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Junglestix - A Guide to Jungle Fiddlesticks

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Fakku Gao

Junior Member


On the topic of soloing Barron: I've done it with your masteries build and my own item build. It is definitely possible. You have to be amazingly fed though. I'm talking an hour of game before it is even remotely accessible.

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Senior Member


Oh how times have changed. As jungle fiddlesticks, I can go in without any items and solo the golem, using 9/0/21 and no smite. Just drain the golem whenever it's possible, and you'll have it down in no time, then his buff will help you finish off his minions.

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Senior Member


I just found out from experience that it is totally possible to solo Baron as Junglestix. Get golem buff once you have Drain level 5, then go into Baron's alcove and spam Drain on him. It'll be close at the points where he knocks you airborn, but just keep spamming Drain. With enough CDR, you'll be able to have Drain off cooldown before you're done channeling. Rageblade makes this work pretty well because each Drain makes the next Drain heal more and do more damage.