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[Suggestion] Left handed players - More Custom hotkeys

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I'm left handed, for me is very annoying stay with my arms always near each other because my mousepad is right beside the keyboard(leftside)

I tried modify the hotkeys, but they did not allow me to change Q,W,E,R keys, which are the most important,

so.. the current keybidings options are useless for me and all LeftHanded players

I love this game

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Junior Member


amen to that, cant play mage characters or other champs that require hotkeying

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The Management



As a generously gifted person, I am left handed. Learn to do many things right handed like click or hold the trigger of a chain saw and use the dominant hand to do the hard stuff; for example:
-using all hot keys and actives
-holding the body of the chain saw instead of the trigger >.>
-playing a guitar cords with your dominant hand.
Use your left hand to do the more cumbersome things.
(good luck learning to use the mouse on the right hand, remember to switch the left-right click...)