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jouste's LoL fanart

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hey Riot and every forum frequenter around.

i'm jouste and i like LoL and drew up some fan art for it. now i'm no super champ at the game or anything but i've had a great time playing it as have my pals and i thought it would be kinda neat to take on my interpretation on some of the champions in the game.

I'm an artist whose been in the game industry for a bit and love drawing.

here's my twitter (http://twitter.com/#%21/jouste)
here's my daily drawing blog (http://jouste.blogspot.com/)
here's Caveman Udyr's Tales from the Tarpit blog
(http://cavemanudyr.blogspot.com/) and here's my dev art (http://jouste.deviantart.com/) for those interested


first off here's my mundo, i love playing mundo the most (i told you earlier i'm not the greatest :P). here he is with his signature cleaver and howl. i added some more syringes and stretched out his tongue for fun. i hope you guys dig him!


I play with a good friend of mine who rolls with malphite quite frequently. i thought i'd take a stab at drawing him up as well. here he is tossing the painfully poor scaling shard right at you!


I'll be doing up more soonish so drop by and check em out when you can! thanks for giving them a look see. sorry there only two but there's gonna be more coming on the way.


a groovy kassadin i whipped up. here he is launching his void sphere and with bonus feet!



here's taric bellowing and using his sweet shatter ability. to be honest i never really liked his initial design so i took a few liberties on his suit while trying to keep him looking the same.

where are all the tarics btw? i haven't ran with a taric for a long time and miss his radiance pushes and 5 second stun dazzles.



ok so i did a bunch of roughs of the girls but decided i needed to do a more monstrous guy to get my head in gear. i picked sion cause to be honest i wasn't the hugest fan of his design and wanted to give it a shot and take some liberties with him.

first off, i cannot play this guy, i've tried and tried but just can't get into the mindset of this tanky mage. maybe i need to rock the AP and rely on well timed caresses but i'm still in the dark about him.

but here he is! i hope you guys like him! and thanks so much for all the upvotes! i really appreciate it!


so here's morgana. i LOVE laning with morgana (i don't play her, i just love it when people come with me). i never really liked her character design from the get go but then i read how kayle tore her wings off and now she unloads all her pain and torment on her enemies so thats pretty neat.

i changed up her gown to be a little less bulky and more light, her puddle is also starting to form at the base of it. i also tweaked out her bra into a cool cyclops bat and i tried to break up the symmetry with her wings by making them more rough looking.


phew! so the next fan art i did up is one of my favorite initiators, that crazy powerballing monster Rammus! I love having a competent rammus on my team, you hear that high pitched whine and your mouth just waters for some awesome kills.

i segmented his shell a little more and maybe took some of the friendly out of that lovable armordillo and replaced it with an injection of monster. here he's taunting some poor fool with a beckoning claw, probably ashe cause of all those arrows jammed into his shell. i had a lot of fun drawing this guy, i hope you guys like him.



so here's the next attempt at one of those deadly damsels of the LoL universe. it's that crazy pouncing and supporting nidalee! is she suppot? DPS? a cat? a lady? a cat lady? who knows!

all i know is that when i have this weird cat lady tossing heals up on me and running down enemy heroes i get all warm and fuzzy. i amped up her spear and refined some of her jewlery. i really hope you guys like what i did to her.



so here's that previously powerful scarecrow fiddlesticks! a caster favorite for all you straw-filled spell-o-mancers. here he is yelling at one of his crow buddies to smarten up and bounce around more! but alas the little crow has been afflicted by the nerf-bat! oh the scare-crow-manity!



here's that grog swillin' villian gragas the beer-zerker!

it took me a bit to get used to him but when i started going the AD belly busting way i was totally all over his awesome rolls. i love high risk ultimates like his explosive cask and he's just plain fun to play! so i hope you dig this drunken maniac. it's great to always be hearing from you guys and gals!


so here's Trundle in all his gross glory! sitting atop his phallic pillar of filth he's sluffing off slabs of his slimy flesh while wielding his wicked war club!

i really like trundle and was happy to see him come out of the pretty conservative lineup of new champs we were having for a while. i enjoy his playstyle but never was a very strong jungler so found that i never really was playing him to his full potential. hopefully i can smarten up and get better at him!



but i wanted to show you guys what i wanted to deliver to team riot, i drew them up a quick print and framed it and dropped it off in person which was really awesome, probably the coolest thing at pax for me was being able to shake hands with Phreak, JeffJew, ByronicHero, Nikasaur and a pile of other really great folks at riot. they also gave me an oh so incredible poster signed by some of the awesome folks at riot! *faints* i shall frame it in museum glass and it shall live on my wall forever!



Captain Mundo!

So the story goes that Mundo had a short lived career as a pirate. he mixed his potions and tinctures with rot-gut rum and other Pirate vices. And thus; Captain Mundo, the Blue-tongue of Bilgewater was born!

He careened through the seas on his small dingy, cutting a swath through Demacian merchant ships with his cutlass-cleaver and obliterating the local ninja population into near extinction. Cpt. Mundo's tiny ship would cause hurricanes and maelstroms of inconceivable power, for a time the oceans themselves were whirled up from the earth itself and cast around the mountains, drowning billions of ninjas and getting a lot of other people very wet.

Gangplank foresaw that the terrible reign of Captain Mundo could not go on forever without tearing the world apart. the oceans were empty from Captain Mundo's supreme mastery of the pirate arts and his blasphemous levels of power.

Gangplank knew what to do, he banished mundo from the guild of pirates. Mundo cried and cried as he sauntered back to his laboratory and his heavy tears filled the oceans back up to a respectable level. Gangplank smirked slightly, he had lost a great pirate, but had saved the world so he could continue to pirate in it.


and a friend of mine Stephen Oakley (http://facist101.deviantart.com/) decided to do up a LoL champion named after me! Zounds what an honor!

here's a link to the champion jouste! (http://facist101.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2wktah)

here's a quote about him from the page:

"He has bits and pieces of his old fallen battle steed. A once proud knight and undefeated jousting champion. His only lose brought him to death, but alas his competitive nature over came the shackles of death and he rose from the grave! Never since then has he lost a match.

Thought a bit about his abilities. I might do up an illustrated thang for it Names: Impale - Foul Lance - Trample - Only a Flesh Wound."


the Urf memorial drawing (located on page 91 (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=84821&page=91)of this awesome thread)

urf's death was not taken well by the other manatees, here we have an image of the renowned coral carvers building their 14th statue of the late urf. the great manatee king commissioned 400 of these statues to be crafted at the bottom of the sea, all of that heroic urf, brandishing his minigun and spatula.

the carvers are down there as i type, with tears and chisels constantly working. it is a tragic and salty time for the sea, and for the league of legends.



hey guys i just wanted to get back to some folks who were nice enough to give me some boosts and kind words. as well as let you guys know about the sweet art giveaway that spunkify of LeagueTopTen is spear heading! (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=144868&highlight=jouste) you'll get a printed and framed picture with some pretty cool additions as well! and all you have to do is break out your crayons, your ukulele or your steam-powered type-writer and whack out an homage to your favorite champ out of the Mighty Mundo or the Malicious Mordekaiser!

perhaps a scrapyard statue of that Metallic mordekaiser! maybe you can do up a doodle with macaroni of that magnificent Doctor Mundo! the world is your oyster ladies and gentlemen. let's not shy away from a chance to show these two beasts what we really feel about them!

here's the B&W linework of the image, but rest assured i's completed and in shocking color! D:

best of luck to all who enter! both these hulks are rooting for you!




I've been checking out the odd champ suggestions and decided it might be cool to take a bash at some of the cool ideas! plus since the sketches are a little quicker i'll be updating more often. thanks dudes hope you dig it! not all colored but still some neat ideas!

first off here's Bolshoi's Bigboss character (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=58144). i really liked the idea of a suave badass with a bat in a slick suit and mobster minions. i gave his little lackeys brass knucks for the melee and tommy guns for the ranged, check out his hero idea, i thought it was a lot of fun ;D (forgive me for the double posting, i'm still figuring this all out).



so i lurked through the champion suggestion thread and found Koromyr's support druid character "Dreya" (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=60403) and thought it would be cool to give her a quick concept shot.

she was described as having a robe so i decided to break up the silhouette with some branches growing out of her head like whimsical horns and an old school crone's nose and big chin.

i thought her being hunched over would be complimented by a big oak staff that was mentioned in the description. the staff has a fun little face carved into the top and thats her summoned thornroot lasher. i thought it was a really neat support character idea. great job Koromyr!



this time it's the very cool and terrifying Maws the Land Shark from Kadzin! (https://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=48805)

i gave him some rocky spines to take away from the smoothness of a regular shark and some combat gear to make him look like more of a mean customer. i played around with his profile a little and drew an opened mouth close up.

he was a lot of fun to draw. thanks for the cool champion idea kadzin. hope you like my interpretation!



so had a spare hour and wanted to do another champ suggestion because they are really quick to do and a lot of fun to crank out between bigger projects.

so here's toxious the skorpos mutant by PhantomChaos! (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=26188) i really liked the idea of a giant mutant scorpion with venom spraying out of him every so often like a compressor that sprung a leak.

i also made the venom glad like a mutated, tumorous heart, i figure it could be pulsating as well. so a cool poison champ with some neat abilities! great idea PhantomChaos, i hope my rendition of your guy is alright!



a hilariously cool fisherman guy with great abilities, it's Ernie the Master Angler! By Porkulon! (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=71900)

love this idea for a champion. i wanted to try to give concepting him out a shot.

so as far as sappearance there didn't seem to much to go on so i took quite a few liberties. hope that was ok.

here he's pretty pudgy but burly like a good fisherman should be. he's got a floppy fisherman's hat that covers his eyes giving him an air of mystery. he has two side cans full of "wurms" set up like gun holsters and his super fishing rod has a sniper scope as well as a break release on the crank. i worked out a quick profile of him casting with his rod and gave him a backpack where he can store his barbed net and other knickknacks that help him capture his prey.

i really liked the sound of all his abilities. hopefully i did an ok job!

great champ idea and great job Porkulon!



so i really liked another champ suggestion and wanted to sketch it out. matching my original LoL colored versions and champ suggestion sketches, finally.

I't's Passive's brutal gourmet Jefe! (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=14795) he's a sweet battle chef that i had to sketch!

really neat abilities and a versatile hero. great job passive! it's also funny that i also came up with a battle chef kind of character called surr the soupsmith (http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/jouste/surr-the-soupsmith) that has the same kind of set up as far as appearance goes.

so here's what i came up with for jefe, i kept him large and in charge with a giant mustache and a warrior chef type hat made from leather as opposed to cloth.in this pic we can see him tossing shen the lame ninja right into the pot with his signature spatula!

hope you like the direction i took with your character Passive. he was a lot of fun to sketch!



i did up another champ suggestion, this time from fulleclipse!

i really liked his character idea so i took a bash at concepting him out. i hope he likes the liberties i took with garric the zombie king (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=62863)

first of all in some cultures to prevent zombies they would nail the corpse to the coffin to prevent it from coming back from the grave and killing everyone so i attached some nailed coffin bits to his thighs and waist to act as some sort of crude armor and break up the silhouette, i also added the ropes as if his corpse was tied down as well.

through all that the ******* still arose! i also added a crude crown to keep him looking a little more unique. it would be like a dull iron color and be dug into his brow. i also added a big fat maggot that acts as his tongue for extra grossness.



it's AshenWolf's Greenback, the money baron! (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=926829#post926829)

ahenwolf didn't really define much about his appearance so i went a little in my own direction. i pictured him as kind of a highwayman/gentleman swashbuckler who robs as well as misers.

a green colored boar type demon to represent the greed thing, he's got gold capped tusks, a change maker armor belt, a sack of money that gets bigger as he scores more cash, and a sword with a spikey hand guard just to give him something mean to swing. maybe the sword could also get bigger as he made more dough so that people would know to fear him (like cho'gath's size thing).

i know i went a little crazy and maybe took him in a different direction but i hope you like what i did.

very cool ideas ashenwolf! thanks for the inspiration!



for the next champ suggestion i chose to do K D Bonez's "Bael the Blood Baron" (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=98027&highlight=jouste) he's a pretty slick vampire champ with some support aspects as well as a neat spell cost mechanic. I actually got a hold of K D bonez in game to talk over the champ with him so it's got a few more illustrations than normal on it. he was also nice enough to buy me a champion! so thanks a pile K D!



i picked mokragisa's "sally, the hooker" (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=141256) a pirate menace with hooks for hands and feet! he didn't seem to be gettting anything constructive back from the feedback replies except jabs at his characters name. so here's my rendition of sal the hooker!



it's shigoshi's lordeo the artillery lord! (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=141347) so i thought he'd be a cool snail/insect kind of monster with an artillery battery on his back! i know it probably isn't exactly what he was envisioning but i liked his idea a lot.



my bear tibbers' "Bruce the marine" (https://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=125032) fit my bill of being interesting and fast to do. i rarely jump on a champ suggestion presented but i had a spare hour and a bit so here's the marine!



so here's kilrath by the deathstalker! (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=1918702#post1918702) i really liked the idea of him being a lion crocodile dundee kinda guy with tattered khaki clothes. here he is stringing up the bee's kneecap trap. he's also go badass boxer wraps on his hands and feet. i really hope you like my quick attempt. thanks for pointing me in the direction of your thread! it's a very cool idea.



Seism, Root of the Tremor designed by Pelter (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=2970188#post2970188)

so i drew up a quick version of what i thought seism might look like. so here he is! he's got some banded spines to make him look a bit less "wild", a gaping maw used for chewing through all that terrain, and i never usually do this but i added a skin idea as well, "supervisor seism".

I mainly added the skin because i thought it would be pretty funny if he was wearing a miner's hat and had some 5 o'clock shadow on his ugly mug.



so i had a little time and did up Unholyman0's Zane the misfit minion! (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=268580)

here's what i posted in his thread:

pretty cool character idea you have here! i really like the LoL minion designs so it was a lot of fun working them into a character.

so here's my attempt at zane! he's got his runey sword and spiky shield and he's ready to swarm those enemy champs. i tried to tie together both the blue and the purple minions together, i'd image his FX would keep him apart when needed and his buckle glows brightly red, with a "soul buckle" that contains the warrior's spirit and would illuminate when he's doing his awesome ult. hope you like the idea pal! it was a fun champ to work on! ;D


it's willowraith the forest's fury, designed by eljimbobo! (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=262475) a very cool DPS support role with some nasty abilities.

i chose to focus on the "fury" aspect and made her a little more monstrous than you might have been thinking eljimbobo but i hope you like her anyways.

i gave her some vine like accessories and jammed some lumberjack equipment into her back to continually agonize her into a frenzy and as a constant reminder of who she has a beef with.

hope you like my version of your very cool champ eljimbobo. great job!



had a little time to get another champion suggestion down

it's captain T's Gobelinus, the benevolent Goblin (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=3515894#post3515894)

he's got some neat tricky abilities and i love goblins so i couldn't resist! i know his bag might stray a bit from your design but i hope you dig my direction. he's wearing the first coin he ever "earned" around his neck and has got a nose built for sniffing out riches. his backpack dons an effigy of the god of cash and tricks as well.

really cool design pal.


Jouste and Co. Skin suggestions!

Cycrum: "So I've had the Talented and Generous artist Jouste draw some concepts of an Udyr skin idea that i've been pondering about for quite sometime now

Caveman Udyr,Ice Age Udyr, The Udyr Before Time the name list really goes on for awhile soo I'll just show you what we've got so far..."

and here is the first few roughs that we did up with his direction and my powers of scribbling. i hope you guys like it! i'll be addin a new section on the first page for skin suggestions (although they might stay as rough as this one here).


What? photography!?

i cannot resist! i know that this is not a photography thread but here's me and my girl at PAX kneeling in front of those super dudes and dudettes at RIOT! man it was such an awesome time meeting those folks, it was a flurry of good times, a million thanks to Nikasaur who tracked down this picture for me! hooray! and i believe a big thanks to Travis for taking the picture!


In Regards to Cat Girl Ezreal

i'm afraid so; if this thread hits 1000 upvotes i shall grudgingly use my drawbarian talents to forge a catgirl ezreal *shudders* please note that it might take some time to execute this task if the number manages to be reached. i thank you all for checking out my thread, may Jesse Perring have mercy on my soul.


Phew! ok, so here it is.

for those of you who don't know my thread was supertrolled by that forum topic that is leigon the Cat-Girl Ezreal Thread (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=265429). i foolishly stated that if my thread hit 1k upvotes i would draw that ridiculous idea.

turn's out Kama Toki is some kind of mad forum genius or has like 300 smurf accounts because my thread went from 800 too 1k really fast. so thanks for all the upvotes everybody! i was really quite astounded!

anyways here's my version of *shudder* a cat-girl ezreal. now first off let me be clear, i hate ezreal, always blinking away from my mundo with his stupid moves and crafty maneuvering. but i do know that ezreal is also a real person and that he's a total victim of circumstance. and i hope i do not offend an of the parties by drawing this. this is strictly the result of forum shennanigans, and although ezreal in game is a scrawny blinking wuss who i hate, ezreal in RL is probably a totally awesome guy who doesn't blink everywhere and ruin my day.

so with a bit of pleasure here's a de-masculated (if that's even possible) cat girl ezreal!

she's got some bells on her tail and collar to keep those mouses alert and some auxiliary yarn for those extra long spelunking trips! the goggles are also cat-eyeish and she's armed with a bloodthirster! how neat! also next to her satchel is one mean carabiner she used to use for climbing except now she's got claws so it's strictly there for aesthetics!

ugh.. i feel horrible, really sorry ezreal, please don't hate me forever.



aaand there's a very devoted fan of a human version of aniva (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=180605) who is really really devoted to the idea. so i was asked very nicely by Neko Pooky (or Nekoxx). to draw a version of her! she also said that she'd draw me something! oh boy! ( i wanted a picture of mundo and sion being pals!) (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=81271&d=1290512679)

so here it is! i'm still not so great at drawing the women but this was good practice. here she is casting flash frost and flying around on her icy wings! a really neat idea Nekoxx i hope you like my version!



Zounds! it's those amazing TALES FROM THE TARPIT! (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=311482) holy mammoth is that ever neat-o! be sure not to miss any issues! and upvote like crazy!

152550 75800 75802 89226 112565 131403 150969 187976

jouste's daily highfive: (http://jouste.blogspot.com/)

131399 131400 131402 132090 132547 134175 135135 135365 135906 138255 138256 138870 139507 140300 140880 142741 143664 144478 145267 146683 148446 149142 149864 150350 150968 152879 153423 154347 154972 156652 159226 159227 159228 159229 160879 161951 161952 163528 163529 164165 165922 168517 168518 168519 168520 175581 175575 175577 175578 175579 175580 176242 178635 178636 178637 179046 180795 180796 184477 184478 184479 184480 186216 186217 187975 194091 194092 194093 194095 194096 194097 196571 196572 196573 196574 208431 208432 208433 208434 208435
-jouste the drawbarian

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Those are both great. I like the malphite one more though

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Awesome work, can't wait to see the next installments.

Either theres a bunch of trolls downvoting or I'm the only one who gave this a +1!

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You made Malphite actually look interesting instead of a boring guy with a tiny head that people only play because they need a tank.

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Diggin' the perspective and foreshortening on Malphite!

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Friggin awesome. It would be cool if you made them hi-res so that some of us with large resolutions could use them as a desktop background. I would def set one of these as my background then.

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That mundo is the man!! new wallpaper incoming.

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I really like these...

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Looks absolutely awesome! Especially Malph who doesnt get much attention!! T-up