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Quik- simple Shaco EFFECTIVE guide

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mafia of pee

Junior Member


Hello all,

I'm going to show you how to be pro with Shaco.
first of all these must be your items:

-boots of mobilty
-youmuus ghostblade

get them in this order

now your ability order:

lvl 1: jack in the box
lvl 2: two shiv poisen
lvl 3: deceive
lvl 4: two shiv poisen
lvl 5: two shiv poisen
lvl 6: ultimate (hallucinate)
lvl 7: two shiv poisen
lvl 8: deceive
lvl 9: two shiv poisen
lvl 10: deceive
lvl 11: ultimate (hallucinate)
lvl 12: deceive
lvl 13: deceive
lvl 14: jack in the box
lvl 15: jack in the box
lvl 16: ultimate (hallucinate)
lvl 17: jack in the box
lvl 18: jack in the box

when your starting always have a lane with a mate, since it's pretty hard for shaco to solo vs 2, you'll be very effective if your lane-mate is a tanker, since u can go for the damage, while he tanks the enemy damage.

when u start go to the bushes quik near the enemy tower and place em full with jack in the boxes, then let your mate walk right into them and enough damage will be done.
furthermore use your hallucinate to trick the enemy by sending him ater them, while you can prepare for a deceive + two shiv attack, making you fast and deady.

this was my simple shaco guide, I hope it will be usefull


mafia of pee

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Senior Member


Laning with shaco is really hard.... learn how to jungle!

http://solomid.net/guides.php?g=45 use mah guide lawl, boost boost.