Just had a Soraka

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that in the middle of the last teamfight (we had won the last 2), decided she would CS away from the fight because and i quote

"all on CD"

"im support"

"no damage"

so that fight, we didnt have her Q damage/shred, her in-person heal, a silence, and her tanking, AND THE AEGIS AURA

good thing she CSed though. really helped when they chased her 5 seconds after their team killed 4 of us and killed her too, then won the game.

now i am trying to not get mad about LoL, and i've calmed down quite a bit. i've realized that i'll lose 1/2 my games if i'm where i should be.


this takes the cake.

is there somewhere i can upload the LoLReplay as a "world's dumbest people" or something?