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Anti tank item for casters

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Pfffffft. We already have a Deathfire Grasp.

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Remember, if you're a caster and you need to kill a tank, get magic pen because their MR doesn't scale with leveling.

Anti-tank = Void Staff.

I do have to agree that we need more magic pen. Tanks basically take no damage in the end and it's annoying.

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**** Happens:
FUUUUUUUU THE TANK HAVENT MAGICAL RESIST!!! if someone like teemo hits tem with malady or something... the reduction will be negative, so your damage will scale up.
(is 20 def makes 10% of damage reduction, -20 makes a 10% plus... only works with reduction, not with penetration, thats why i choose Abyssal and Malady)

and a deathfire grasp there will hurt like ****.

Just for reference, % reduction is applied last, otherwise it would be OP (as your math would prove). IIRC, it's flat reduction>flat pen>percent reduction>percent pen. Additionally, % reductions stack multiplicatively, not additively (I think. Wasn't ever clear on this). In the case you list, it would be:

200 MR base

-20 reduc (180)

-54 pen (126)

-15% pen (107.1)

-40% pen (64.26)

Which is around 40% reduction or something like that. Also again keep in mind since reduction is applied before penetration it's only practically possible to make someone go negative in terms of MR if they have less than 70 or so, and that's assuming you have a Karthus or Soraka on your team.

Also yeah, DFG isn't anti-tank, it's additional nukage for 1HKO'ing softies.

Void Staff is about as anti-tank as it gets, though. Nuke isn't meant to drop tanks, DPS is, and the majority of casters do nuke, not DPS.