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Katarina tips & tricks

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this is not true since the deathcap patch assuming you can max a mejais if you can't your damage will still be comparable to hybrid but you won't be a glass cannon and you have magic pen and an aoe slow
basically if you intend to build deathcap each successive gunblade loses damage relative to items that give more AP(rylais, void staff if you include pen, zhonyas, mejais, blue elixir)

And while I have less AP, I get much more AD plus the amazing lifesteal/spellvamp. That's the point of going hybrid. Of course it wouldn't mean I get more AP than a true AP build.

Also, I like hybrid far more due to its being able to solo Baron and have a much stronger autoattack. I don't get that on an AP build. But, if you're not interested in what I have to say, well, can't win them all. Just keep in mind that I did actual calculations and real-time testing.

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Ionic Breeze

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Yeah I prefer going hybrid myself. Agree on the stronger autoattack too