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Best Ranked Trundle Jungle

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I haven't actually tried this path in a ranked match, but I'm curious as to how viable it is compared to other junglers. I grab exhaust instead of smite for better team play, seeing as how smite is worthless outside of the jungle, and still clear the jungle in 4.5, destroying all camps.

I did a little research, and here's what I've gotten to work really well.

9x Armor Pen (red)
9x Armor/lvl (yellow)
9x Magic Resist/lvl (blue)
3x Armor Pen (Quints)

I believe this rune setup allowed me the greatest survivability late game while granting me just enough to effectively jungle early game.

I have 1/21/8 Taking 1 point for enhanced exhaust, maximum survivability, and a point in ghost with improved XP.

I start with Vampiric Scepter and build it into a Bilgewater Cutlass after getting Mercury Treads. This allows me very strong early game damage once I begin my first gank.

The Pattern
Now, I practiced some custom games with this, and tried it once in a normal game, and to say the least, it worked really well. I've only ever played Xin in the jungle, and I do fairly slow with him (I carry ignite) but stay at full life.

I sit at spawn after buying Vampiric Scepter once minions spawn so that I can grab a health potion (just incase). I've never needed it, but I always use it during the fight with golem to ensure I survive.

I find that I can make it to golem 4-5 seconds after he spawns after buying the pot, so I don't lose much time in the fight, but the extra health I find is very worth it.

What this allows me to do (I grab Q first) is kill golem and then his spawns. I can then clear the wolf camp, the wraiths, the lizard, and the twin golems in one run in about 4.5 minutes and be at level 4. I skill QWQE

This gives me enough gold to recall and buy a pair of boots, and retain the red buff long enough to commit to a gank.

Any extra money I make, if I dip back into the jungle or get the ganks, I put into the Bilgewater Cutlass first. The extra slow, with the exhaust and the extra damage is very nice.

Although I could build it to finish a gunblade, I've never made it that far, once I finish the cutlass I then produce a Sheen and build it into a Trinity Force. This allows my Q to do incredible damage, while still having excellent chase.

To anyone who mains a jungler or more. Is this rank match viable?

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Regardless of timing (which seems ok) you really shouldn't jungle without smite if you are expecting ANY kind of counter-jungling.

That said, if Trundle and lately Udyr i've found that running Teleport instead of Ghost be interesting. Much better lane presence.

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Well since your title does say ranked, I'm going to point out that this will not be viable at all since you do not have smite. For one, counterjungling is highly prevalent in ranked games. They'll just sit in the bush watching you fight and then smite to steal. Secondly, 4.5 minutes for a gank is kind of slow, considering you have to bluepill and buy before you go gank so your gank will come at around 5. Their jungler will have ganked your team before then if they picked any of the high tier junglers. Smite speeds up your jungling, you really need it. Also, I find that Trundle is rather soft without an early hp item or two. I would recommend going a Wriggles and Heart of Gold, working in a Sheen somewhere in there. The extra slow from Cutlass should be unnecessary if you're ganking a lane since you'll have help.