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Weird Client resolution probleme (i believe)

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After i click the play button and it launches the pvp.net client it does not fit up to my screen properly, i have recently reformated my computer and befor that i had no issue and i havnt had an issue with any other game and its weirding me out.

Everything is squished a bit horizontally as well as i have to scroll horizontally when ive never had to do that before in game lobbies. I tried attaching screenshots but the file size restrictions are crazy. Here are some really small print screens lol.

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Senior Wrenchman


Try attaching .jpegs picture files. Bitmaps, .bmp (default for Microsoft Paint) are much, much bigger.

You can also try changing your screen resolutions by hitting Esc in game and going to options.

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Kel, you're having a completely different problem, if you could make a new thread with a complete description of your issue and also post a DxDiag and game logs, I can take a look at your issue specifically.

Posted in wrong thread. Sorry.