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[Guide] Wazzabi's Warwick Guide

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recently I have been trying out a Warwick tank item build and speck and it has been working out very well. It allows for Warwick to have the advantage of early/mid game ganking while he still serves a purpose late game. I hope this will help some of you Warwick fans out there and maybe we can get a better reputation for him.

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Any changes with the recent bufF?

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Actually if i read Wazzabi's posts in the test realm correctly he considers this a Nerf.

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Actually if i read Wazzabi's posts in the test realm correctly he considers this a Nerf.

It didn't go through exactly as it was in the test realm. To go with the buffs to his Q and W, there were some nerfs. They were dropped.

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Im ****ing love the new Warwick.

More Attack Speed = More Creeps = Blue/Red Buff at lvl 3 = Getting Kills really early.

But yes, he is easily take down by CC, you really heavy on your teammates lategame, cause you jump into teambattles AFTER the big clash.

Oh, and i dont stick with "on hit" items anymore.
With this high AD dmg (around 170 just with madres razors and BF sword) you can rape towers really quick.

My Items Build so far:
Boots +1 -> Madreds (for insane jungle speed) -> Boots of Speed/Mobility -> Vampiric Scepter -> Black Cleaver -> Last Whisper.

Most games i cant finish Black Cleaver.

With the early Boots, i can jungle much faster, and get into lanes to eat enemys more frequently, and they cant outrun you with your Speed+1 Boots AND Blood Scent AND red lizard buff..

But pick your prey carefully.

Good Hunting

PS: Use your Hunters Call to support your allies in pushing lanes/team battles

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I've been using Elixir of Fortitude and 2 HP pots to start off and i can take the golemn or the lizard at lvl 1 with it then jungle normally

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A Fireflys Grave

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I can take the golem with a longsword (+10 damage one), and an hp pot at 1. No summoner spells, and I could probally take it without the potion, but it'd be close.

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Wazzabi, I readed your guide and I think you are the only real player who did a nice job explaining how warwick must be played. But now his skills have changed and Warwick is now a totally different hero. Anyway, here are how I changed my method of playing with it and it seem to be rly working nice.

- Skills -

hunter's call
hungering strike
hungering strike
Blood sent
hunter's call
Infinite duress
hunter's call
hunter's call
hungering strike
hunter's call

- Items -

Begin with :

- Doran's blade (Can be Cloth armor or even sword but Doran provide some great survival abilitie)
- 1 Heal pot

Second shopping (2.3k gold) :

- Madred's Razor
- Boot of speed
- Recurve Bow

Third shopping :

- Wit's End
- Recurve bow
- Madred's Bloodrazor
- Upgrade Boot (Generally Mercury for better chasing or Greaves(Take the Mercury Threads )

Finishing the game (Depending the game you are in) :

- Black Cleaver
- Stark's Fervor
- Phantom Dancer (I prefer taking something else)
- Frozen Mallet
- Malady
- Last Whisper

The thing there is that late game you need 1 more item with attack speed + Frozen mallet or Black Cleaver depending what your team need. With Hunter's Call buff you will have 2.5 attack by second. That should do it!

- Summoner skills -

- Smite (It's obvious... if you don't get it (even if you lane...) go kill yourself!)
- Flash/Ghost (I prefer Flash for the same reason that Wazzabi mentionned)

- Rune Book -

This part is up to you, but for my strategy I really prefer getting 35% attack speed+ a little of armor penetration to help when jungling and early kills. I think that crit chance could also be a nice idea but I dont rly love the idea!

- Mastery -

May I suggest you copy/paste the book of wazzabi?

- The new jungling -

Well... this part is very similar about how it was done before. First, head for the small camp near your golem or even near your lizard. DON'T GO GOLEM LV1 BECAUSE EVERYONE WILL TRY TO HOOK/STUN/SNARE/SILENCE/SLOW/PARALYZE/NUKE/EXPLOSE YOU. I put in Caps so you guys can easily read it...! So... get the first camp, if it's 2 tiny golem just smite 1 and finish him with your Hunter's Call up. You should get your lv2 if you did you mastery well! If you run into wolfs, just do your Hunter's Call and head for the banshee camp (that's not their real name, I just don't recall it...) and smite the blue one. You will be lv2... Gratz!

Now head for golem, you should be able to kill him without smite VERY easily with hungering strike and hunter's call + you pot. Personnaly I just lose 1/4 of my HP doing it with Doran's Blade.

Next is to go on the other side of the jungle, do all the 3 spots and get the Lizard Buff. That should give you lv4, Golem buff + Lizard buff in 4 mins. The lv4 AND the lizard buff are VERY IMPORTANT for 2 reasons.

1 - Warwick got his attack speed improved, Lizard Buff is a very great addition of damage and surprise most of the players in early game.

2 - Lv4 = Bloodsent - It's a must to get a succesful gank

- Ganking Phase -

Well Before going on this, I must explain something about the new Warwick

1 - Bloodsent is a pain in the ass, sneaky attack are no more viable with him. YOU MUST play him very aggressive if you want do gank well.

2 - Choose the lane you want to gank carefully. It's more easy to gank the lane with 2 allies but they generally push it too hard and for this reason the 2v1 lane is most of the time a better idea.

3 - Don't engage with hungering strike! It give you more survivability so use it only when your starting losing HP.

Now! Here how it work :

Aim the bush near the lane and say to your teamate(s) your ganking the lane and that he should be very aggressive. DON'T WAIT, run into the fight taking the cheesy one and after your first blow activate hunter's call. Don't mind that they are attacking you and pull all what you have in. If you do well with hungering strike your attack speed mixed with the lizzard buff will do them a TON of dommage. If they flash, put on Ghost Walk or Flash on them.

This will end in 3 situation

1 - They are stupid and focus you using all what they have from their very high lvl3 and they get totally owned by your ally and you who are doing major damage. Generally this happen when they got tank or a mix of tank/mage

2 - They jump on your ally who flee on your tower and you go DOUBLE KILL because they dont seen their HP go down so fast. That generally happen when your ally is low life and people don't take your warwick seriously

3 - They flee when you jump in. If your ally stun 1 you should get a kill or an assist but if not they will maybe ran.

*** Caution ***
---> Care to don't run into ward, it would broke the surprise
---> NEVER wait in the bush and "opportunity", create it by jumping in the melee! (You would end under level)

Anyway... After this gank, even if it's not a success, just keep on agressive gank until mid game when ppl gather and do 5 mens gank. Try to always have the lizard buff and the golem one. Dragon is also an option, but NEVER stop ganking. Why?

1 - Because ganking even when it fail make ppl go back to base and keep them under level which will cause them to die sooner or later.

2 - Because if you can get 2-3 kills/assist from the early game, you should be the main DPS of your team with a crasy attack speed.

3 - It help a lot your teamate to get lane control by putting pression on the other team.

When you succefully ganked a lane, go for the tower and quit when the adverse team come back. Always do this, getting tower early game is the key for your victory.

Well... for the rest of the game it's up to you, I mean teamfights are teamfights and warwick seem best suited for DPS/support. Just wait the good moment to jump in and try to get the low HP hero that try to flee.

In Conclusion

Warwick can now have an incredible attack speed that make him a perfect guys to wear "On hit" items. That incredible attack speed is very easy to get soon in the game and even more easy with a nice Attack Speed Rune Book. Do early gank and never stop ganking.

Errr... I'm french so I may have some terrible mistakes, pardon me! And hum... ask questions if you want, I will try to respond fast!

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I don't really agree with doran's blade in that build, Angriff. The 4% lifesteal is measly, especially for a starting item. It's the worst itemised of all the doran's items - if you want the lifesteal you can opt for a vamp scepter straight off the bat for 3x the amount of lifesteal. If you want survivability, you could even opt for a doran's shield, though I hardly think that is necessary. Cloth armor - madreds is what I use.

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It's more for the +120 HP than the 4% of lifesteal BUT, the 4% of lifesteal combinned with the bonus attack dammage make you always full of life. I don't tryed the shield but the blade make a perfect job!

Plus, when you go gank you need all of these bonus : Lifesteal for a little bonus HP regain, remember the attack speed boosted. Hp is for resist the first wave of spell because +120 HP in the beginning is a lot. And the bonus attack dommage is priceless here, even if it's just +6. A Doran's shield just give survivability and a cloth armor give nothing interesting at this point. The sword seam to give a correct attack bonus, but you will maybe give the first blood sometime because you don't have any survivabilty.

In fact it's up to you to take your first item wisely, but if you want to be agressive I really think that the blade is a must even if it's not the best item to start with. Getting early kill or assist will rapidly give you the investment you made at the start.