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How to control low elo baddies in ranked

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Actually the biggest flaw with the entire rating system currently is that new players are thrown into the 1200 bracket, which is responsible for a horrifically high number of the situations your mentioning.

Really for season two they should look into starting everyone at 0 rating, and working their way up. While it transforms the numbers that people will hover at ELO will actually give a far better indication of someones playing ability. WoW adopted a similar system to this for Arena due to new teams starting at 1500 that just didn't belong that high feeding easy wins to other teams which actually created quite a lot of artificial rating gains within the lower end arena brackets. The difference on LoL is that these new players that are matched into too high an Elo can also lose you rating.

Starting people at 0 immediately means that the bad players stay there, it's so frustrating losing due to one or two team mates that incessantly take bad picks and then feed consistently, and then they continue to destroy the rating system until they finally reach an ELO that matches their ability, which if they belong in the 900 ELO section is about 15 games totally destroyed PER PLAYER that is of that calibre.

Really there isn't any foolproof method of avoiding these people, if your posting here you've probably read all the advice that people can give already with carrying your team playing your best champ and being Mr. Motivator for the team, but that can only take you so far. Playing consistently well definitely helps but that doesnt stop you potentially tanking 6-7 games worth of rating that were unwinnable.

In short your being done over by the rating system as opposed to anything that your specifically doing if your a good player, I see countless people that are clearly better than the 1200 bracket but cannot break past around 1330, due to being matched with players that shouldn't even be in their game.

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Dr rAndOm

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Dude... it's not possible. If I can ever help those ret-arded nubs doing the right things... I wouldn't call them ret-arded. I'm not a offensive person at all.....( after 6 or 7 bad games due to bad teammates... anyone would feel bad :/ )

If they are smart enough and know what they are doing... they won't be so ignorant. These ret-arted nubs will ignore your advises most of the time n just keep their feeding.. 3v5...jungling for 20mins ......

In such a teamwork game... if ur good.. u will have to match with bad beginnners. ( not all beginners are bad...) Therefore, you will loose because of them all the time. As a german phil said... intellect is invisible to those who have none.

Just prepare to meet these guys when u wanna start solo games. solo with 1 or 2 of ur good player friends would be better.

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I have no idea what to do, really.

my current lifetime stats: 206/118/244. My current rating is 1180.

It has nothing, NOTHING to do with me. I've NEVER fed, many times I've gone stuff like 8-0 ect, only to press tab and find that a xin is 0-14 on my team.

It's so frusterating. It's like an evil cycle:

Me in normal games; when the hell do I get to play with good allies? ''play ranked''
Me in ranked games with a anivia trying to get warmogs (happened today): When the hell do I get to play with good allies? ''Climb ranked''

It's stupid. The only way I find myself climbing is when I Play nunu and completely anhilliate the noobs by ganking because people on the 1200 scrublevel constantly push their lanes. But you know what? I do NOT find jungling fun. I do NOT find nunu fun.

This was just a rant, really. I have my solution already; only play premade.