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Do you think the ELO ranked matchmaking needs to be changed?

I think the system is fine as it is. 57 21.51%
I think it does need a change, but not in the way you've suggested it. 98 36.98%
I think the MVP system would be a good addition to ranked games. 110 41.51%
Voters 265 .

A Solution to the ELO Hell

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Seems like a good idea...I think it can be simpler though. Just have your ELO judged on your team winning/losing and also each person gets a individual elo adjustment based on many things...kinda like the overall dominion score...that way supports don't get fuct. A good support should have high assists as it is...and with the MVP thing you have to worry about ppl trolling...i just don't trust putting any responsibility in the players hands at all as 90 percent are childish trolls...