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Offline LoL Client?

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Was just thinking... With this new game mode coming out - Co-op vs A.I., why not build an offline client from this?

The reasoning behind the offline client is that not everyone wants to sit there, and learn the game while being blasted by a bunch of people for being too weak, not knowing a champion, or just outright noob.

An Offline client with full server features, except certain few, of course, where it is only possible to vs bots, would be a great idea. I for one, would love it for the fact that I can learn LoL on my own at my own pace, and then I have something to do when my internet goes down at 11:20pm every night.

Another thing that could be build off of it would be LAN capabilities for the client. This would allow more competitive game play across a larger scale. I'm an Australian player, and the amount of people I know that play the game is quite large. To top it off, a lot of them want to do competitive gaming for it, but can only do it online for more reasons that one.

Of course, there's more to it then just that...

Some things that are possible: Keep the shop and all current champions in there, and allow for earning I.P versing the Bots.
Remove the level system.
Allow all rune pages to be open and increase the prices slightly, and/or exponentially to allow longer time spent playing and earning.
Allow custom and/or random champions.
Bot difficulty increases as the player plays more. I.E: Easy/Beginner for first 20 games. Intermediate for next 30, and so on.
Apply updates when the offline launcher connects online, and is required for crucial bug fixes/updates/champion releases.

These are just some ideas I came up with my self, but of course it could be changed. I thought of this idea after I finished a game one night, then found my self offline just before I went to search for another one, and couldn't do anything due to not being connected to the server. So a nice change of pace would be offline, where the accounts are different, and I can learn without someone with a smurf account blasting me because I don't know how to build certain champions, and that I haven't played 500 million games like they have...