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[Suggestion] How to fix/solve KS'ing

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I agree that this should be visited, however there is a lot to consider.

Here's one of the most occurring situations I encounter...

On team 1, there is Ariniz and Zinira.
On team 2, there is Prey.

Ariniz is a slow but strong hero.
Zinira is a fast, but weak hero.

Scenario 1:
- Ariniz initiates the fight against Prey. After roughly 6 seconds, Ariniz does roughly 70% damage to Prey.
- Zinira joins the fight, doing about 10% damage in 2 seconds while Ariniz is continuing damage, dealing roughly 15% more.
- Prey tries to get away with his remaining 5% of life, however both Ariniz and Zinira are chasing him. Ariniz is too slow to keep up with Prey, but is able to get the kill in 2 seconds with a ranged skill.
- Zinira uses a skill and kills Prey before Ariniz's skill is cooled down.

Scenario 2:
Same as above, however Ariniz does not have a skill to finish off Prey at range. If it were not for Zinira, Prey would have escaped death.

Should Zinira be a killstealer in both scenarios?

Pretty much it comes down to this:
1. How much damage was done?
2. Were summoner spells used during or immediately prior to the fight?
3. How long were the players engaged in the fight?
4. How much damage was taken?

For further possible outcomes, you may also consider:
1. The movement speed of the predator and prey.
2. The range of the predator.
3. If any damaging spells (in range) are available or nearly off cooldown for the predator.
4. If any movement speed increasing spells are available or nearly off cooldown for the predator and prey.
5. If any heals are available or nearly off cooldown for the prey.
6. Creep in the area.
7. Other champions in the area.
8. Towers in the area.

Edit: Some additional things to consider...
1. Type of hero (Carry? Bruiser? Tank?)
2. Healing done
3. Auras (Sona, stark's fervor, sivir's ultimate)

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THEEEEN, champions like alistar, soraka, malphite, Sona... Will just suck? If you have a Xin zhaon or a nuking master yi, The whole team is just screwed. All the party will have 20 assist , when master yi will have 50 kills and 0 assist. TOtally not fair. Anyway i never saw ksing as something bad, The goal of the game is help the team, and that means everybody must survive and build themselves. Ksing for alistar is just the best way to rapidly build a tank. yeah, there are some ***holes, but these people ARE THE CHAMPIONS WHO SINCE THE BEGINNING CAN KILL ALONE THE TARGET (Example, a Gangplank, a master yi, Urgot) They are master Killers and so master KS.

If the problem is the fact TANKS k's the team... BETTER!!! is better to have an early tank than an squishy early assasin.

Your strategy is good against dps ks'ers, but tanks and support are screwed. And they really need some kills.

Well man, tankers and supporters r not meant to kill people. It may sux? Yeah, maybe, but thats the truth.

The situation that i put for u is that one:
I'm playing malzahar, and theres and alistar on my team
Malzahar as u know, its a champion that can take lots of health from someone, but he can't really burst down the target (Just an example: Lets say that mal can take 1000 damage from someone in 6 seconds with his full combo. Alistar can take 300 health from the target with a single instant cast spell.)

1 - I start my combo as normally, use my ulti to supress my target, and start to taking all his health down in about 6 seconds (he IS going to die, theres no way that he can get away)
2 - Alistar comes from nowhere, see that the guy is about to die, and even knowing that i'm a ranged character and could take him down easily if he managed to run away, he charges in with his headbut to get the kill

U guys consider that fair? The current game system do not promote the team play. It does promote the FEAR of your own team. U r an AP carry trying to stack mejais? U get ****in scaried when someone get near to u when u r about to kill someone. U always think "****, he is going to ks me!". That sounds right for u? Wouldn't be better if this AP carry was thinking "Hey, my mate is comming, i'll be able to get this kill more easily".

For characters like alistar and soraka that r support and tanker, riot can figure out some way to deal with it and reward them for the things that they did. Wake up man, they have lots of people working there, i bet they can figure out something. I'll not have headaches trying to figure something here to for those characters, its RIOTs job.

But anyway, here is a solution for you:
Have u ever played heroes of newerth? U can buy items there, and simply drop them on the floor, so someone else in your team can get it. If they make something like that, tankers and support characters will no longer have problems with this "anti-KS" system. They would receive their assistis, and further, they teammates would be able to feed those characters.

Do u see any problem on it? Cuz i don't, it rewards u for being a kind person (U r gonna have a better tank), it rewards the tanker for being a good tanker (His teammates will help him to gear himself), and it rewards the whole team, as u r gonna have a balanced team.

U may say that people r stupid sometimes, and would not give gold away like that. I doubt on that. Even the worse mofo on this world, would give away his money when the team have 2 inhibitors down and 1 at half life.

PS: On the situation i Mal X Ali> Malz thinks "****, he is going to ks me!" > Ali thinks "I need to ks or i'll not be able to finish my build and help later.". Does that sound like teamwork for u? Cuz if it does, u need to change your conception.

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adding dmg done will only make people even more focused on just getting kills when the game is about killing towers.

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seriousli!! this is a team game TEAM so there is no CHAMPION KS!! this is not a mmorpg where every time someone steal ur mob u loose the chance to lvl up or earn a unique random item!!! whenever and ever an ally is near to u when u get a kill the XP SPLITS so doesnt matter who get the most coins! that splits too!!!! just for looking badass at the end of the game??? WTF!!!! sorry i get overexited but seriously! remember that the goal is to take down nexus and towers not champs, and obiously is a TEAM GAME so the TEAM get the kill the TEAM get the item AND THE TEAM is badass at the end if they couldnt stop u