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[Guide] Tryndamere: The Unbreakable Glass Cannon

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Trynd is such a good champion! I've been following this guide for a few games and trying to add a few touches of my own.

I have no problems getting the first kill of the game with Trynd, in most matches, but he's very vulnerable early game with a DPS/Crit build, especially if you do get that first kill, as they will probably reinforce that lane and play more carefully.

I'm starting to really get used to his rhythm and the way his role changes throughout the game. At first I was dying way too much, because I was trying to use his ulti offensively (read- carelessly and greedily). I still rage a bit when his ulti doesn't trigger and since it's an ability that has to be timed to the split second to be fully effective, any lag or delay (or even complete failure to take effect, as often happens) can really mess up your game.

After 25-28 minutes of, at least an even game, he does transform in to a complete monster; taking out several champs in a matter of seconds. I've found that you really need to build his momentum slowly and steadily, to use him to the full.

thank you, this is exactly the gospel I preach XD

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Senior Member


I play trynd a fair amount and I actually think soloing is very viable with him. HOWEVER, if you get a solo lane against two ranged you probably want to call one of the doubles that is against their solo to your lane to help you push if you feel you will lose your tower. If you don't think you will lose your tower to the double on you, just tower hug and try to trick your opponent into range and mocking shout and press your level advantage.

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Wow, I just tried out this DPS style w/ regrowth, zerks, 3xAvarice and holy moly does this guy crush mid-game. You don't even need your ult half the time to bait dives, just use (wisely) your charges. 14-9 last game mostly due to me suicide diving the entire enemy team so my team could push 4v0 but if anyone took me on 2v1 even i just crushed em. Delicious.

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I wonder why nobody has mentioned the viability of a warmog + atma build. It seems to me that if you REALLY want crit, you can't beat that combo especially on Tryndamir for two reasons: first, he is born to bait and the more meaty he is hp-wise the more effective he is at that, but secondly (and more importantly) shouldn't you get more use out of his passive by stacking health? In other words, with more health, Trynd can stay "wounded" longer and safer which = longer crit-boosting from his passive.

Because Trynd isn't really a straight-dps or attack-speed character (like yi or jax...) but instead leans towards a beefy, critting character who's damage is (to a great extent) dependent on being low on health then, to my mind, this means that more total health = safer "low" health and more crit damage and that since you're boosting health then, guess what, you just unlocked the most powerful crit-chance item in the game: atma's!

So envisage this: a tryndamir who can sustainably maintain about a +100% crit damage due to his massive health and passive and who gets +250% crit damage from infinity and gets, oh say about, 50% crit chance from atma's alone and you're looking at, roughly, a 50% chance of doing 350% crit damage just from two three items.

I'm no expert nor a l33t player, but from what I've read and experienced in game it seems that Trynd was born for atma's, warmog's, and infinity because of his natural beefiness, his passive, and his reliance on crits.

Oh, yes, one more little thing is that with loads of health it's easier for enemies to underestimate your hardiness beecause your healthbar is so massive, a "little bit" can actually be much more health than a greedy ganker bargained for.

Sorry for being so long...

...I'll shut up now.

p.s. not really
I just noticed that I'm describing the other trynd-guide-build, and you told us to not talk about tanking in this guide so I apologize if that's what I've done and will clear the post even if that's what's wanted, but I don't honestly think going warmog's is really being enormously tanky because the ONLY reason you do it is to boost critting and ganking.

I don't like Guardian angel. Most of the time you were getting pwned anyway so the ganking squad just waits for you to respawn and then rapes you (again). On Trynd, the respawn simply means your victim can realize that the truck-hitting-undying-beast is coming back in a sec and will clear out of range before you can do anything about it.

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AMAZING guide, absolutely love it, now that i'm good at timing his ulti and getting last hit on creeps tryn is an absolute beast, played a game and did 461k dmg, 21/9/5. I'm only lvl 15 so my runes and masteries are hardly a factor

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Ed the Fed



For an item set, Is a skill cooldown reduction build unheard of? When I saw that Trynd has no mana pool, that's the first thing I thought of.

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I got something like 100 games with Tryn, and I believe I play well enough.
I just wanted to give you my build.

So :
- Brawler gloves + 2 pots
- Brawler Gloves again !
- Attack speed, or boots, or if you have enough, executioneer's calling !
- Merc threads or Berzerker boots, or eventually the Zeal
- Zeal or boots (which ever i havent taken previously)
- Cape of agility
- 2nd cape, or Fantom dancer !
- IE !
- Frozen Mallet
- item of your choice.

And you can stuff in the spirit visage (i think thats the right name) at some point, if you feel like it.

With this build, you start off very hard hitting, but with low health regen ! You need to be hitting.

If the early game goes wrong, get rejuvenation beads to transform them into spirit visage.

Just, please do not forget the CRIT !

A lot of people think 50% crit is enough, it ISNT for Tryn.

You also want to be going for crit DAMAGE, and not chance (for runes)

And, the way to play is :
slash onto your target, hit, hit, eventually slash back in front (or behind to catch up after a flash for eg) and mock, and kill.

With the frozen mallet, you will probably the first guy focused in team battles !

So, expect to be getting all the stuns/slows/ultis on YOU, and not on the tank !

Off course, I am not saying this is the ONLY viable build. Im just saying its one that works fine on me, because i am a very aggressiv player, so I dont mind hitting to heal !

And dont be afraid of anyone, except jax !

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Senior Member


My eyes hurt...

And remember kids. Only YOU can prevent thread necro.

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hmmm got a question. i totaly like the idea of not making him a tank but i got some problems.

usually at the end of the games everything is team fight so i rarely find oportunities to kill people alone. and when i participate in team fights my ulti seems useless when someone like ryze snares me for half of my ult and then a nunu stuns me again for another half of my ult so my insanely high critical dmg get useless (well i can archive some hits but due to slows on me they can run).even if i get to kill someone it would be using the 1-2 secs the snare-stun gives me and i wouldn't be able to run out. i seem to get to this situations almost everygame

i was thinking on adding banshee's veil to the build? and putting clearance as summoner spell?

anyways im new in the game so i would really appreciate suggestions ^^

thanks :P

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Pwnacus Maximus

Senior Member


You're new to the game? My advice is stop playing tryndamere now. this guide is outdated, and tryndamere has been nerfed into oblivion. As you get to around level 10 you will start to loose almost every game with him. Tryndamere ATM is a horrible character, if you want to play melee i suggest looking into warwick, mundo, jax, shaco, etc, someone who is not gimped.

If you really persist people will start to queue dodge you and you'll never get into a game.