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[Champion Suggestion] Vinsth, the Adjudicator

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Vinsth, the Adjudicator


Far beyond the universe on another plane of existence. Lies a realm of powerful entities. Beings unfathomable to mortals and the Void alike… as planets evolve over time unknown to the inhabitants that dwell on them… a planet is supposed to meet a certain criteria and standards. If the planets inhabitants fail to meet the regulations implied then it is rendered obsolete and thus all species are wiped out. However as a niche for the planets, the powerful entities are mysteriously bound by a possible even greater power not to interact personally with the planets. Thus the need for a Herald was born. Not just anyone would able to take on the immense responsibility to travel the universe and give planets they’re final warning… For over a millennia there was nobody who seemed fit to handle such a task. While the need for a herald stood, many planets long due over expiration while unknown to them. Was actually doing a great deal of harm to the balance of the Universe.

It was on Valoran 2000 years in the past. In the desolate land of Shurima.. A child was born in a small village with a natural affinity for magic. Previously once thought impossible, He was naturally in tune with the power of the cosmos since birth. The Community saw this as both a blessing, and a threat. The child was revered as both the bringer and destroyer of life. It was decided that while still young he was to be killed to save the future of they’re existence. Unknowing to the village the child’s power was immediately recognized by the all-powerful entities, and the night before his execution was encased in a ball of light and thrusted up towards the stars. The villagers left amazed.. quickly decided this as a solution to theyre problem, and never bothered with it again,

Unknown to the boy the life he had before was raised by the beings in the cosmos. The power coursing through his body amplified.. Mutated his human appearance to something more. Something more suitable for space travel. He dismissed the need for oxygen and consumption of food. and water long before he knew he needed them. With his natural cosmic affinity, he gains an ageless, hyper – evolving body .. A very suitable Herald was chosen.

Born without a name. It was right before he was to give a lonely - barely inhabited planet they’re final judgment. One of the locals uttered to him “Vinsth”, Meaning in their language “Confused Devil”. Just as he was about to start the countdown of the planet.. he was teleported in an instant to the League of Legends.. when asked who he was he replied with the name.. Vinsth. Now to prove himself he must fight in the League of Legends to get back to his comsic duties.

References: Obviously influenced by Galactus and the Silver Surfer in a way.

To be honest I just felt like typing a story and I think his moves must obviously be bad-ass. I figure anyone can throw their two - cents and lets brainstorm a champ based off the story.

TL&DR: This idea sucks

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Cool idea, I bet he would have a cool passive or something.