
    • Righteous Gust - Blocked. Speed boost effect still persists.
    • Idol of Durand (U) - The ulti taunts at the time of casting and once every 0.5 sec, and can't taunt the same target twice. You can block any taunt with Spell Shield and won't get taunted by the spell any more. If you have Mercucy's Treads you can use Spell Shield to block the damage burst by spamming E and getting the shield up after the taunt ends.

  • Gangplank:
    • Grog Soaked Blade (P) - Not blocked.
    • Parrrley - Blocked.
    • Cannon Barrage (U) - Blocks one cannonball. Does not block the slow.

  • Garen:
    • Decisive Strike - Blocked.
    • Judgment - Not blocked.
    • Demacian Justice (U) - Blocked.

  • Gragas:
    • Barrel Roll - Blocked.
    • Body Slam - Blocked.
    • Explosive Cask (U) - Blocked.

  • Graves:
    • Buckshot - Blocked, all bullets.
    • Smoke Screen - Damage blocked. Slow and vision reduction is not blocked.
    • Collateral Damage (U) - Both damage components can be blocked. The bullet still explodes when hiting you, damaging everyone else.

  • Hecarim:
    • Rampage - Blocked.
    • Spirit of Dread - Not blocked.
    • Devastating Charge - Not blocked. BUGGED I say.
    • Onslaught of Shadows (U) - BUGGED to hell. Spell shield is destroyed at the time of casting, much like Orianna's Q. Even if it's not broken, best case scenario you'll block half the damage. You'll always get terrified and take some damage.

  • Heimerdinger:
    • Hextech Micro-Rockets - Blocked.
    • CH-1 Concussion Grenade - Blocked. Everything gets blocked: damage, blind and stun.

  • Irelia:
    • Bladesurge - Blocked. Still dashes to target.
    • Hiten Style - Not blocked.
    • Equilibrium Strike - Blocked. (Both variants)
    • Transcendent Blades - 1 blade can be blocked, but she still lifesteals as if she dealt damage.

  • Janna:
    • Howling Gale - Blocked.
    • Zephyr - Blocked.
    • Monsoon (U) - Pushback blocked. The skill works normally on others.

  • Jarvan IV:
    • Martial Cadence (P) - Not blocked.
    • Dragon Strike - Damage and debuff blocked. A knockup from this skill is not blocked.
    • Golden Aegis - Slow blocked. Shield generated normally.
    • Demacian Standard - Damage from the landing is blocked.
    • Cataclysm (U) - Damage blocked. Walls are created normally.

  • Jax:
    • Leap Strike - Jax still jumps to you, but SS will blocked the damage. Empowered Leap Strikes also blocked.
    • Empower - Blocked.
    • Counter Strike - Damage and stun blocked.
    • Grandmaster's Might (U) - The extra damage is not blocked.

  • Karma:
    • Heavenly Wave - Blocked. Mantrad Waves still heal.
    • Spirit Bond - Both casting the bond on you, and passing through the bond are blocked. You cannot be hit a second time with the same bond.
    • Soul Shield - The damage from the explosion is blocked.

  • Karthus:
    • Lay Waste - Blocked. Since Karthus tends to spam this, you can farm mana if you want.
    • Wall of Pain - Not blocked! Buged. Bugged I say!
    • Defile - Not blocked.
    • Requiem (U) - Blocked if you cast SS before the lightning hits you and deals damage. Having SS up when he starts casting doesn't block the spell.

  • Kassadin:
    • Null Sphere - Blocked.
    • Nether Blade - Not blocked. Attack enhancer.
    • Force Pulse - Blocked.
    • Riftwalk (U) - Blocked.

  • Katarina:
    • Bouncing Blade - Blocked. Killer Instincts effect also blocked.
    • Shunpo - Damage blocked. Killer Instincts effect not blocked.
    • Death Lotus (U) - Blocks only 1 tic.

  • Kayle:
    • Reckoning - Blocked.
    • Righteous Fury - Not blocked. Attack enhancer.

  • Kennen:
    • Mark of the Storm (P) - You can block the 3rd mark's stun. However, the only way to inflict the 3rd mark through your SS is by using the bonus of the passive component of Electrical Surge.
    • Thundering Shuriken - Blocked.
    • Electrical Surge - Active blocked. Passive "attack enhancer" part cannot be blocked and will mark you.
    • Lightning Rush - Blocked. You can only get hit once, so if you block it, he cannot re-apply a mark by touching you again.
    • Slicing Maelstrom (U) - Blocks only 1 tic.

  • Kog'Maw:
    • Icathian Surprise (P) - The explosion damage is blocked.
    • Caustic Spittle - Blocked.
    • Bio-Arcane Barrage - Not blocked. Attack enhancer.
    • Void Ooze - Damage blocked. You still get slowed when walking on the trail regardless of having SS up.
    • Living Artillery (U) - Blocked. No damage or reveal.

  • LeBlanc:
    • Sigil of Silence - Blocked. Bonus damage and silence requires dealing magic damage again, and you can block that. If you do, the debuf fizzles out and does nothing.
    • Distortion - Blocked. She still jumps and can jump back.
    • Etereal Chains - You can block the cast of the chains, but not the after effect.
    • Mimic (U) - Any mimicked spell behaves the same way as a regural spell.

  • Lee Sin:
    • Sonic Wave - Blocked. Lee Sin cannot jump to you.
    • Resonating Strike - Damage blocked. The jump isn't.
    • Tempest - Blocked.
    • Cripple - Blocked.
    • Dragon's Rage (U) - Blocked, no knockback or damage. You can also block the damage and knockup of someone being kicked into you.

  • Leona:
    • Sunlight (P) - Proc not blocked. Blocked skills do not apply Sunlight.
    • Shield of Daybreak - Stun and extra damage blocked, but you still take auto attack damage.
    • Eclipse - Detonation is blocked. Shield duration is extended even if you're the only target hit.
    • Zenith Blade - Blocked, but Leona skill teleports to the farthest target hit. (you or anyone else)
    • Solar Flare (U) - Blocked.

  • Lulu:
    • Pix, Faerie Companion (P) - Damage from Pix cannot be blocked.
    • Glitterlance - Blocked. You cannot get hit by the other Glitterlance.
    • Whimsy - Blocked.
    • Help, Pix! - Damage and reveal blocked. Pix will still follow you, and Pix himself reveals fog of war in a small area around him.
    • Wild Growth (U) - Knockback blocked.

  • Lux:
    • Illumination (P) - Not blocked. Auto attacks will proc Illumination and damage you regardless.
    • Light Binding - Blocked. If you're the first target hit, the snare continues and can hit a second target for 50% of its effect.
    • Lucent Singularity - Slow is not blocked, but the detonation damage is blocked.
    • Finales Funkeln (U) - Blocked.

  • Malphite:
    • Seismic Shard - Blocked.
    • Brutal Strikes - Not blocked. Attack enhancer.
    • Ground Slam - Blocked.
    • Unstoppable Force (U) - Blocked.

  • Malzahar:
    • Call of the Void - Blocked. Remember that there's a delay before the silence/damage kicks in.
    • Null Zone - Not blocked. AoE.
    • Malefic Visions - Blocked both if cast on you and if you catch it via a infected unit dieing.
    • Nether Grasp (U) - Blocked. No stun, no damage. Malzahar doesn't continue channeling.

  • Maokai:
    • Sap Magic (P) - Not blocked.
    • Arcane Smash - Blocked, regardless of the distance.
    • Twisted Advance - Blockes damage and root (still moves to you).
    • Sapling Toss - Both landing damage and explosion damage can be blocked.
    • Vengeful Maelstrom (U) - Damage burst is blocked.

  • Master Yi:
    • Alpha Strike - Blocked. It's worth noting, that SS pops the moment Yi would hit/damage you, and not the moment he uses the skill. You can use SS the moment you see the animation and still make it. Also, if he used AS on you, and you block it, then he'll appear at the place he cast it, and not beside you, so you'll foil his attempts to chase.

  • Miss Fortune:
    • Double Up - Blocked. Both the first hit and the ricochet can be blocked.
    • Impure Shots - Not blocked.
    • Make It Rain - Not blocked. AoE.
    • Bullet Time (U) - Not blocked. AoE.

  • Mordekaiser:
    • Mace of Spades - If used on you: Not blocked. If used on someone else, the shrapnel can be blocked.
    • Creeping Death - Not blocked. AoE.
    • Siphon of Destruction - Blocked.
    • Children of the Grave (U) - You can block the cast of the skill, but not the fatal tic.

  • Morgana:
    • Dark Binding - Blocked.
    • Tormented Soil - Not blocked. AoE.
    • Soul Shackles (U) - Blocked if you stop the cast. If you are already chained, you will get damaged and stunned regardless.

  • Nasus:
    • Siphoning Strike - Not blocked. Active attack enhancer.
    • Wither - Blocked.
    • Spirit Fire - Not blocked. AoE.
    • Fury of the Sands (U) - Not blocked. You still take damage while standing near him.

  • Nautilus:
    • Staggering Blow (P) - Root blocked, but not the damage.
    • Dredge Line - Blocked. Nautilus still moves about half the distance to his target.
    • Titan's Wrath - Not blocked.
    • Riptide - One of three waves of explosions is blocked.
    • Depth Charge (U) - Cast not blocked. Any explosion (on you, someone nearby or when the ultimate is traveling to another target) is blocked. Each target can only get hit once.

  • Nidalee:
    • Javelin Toss - Blocked.
    • Bushwhack - Blocked. You can disarm traps.
    • Takedown - Blocked.
    • Pounce - Blocked.
    • Swipe - Blocked.

  • Nocturne:
    • Umbra Blades (P) - Not blocked.
    • Duskbringer - Blocked. You do not leave a trail behind you, though you receive an aura particle.
    • Unspeakable Horror - The cast can be blocked, but you can't block the fear itself (does not break SS).
    • Paranoia (U) - The blindness will be blocked. The damage from his dash can also be blocked.

  • Nunu:
    • Ice Blast - Blocked.
    • Absolute Zero (U) - Final damage can be blocked. Slow is not blocked and does not pop your shield.

  • Olaf:
    • Undertow - Blocked. Doesn't matter if the axe hits you of flies through you, since it does the same thing. The axe in the ground does nothing.
    • Reckless Swing - Blocked. Still damages Olaf.

  • Orianna:
    • Clockwork Windup (P) - Not blocked.
    • Command: Attack - Bugged, breaks Spell Shield when the move command is given, but damages when the ball passes through. So if an attack order is given towards a far away target, the shield will break before the ball reaches the target and the ball will damage the target when it reaches him. If the enemy is right next to the ball when it moves, the shield will manage to block the damage as it should.
    • Command: Dissonance - Damage blocked. Slow AoE not blocked.
    • Command: Protect - Damage blocked.
    • Command: Shockwave (U) - Blocked.

  • Pantheon:
    • Spear Shot - Blocked.
    • Aegis of Zeonia - Blocked.
    • Heartseeker Strike - Not blocked.
    • Grand Skyfall (U) - The damage and slow can be blocked at the moment Pantheon lands.

  • Poppy:
    • Devastating Blow - Blocked.
    • Heroic Charge - Blocked. Poppy will charge to you and stop at your location. She won't push or damage you.
    • Diplomatic Immunity (U) - Blocked! If Poppy tried to cast DI on your SS, then the shield will pop and DI will not work.

  • Renekton:
    • Cull the Meek - Blocked. Does not heal Renekton for the blocked damage.
    • Ruthless Predator - Blocked.
    • Slice and Dice - Both can be blocked, but not with the same shield. Renekton can still use Dice after hiting your Spell Shield.
    • Dominus (U) - Not blocked. You still take damage while standing near him.

  • Riven:
    • Runic Blade (P) - Not blocked.
    • Broken Wings - Damage not blocked, but the knockback from the 3rd hit is.
    • Ki Burst - Blocked.
    • Wind Slash (U) - Blocked.

  • Rumble:
    • Junkyard Titan (P) - Not blocked.
    • Flamespitter - Not blocked.
    • Electro-Harpoon - 1 shot can be blocked.
    • The Equalizer (U) - Blocks the initial impact damage, but not the AoE after-effects.

  • Rammus:
    • Powerball - Blocked. Both a direct hit, and splash.
    • Puncturing Taunt - Blocked.
    • Tremors (U) - Not blocked. AoE.

  • Ryze:
    • Overload - Blocked.
    • Rune Prison - Blocked.
    • Spell Flux - Blocks 1 bounce.
    • Desperate Power (U) - AoE damage from other tarets near you is not blocked.

  • Sejuani:
    • Frost (P) - Not blocked.
    • Arctic Assault - Blocked.
    • Northern Winds - Not blocked.
    • Permafrost - Blocked.
    • Glacial Prison (U) - Blocked.

  • Shaco:
    • Jack In The Box - You can block the Fear that the box gives you when you pop it!
    • Two-Shiv Poison - Blocked.
    • Hallucinate (U) - The detonation of the clone is blocked.

  • Shen:
    • Ki Strike (P) - Not blocked. Attack enhancer.
    • Vorpal Blade - Blocked.
    • Shadow Dash - Blocked.

  • Shyvana:
    • Twin Bite - Blocks only 1 hit. You still take autoattack damage. Dragon Form: Cleave blocked.
    • Burnout - Not blocked. AoE.
    • Flame Breath - Blocked.
    • Dragon's Descent - Cast damage and knockback blocked.

  • Singed:
    • Poison Trail - Not blocked. Toggle. You get poisoned if you walk into the clouds.
    • Mega Adhesive - Not blocked. AoE.
    • Fling - Blocked. You're not thrown

  • Sion:
    • Cryptic Gaze - Blocked.
    • Death's Caress - Blocked.

  • Sivir:
    • Boomerang Blade - 1 hit gets blocked. You can still be hit on the way back.
    • Ricochet - Not blocked.

  • Skarner:
    • Crystal Slash - Both versions are blocked.
    • Fracture - Damage and mark apply is blocked, but the consumption of the mark is not.
    • Impale (U) - Blocked.

  • Sona:
    • Power Chord (P) - Blocked. Her extra strong attack can be blocked completly.
    • Hymn of Valor - Active effect blocked.
    • Crecendo (U) - Blocked.

  • Soraka:
    • Starcall - Blocked.
    • Infuse - Blocked.

  • Swain:
    • Decrepify - Blocked.
    • Nevermore - Blocked.
    • Torment - Blocked.
    • Ravenous Flock (U) - Not blocked.

  • Talon:
    • Noxian Diplomacy - Blocked.
    • Rake - Blocks 1 hit, but the blades hit when coming back.
    • Cutthroat - Blocked. Still flashes.
    • Shadow Assault (U) - Blocks 1 hit (so activation OR deactivation hit).

  • Taric:
    • Shatter - Blocked.
    • Dazzle - Blocked.
    • Radiance (U) - Blocked.

  • Teemo:
    • Blinding Dart - Blocked.
    • Toxic Shot - Attack enhancer. Poison doesn't get blocked.
    • Noxious Trap (U) - Blocked. The explosion will still damage nearby units.

  • Tristana:
    • Rocket Jump - Blocked. She still jumps of course, but landing doesn't deal damage or slow.
    • Explosive Shot - Blocked. You can block both a direct shot AND the explosion if Tristana kills a minion near you (hint: free mana)
    • Buster Shot (U) - Blocked. Doesn't damage or push you back.

  • Trundle:
    • Rabid Bite - Blocked.
    • Pillar of Filth - Not blocked. You'll have to run around it.
    • Agony (U) - Blocked.

  • Tryndamere:
    • Mocking Shout - Blocked. Both effects are blocked regardless of facing direction.
    • Spinning Slash - Damage blocked.

  • Twisted Fate:
    • Wild Cards - Blocked.
    • Pick A Card - All effects of the card (bonus damage, slow, stun, mana regen, AoE) are blocked. You still get hit for the auto attack damage though
    • Stacked Deck - The extra damage is blocked.
    • Destiny (U) - Blocked. If you have SS up when TF uses Destiny, the shield will pop, and your location will not be revealed.

  • Twitch:
    • Deadly Venom (P) - Attack enhancer. Poison doesn't get blocked.
    • Debilitating Poison - Blocked.
    • Expunge - Blocked. Venom stacks still get removed.
    • Spray and Pray (U) - Not blocked. Attack enhancer.

  • Udyr:
    • Tiger Stance - Activation effect not blocked.
    • Bear Stance - Stun is blocked. The timer will start regardless so you're safe for another 6 seconds.
    • Phoenix Stance - Activation effect (pulsing waves) are blocked on 1 tick. Persistent effect (wave of fire every 4 hits) is also blocked.

  • Urgot:
    • Acid Hunter - Blocked.
    • Noxian Corrosive Charge - Blocked. You don't get debufed and Acid Hunters won't home in on you.
    • Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser (U) - Blocked. You don't get transported, but Urgot still receives the Armor and Magic Resist buff.

  • Varus:
    • Piercing Arrow - Blocked.
    • Blighted Quiver - Blocked skills do not proc Blight.
    • Hail of Arrows - Damage blocked. Healing debuff is applied by the AoE and is not blocked.
    • Chain of Corruption (U) - Blocked. Stops spreading. If someone else gets hit, the chain will spread to you, but you can block it.

  • Vayne:
    • Tumble - Not blocked. Attack enhancer.
    • Silver Bolts - Not blocked.
    • Condemn - Blocked. Does not apply a Silver Bolt stack when blocked.

  • Veigar:
    • Baleful Strike - Blocked.
    • Dark Matter - Blocked.
    • Event Horizon - Blocked. If you have SS and it's cast on you, it'll get blocked. You can cast SS and walk right through the border to chase or run. You can only block one pass though, so don't try to walk through it again, or walk on the edge.
    • Primordial Burst (U) - Blocked.

  • Viktor:
    • Power Transfer - Blocked. Does not affect shield / speed boost.
    • Gravity Field - Stun blocked. Slow is not blocked.
    • Death Ray - Blocked.
    • Chaos Storm (U) - Cast damage blocked. One of the proceding lightning bolts can also be blocked.

  • Vladimir:
    • Transfusion - Blocked, but Vladimir still heals himself normaly.
    • Sanguine Pool - Not blocked. AoE.
    • Tides of Blood - Blocked. Still gives him regeneration and builds stacks as normal.
    • Hemoplague (U) - The cast can be completely blocked, but if you're infected you can't block the damage.

  • Volibear:
    • Rolling Thunder - Toss blocked, damage not blocked.
    • Frenzy - Blocked.
    • Majestic Roar - Blocked.
    • Thunder Claws (U) - Chain lightning can be blocked. If you are Volibear's main target you will block all damage, both from the attack and lightning.

  • Warwick:
    • Hungering Strike - Blocked.
    • Blood Scent - Not blocked.
    • Infinite Duress (U) - Blocked. He jumps to you, and swings his arms... but that's it.

  • Wukong:
    • Crushing Blow - All damage and debufs blocked.
    • Decoy - Damage when Decoy disapears blocked.
    • Nimbus Strike - Damage blocked.
    • Cyclone (U) - Knockup and 1 tick of damage blocked.

  • Xerath:
    • Arcanopulce - Blocked
    • Mage Chains - Blocked. If you're marked, you can Spell Shield the followup spell to negate the stun and remove the mark.
    • Arcane Barrage (U) - Blocks 1 cast.

  • Xin Zhao:
    • Three Talon Strike - Only the knockup effect of the 3rd hit is blocked. Hits still do bonus damage.
    • Audacious Charge - Both a direct charge and the splash damage (and slow) are blocked.
    • Crescent Sweep (U) - Blocked.

  • Yorick:
    • Unholy Covenant (P) - Extra damage from this passive is not blocked. All skills summon Ghouls normally, regardless of being blocked or not. None of the Ghoul interactions (basic attacks from them, slow aura, life drain etc.) can be blocked.
    • Omen of War - Blocked. Yorick still gets his speed boost.
    • Omen of Pestilence - Blocked. Due to the presence of the ghoul it's hard to tell if the slow is blocked, but I assume so.
    • Omen of Famine - Blocked. Yorick still gets healed.

  • Ziggs:
    • Short Fuse (P) - Not blocked.
    • Bouncing Bomb - Blocked.
    • Satchel Charge - Blocked.
    • Hexplosive Minefield - Blocks 1 mine. (can block several only if they explose at the exact same time, so you'd have to hae the minefield cast on you or flash into it). The next mine triggered still does full damage.
    • Mega Inferno Bomb (U) - Blocked.

  • Zilean:
    • Time Bomb - Blocks the casting of the bomb. Does not block the detonation on you, or a friend or foe nearby. (Detonations do not pop your shield.)
    • Time Warp - Blocked.

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I'm pretty sure I saw a Warwick try to Infinite Duress a Sivir, and he got stuck there for a bit. So I'd say Spell Shield blocks that.

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I'm pretty sure the only ability of TF's that SS blocks is Wild Cards; I have tried several times to block TF's gold/red cards and have had no success... Although, I haven't played her recently, so maybe something has changed? But anyway, just my two cents. Overall, a great guide. I'd be more than willing to help test out chars like Kayle, Nidalee, Sion, and Janna if you need me.

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Poki3 tem

Emissary of the League


I all of those today. I'm pretty sure of the results. Pick a Card is pretty broken when it comes to Spell Shield.
I'm more of less sure of some of the skills for the not tested champs, but I'll still require controlled testing before I cross them off.
I have a friend that has Twitch and Warwich, and another that has Nasus and Kayle. Don't know about the rest though. I might add some of you to a friends list and try to hunt for you, but I think voice chat would be required to time that 3 second shield properly.

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Not tested.
Bandage Toss, Tantrum are probably blocked. Don't know about Curse of the Sad Mummy.

Spellshield blocks everything Amumu does.


Not tested.
Rupture and Feral Scream should be blocked, don't know about Feast.

Everything Cho does can be blocked.


Not tested.
Phosphorus Bomb and Missile Barrage should be blocked. Gatling Gun orobably blocks 1 hit, or does nothing. Don't know about Valkyrie.

Everything except Gatling can be blocked.


Dr. Mundo:
Not tested.
Don't know about Infected Cleaver or Burning Agony.

Cleaver Yes, Agony No


Not tested.
Don't know about Howling Gale. Zephyr should be blocked. don't know if Monsoon pushes back or not.

Everything can be blocked. Including monsoons knockback if I recall correctly. Thats a VERY rare situation though so I could be wrong.


Not tested.
From memory:
Lay Waste can be blocked.
Wall of Pain CANNOT be blocked.
Defile can't be blocked.
Requiem (U) can be blocked. Just use it after you get the debuff, but before you get the damage.

You sure about wall of pain? Im pretty sure I can walk through it to get mana when shield is up.


Not tested.
Null Sphere, Force Pulse and Riftwalk all should be blocked. Nether Blade probably can't be blocked.

Blocks everything but nether blade.


Not tested.
Reckoning should be blocked. Righteous Fury probably can't be blocked.



Not tested.
Seismic Shard should be blocked. Don't know about Brutal Strikes, Ground Slam or Unstoppable Force.

Everything but brutal strikes can be blocked.


Master Yi:
Alpha Strike - Blocked. It's worth noting, that SS pops the moment Yi would hit/damage you, and not the moment he uses the skill. Also, if he used AS on you, then he'll apear at the place he cast it, and not beside you.

Deserves double mention. You pointed out why. You can put up a shield when you see him activate AS. As long as the shield is up BEFIORE he damages you, it will block the damage and he will return to where he started at, not next to you.


Not tested.
Wither should be blocked. Don't know about Siphoning Strike, Spirit Fire or Fury of the Sands.

Wither and SS can both be blocked. SS seems to be the only "power up next attack" that can be blocked by spellshield. Spirit Fire and Fury are both not blocked.


Not tested.
Javelin Toss is probably blocked. Don't know about Bushwhack, Takedown, Pounce or Swipe.

Blocks everything.


Devastating Blow - Not blocked.
Heroic Charge - Not blocked.
Diplomatic Immunity (U) - Blocked! If Poppy tried to cars DI on your SS, then the shield will pop and DI will not work.

Was this fixed last patch? Upon release nothing poppy did could be blocked by spellshield.


Not tested.
Powerball is unknown, Puncturing Taunt is probably blocked, don't know about Tremors.
PT and PB are. Nothing else.


Not tested.
Poison Trail probably not blocked, don't know about Mega Adhesive or Fling.

Only Fling can be blocked.


Not tested.
Cryptic Gaze can be blocked, Death's Caress to probably.

Yup. Both blocked.


Boomerang Blade - 1 hit gets blocked. You can still be hit on the way back.

NOTE: Because you can hit mutiple oponents with BB, and that a spellshield will only block 1 pass, it is Sivirs job to pop peoples banshees veils. A well thrown one can pop a couple shields and still do damage on the return shot. Be friendly to your teamates. Pop those shields so their single target nukes and CC arent wasted!!


Not tested.
Debilitating Poison and Expunge can be blocked, and you still get your poison removed if I remember correctly. His passive probably still poisons you. Don't know about Spray and Pray.

One of the few lane oponents I will pass on spellshield early for. Both expunge and the slow can be blocked, but it is INCREDIBLY difficult to do so. It does not block the poison. You need to activate the shield before he activates his ability. It CAN be useful in escaping with that last bit of life. Its generally used to finish off a running oponent and can often let you get away when they thought theyd kill you.


Not tested.
Tiger Stance has some extra activation damage, and Bear Stance can stun. Don't know if these can be blocked. Also, Phoenix Stance has some AoE. Also don't know if it can be blocked.

It will block the DoT from Tiger and it will block the stun the first tinme Udyr hits you. Unfortunately, it does not start the cooldown for the stun, so the very next attack he does to you in bear stance will stun you regardless.


Not tested.
Both Hungering Strike and Infinite Duress probably can be blocked.

Yup, blocks both. He still leaps and stuns himself for 2 seconds, you just dont get hit by any strikes. You dont even have to move.

Hope that helps. Hopefully your recognize my name from all the Sivir threads. Info should be good. I play a LOT of Sivir.

The only one that bothers me is TF's stun. Everything else I can deal with.

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Double confirm Singed's Fling is blocked. He'll do the animation and noise but you don't go anywhere :-).

I have also ran through Karthas's wall of pain with SS up and was not affected (shield was removed). I think it works. .

TF's Gold Card Stun not being blocked is super annoying.

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Poki3 tem

Emissary of the League


Thanks QUICKSLIDE. No offense, but I'll do the tests before I update my thread, but your post is high up, so other's can find it useful.

I'll expand on Yi a little bit. I'm sure about Poppy's DI - it pops the shield and nothing happens. She uses mana and starts recharging.
Spell Shield saved me once when I was laning with a Twitch, and I even managed to kill the ******* in that ambush, but yeah, you have to have luck in anticipating Expunge for the most part...

And about Khartus' Wall - It was a pretty hectic battle, and maybe it was just lag, but I'm pretty sure that my shield didn't pop. I was playing yesterday. Note, that the wall has new graphics, so maybe something was accidentally broken.

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Unless it was broken last patch I'm sure Karthus' wall pops SS.

Now the real question--what's your favorite spell to SS?

Mine's Rocket Grab, because the hand gets stuck to your head and it looks like he reached way over just to pet you.

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Crystal Arrows are always nice to block...I have to resist the urge to /all Suck it Ashe! afterwards. Easily turns an even 1v1 to your favor.

Vieger's Meteors are fun too...nothing like diving into hard hitting attacks for free mana.

Pirate Ults lately have been fun to block too. They try to be so sneaky slipping barely into range to parrley and then running away. I help see them out with a face full of spinning blades with the mana they gave me.