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shaco build advice?

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I enjoy Shaco quite a lot and I've tried many different builds on him and this is the one I'm most interested in so far:

First of all my runes are:
3 armor pen quints
9 aspd marks
9 health/lvl seals
9 mr/lvl glyphs

which totals at
10 arp
15% aspd
175 hp at level 18
24 mr at level 18

this rune set up works fine for jungling, atleast it has for me.

for masteries I go 14/3/13
for the arp, mpen and +4 minion dmg in offense
6 armor from defense
and xp, mr and buff durations from utility

these masteries have always served me well in the jungle and for ganking

I run smite with ignite, exhaust or flash depending on who I'm fighting and what my team is using.

what I usually do is:
start 5 pots and 1 cloth armor
then I go
berserker greaves
wit's end
guardian angel
banshee's veil

this build seems to have pretty good dmg all game, especially when my clone is up but something just doesn't feel right. For one, I don't know if Sorc shoes would fit better because I do a lot of magic dmg even with my auto attacks. Also, about lifesteal, before I started trying this build I would always try to incorporate lifesteal in my Shaco build's so it kinda feels weird to me to not have any lifesteal unless I get to my 6th item, which is rare. So, should I get lifesteal earlier? Or should I not get it at all? What would be a good item to replace bloodthirster if not? Mainly though my biggest question is, is this build even viable at all? It really seems to be fo rme so far, but yeah thanks for your time in reading all of this and any help would be appreciated.

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Hey, I'm a pretty experienced shaco player, 1700+ ELO.. played with some of the top elo players before and done well. check out the guide I wrote