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Need help with Ranked Games

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Alright, so I've been seriously trying to play ranked but it seems every game I have people on my team that don't really know how to play. I do everything I can to help us win the game. If I play the carry I farm hard, make sure I don't die, call out mias, gank side lanes, etc. During the draft I make sure I fill the role that is needed on our team. My KDR and assist ratio is always 2.5-3.0+ during wins but, during loses it falls to about 1.6. Now, I know kills don't win games but, besides that I always do the basic things you're supposed to do to win. I try to have my team control dragon, buffs, baron, and overall map control. However, the majority of my time my team refuses to do the little things that are required to win.

I know this is somewhat of a QQ thread but, honestly I know for a fact that I am not awful. I know item builds, positioning and everything else there is to know. The only thing I lack is probably experience with every champion. Today, I played 8 ranked games in a row around 1100 ELO. I lost 8 of them in a row, and in all of those games I made sure I did not feed etc. However, my team fed so hard that it became very difficult for me to do anything.

I know that duo queing can help you win. I tried that also with someone that was pretty good but, we still lost because our Malphite insisted on ulting one champion, etc etc.

My question is, how can I win games to move up in ranked and elo. Maybe it isn't entirely to be blamed on my team and there are things I can do to improve.

Here is an example of a game:
In one game I played as Ashe. I out-farmed mid by the 20 minute mark about 200 to 80. I had only 2 assists and my kdr was 1 kill 0 deaths at this point because their mid was constantly trying to push the lane and no one came to help me (they tried to gank me about 4-5 times with no mias, but I had wards and hawk). My team was down in team kills about 14 to 6. Now, I was pretty well farmed and I know the build for Ash. At this point it was time for team fights and my team wanted to push a lane. But, the opposite team had a Garen and Malphite that were pretty beefed from killing my teammates. Their farm was no where near mine, they had about 80-90 creep kills each. In team fights I scout with hawk and made sure to stay in the back at range. When we initiated the fight I tried to focus their carry but, every time their team dived me. I used my summoners Flash/Ghost, etc. however, these were down a lot due to me being ganked so much throughout the game. My team continued to chase their carry but never were able to kill them and usually died after I was dead. I asked them nicely to slow/stun Garen and Malphite but nothing was really done. Was my positioning bad here or something? Should I have ganked more early game, sacrificing some farm and mid tower?

Now, while you cannot actually see how I played this is basically how it went. The enemies team was tanky and I had carry items. In every team fight I maintained good position but I got dived since my team refused to initiate. I have had a string of games like this where I have done everything I could. If I play tank I make sure I initiate the fight but, then my team doesn't follow or runs away with full mana/hp. Also, tanks are usually banned such as Amumu/Shen/Malph/Rammus.

What do I need to do to win games at this ELO?

I watch streams, read guides, practice, etc. Losing 8 games in a row made me pretty upset to where I joined a normal game and trolled it . It just seems every time I do my part to try to help us win but, I'm with a team that refuses to listen, etc.


P.S. Sorry for the long read but I really want to improve my record/ranking. My KDR, Creep Kills and general play show that I am doing my part but I continue to lose and it is frustrating.

1) I lack certain runes and I know this, but I have some pretty decent ones that I can afford atm.
2) I do not own all champions and quite frankly not having a carry like Urgot/Irelia that are not as dependent on a good team could be a main reason

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Same here brother. Im negative -8 in ranking. It just pains me to be teamed up with people who are not good.... Its not my gameplay but its the teams. Ok first in every rank game, somebody shouts out what they are gonna play and dont even consider that we need tank/jungler/mage etc. and they lock in the champion they shouted. Its always the same in my elo. And its never gonna change. And one time, the team wanted to go baron at 30 min mark. I disagreed but the rest of the team ignored me and started fighting baron. Then a few seconds ago, the opponent aced us...... This just goes to show the matchmaking goes. I am overly jealous about my friends who has high ranks cause rank proves that you are a better player than people. And seeing my stupid 1000 elo with theres... It just hurts me. I wished i never started rank games cause the feeling of wanting to be better but cant really hurts. Sorry if im not really giving advice, but just wants to share my story.

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Ganja Gump 420



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrsTE1vpoXM This is how you win most ranked.....support champ. Soraka, sona, JANNA

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Maybe it's the type of champions you play, From my experience I think that the best way to play in low elo is either by tanky dps champs or champs that can carry thier team alone.
Because for a fact, team compositions has nothing to do with low elo games the team that gets fed early, is the team that wins the game, because you will find the noobs feeding quiting and then say OMG WTF they are so fed GG

Tanky dps: 1-Morde 2-Garen 3-Jarvan 4-Singed 5-Malphite 6-Renekton
Champs that can carry thier team alone: 1-Akali 2-Jax 3-Vladimir 4-Rumble 5-Kassadin 6-Gangplank

I also think that supports are a good type of champs but your team needs to at least have an understanding of how to play, if you play a support and your team has no jungler and you are bot lane with a tank then playing a support is just useless, because you missed the hole idea of babysitting and what's the role of a support actaully is.

Hope this helps