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Season 2 suggestions

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Darion Mograine

Senior Member


Warning, thread is under construction at the moment. I'm going to be slowly updating the OP to appear much cleaner instead of being a massive wall of text. Paraphrasing may not be viable for a lot of topics, but I will do my best to allow people to essentially "search" the post for what they want.

Alright, considering all of my suggestions are usually posted in an extremely rude manner, I've decided to be professional for once. Below are going to be compiled suggestions I have for the Season 2 client, as really expecting any of these changes overnight would just be asinine. I'll also be updating this as I find more things on the forums, or as I think of new problems/ideas.

I'm officially opening this up to be a community project. Post your ideas and concerns as well and I will update the OP. My goal isn't to tear down RIOT at all, instead I want to build them up with our ideas and inspiration for Season 2 with all of the things we've learned from Season 1 as the players. So if you've ever had an idea that you wanted to be heard, post it here!


Just posting this stuff at the top as its from users of our community, and I want the newer stuff at the top.

Posted by FFDeek

"Hi Riot,

I have a lot of real life friends that play this game. Respectively, I'm like ten times better then any one of them. Can you please implement an option for me to appear offline when i want to do ranked or just plain don't want to lose. I like playing with my friends some times but .... I also like to win. And I don't want to go through that whole awkward conversation of why I can't play with them. Because some of my friends will hold that against me and call me a try hard.

I don't feel like making new friends so this option would save me some stress."

Kind of a funny way to ask for it, but appearing offline is used in most online messenger systems today. Would be useful for an immense amount of reasons.

Posted by Cm2n

"Lately I've been wondering: why is it I can only change my graphics, key bindings, and just about everything else only when I'm IN GAME? Wouldn't it make more sense to be able to change all that with say a sample picture showing us what our graphics will look like in game? How am I supposed to know what "low" graphics will look like and how my computer will take it. Sometimes I'm running other applications in the background and I need to adjust my graphics to a lower setting, but I can't do so without A. entering a game and opening the menu and B. waiting for the game to implement the settings while I'm sitting idle at base or next to my tower, wasting about 30 seconds to a minute because I have to change my stupid graphics. The rest of the settings, such as sounds, key bindings, etc., would be much better if they could be adjusted outside the game. What do you think?"

My personal opinion on the matter: Yes, it's slow as hell if you're somebody who changes keybindings for playing certain characters... or maybe a fan blew on your comp between matches (very unlikely I know) and you need your super awesome gfx card to tone it down a bit and take a break. Whatever the case may be, its a slow daunting task to set up these things... and it has to be done in game. While not a HUGE issue, it's still annoying to have to start up a practice game just to change some settings, only to find out a minute later you're not playing this character, you're playing this character, time to switch settings back. Clearly I'm more addressing keybindings than the gfx issue, but the point remains the same. Simple VB frontend to edit the cfg file for those who don't know how. It would take an experienced coder like 10 minutes to make...... hell I might start on it actually.

Posted by 69stang

"Hey Riot, I know that there are many times I am waiting for a friend to finish their game and I think it would be great if you could enter the game as a viewer. I have spoken to several friends and they all think it would be way cool. You could also let people view different tourn. and watch their favorite players play. This would be like being a spectator in 'The Coliseum' watching your favorite gladiators duke it out in the Twisted Treeline or wherever. the WWLOL

If anyone else out there thinks this is a cool idea or would like to add to it, I think it has a lot of merrit. If it is a cost issue, you could even make $$ by charging 5 cents or something per viewer...might try a free version first to see if people will go for it. Anyway, all of you let me know what you think...if you agree that it would be cool sign this to let RIOT know you want it."

Posted by Korica Riftaxe

"Considering this game is free, and I enjoy it, I never feel bad when I slap down $10 to buy a skin or something. I also like the idea that I am supporting a new company very close to its players, rather than a faceless corporation.

To this end, I think Riot could easily implement an optional subscription program. It would not be a Gold Member type thing that gives us tons of super benefits, but rather just a way for us supportive types with extra cash to continuously support Riot.

At the very most, perhaps being a subscriber could provide the player with an occasional 2-win IP boost, or small discount on RP purchases (5%-10%)

I don't want to pay for power, I just want to make it known that some of us don't mind supporting Riot and would gladly pay you!"

My own personal input, I'd like to see something like this but with maybe discounted rune packages. So if I wanted to buy all 9 Dodge Yellows, I could pay 6k IP instead of 7380 IP.


The first area I want to visit in the pvp.net client is our Profile page. I like the way it is set up compared to pre season, however I feel we have lost too much for what we were given. As I said in another post, I don't feel casual players are being given any consideration when it comes to stat tracking. I feel that while LoL is practically a Major League sport, you guys are catering too much to the hardcore competitive players. Yes, you should cater to them in terms of matchmaking and champion/game balancing. However, the time comes when you are separating your community to make half of the community hate the other half. We get people popping into ranked when they aren't ready just because they want to have their stats recorded. We get people who are just generally angry at the try hard players, because the try hards are competitive and to the others, its just a game. Then you have hardcore players mad at casual players because they're playing ranked and don't care whether they win or lose. Now you can't in all honesty just resolve community relations, however, you can make the casual players feel more important.

New Stat Tracking

Instead of listing for normal games, TAKEDOWNS/MONSTER AND MINION KILLS/WINS, lets get some real stat tracking going on here. In pre season we had a pretty awesome profile page that showed our top 3 champions and their overall/season stats. Now we have it for ranked, but what about normals? Why should the casual player feel left out? His profile page is practically empty aside from some stupid medals that anybody can farm up by playing enough matches. This draws people to play ranked, and essentially creates the swirl that is ELO Hell for the players who aren't good enough to carry an entire team. So here are a few suggestions for a new profile layout.

Instead of the ranked stats button, lets have a Career Stats button (or just Career.) It sounds fancy, and through the career page, we can see our overall stats for ranked and normal combined, or through filters we can see champion progress, and through further filters, Ranked or Normal. It would be no different than on our champion page, where we search by multiple tags. While we're touching on this, why not also add more specific filters. Arranged team stats (which can simply be saved whenever we choose to queue with another person, be it 1 or 4), and per map stats. So altogether we'd have a career page where I could check my progress as Ezreal;

Kills:326 Deaths:314 Assists:431

Then I could refine my search on Ezreal to be;
Summoners Rift - Arranged - Normal
Kills:130 Deaths:46 Assists:152


Twisted Treeline - Arranged - Ranked
Kills:13 Deaths:3 Assists:8

I feel that this kind of stat tracking will honestly benefit everybody, and I'm more than positive that there won't be objections from the community if you choose to do this.

One last thing for stat tracking. Allow the time that matches take to be saved as well as whether you won by surrender or not. It's a much simpler update than what I'm asking above, so I would hope to see it implemented sooner, but I'm not going to rush it. Simply show on our match history the time the match took and for surrenders, either write it on the match in green or red letters, the latter representing a defeat by surrender. You could also add this to the list of filters in the stat tracking. Maybe in our career page add an average game time for ranked, normal, and overall.

Now I'm sure the counter argument of server issues comes up because the added stat tracking will take up more server space. Now I'm not sure how you guys actually keep your stats, but it would make sense to me that you could just have the game servers send the required variable data that is keeping our stats to another server that stores xml files attached to our accounts with our stat data. I'm also not sure of the efficiency of using xml files as far as storage space is concerned, but I do know that a lot of other games have used them for similar means successfully. Of course I'm also not aware of just how many people actually play LoL. I know there are 85,150 players who are above or at 1200 rating on the solo queue 5v5 ladder, so I can only imagine that there are at least 15-20 times more players. By my calculations that's somewhere near 2 million players. And I'm more than sure there are more than that, so yeah a HUGE server load. That's why its a suggestion, and I hope you take what you can from it and implement it.

Updated Champion Info

Under the champion info we need to have the champions passive listed. Passives are essentially another champion ability and therefore quintessential to playing the champion. Currently we have to go to outside sources to view these, or own the champion and play it (well rotation works too but still.) Per level gains to the abilities as well as AP/AD scales and cooldowns would be nice, but thats not completely necessary.


It's been suggested several times, and I am reposting it here. Saved mastery pages. Worried about implementing it into your servers? Well, don't! Simply add a file to our LoL folders that is basically an over glorified text file with a 2mb front end that I myself could code in Visual Basic that presents to us a replication of the masteries tree and allows us to assign up to 30 points, and then saves it to that file. Then we could just have different files and when we go to choose our masteries, you could have a load button and then we choose one of the files we have saved and load those masteries. As for low level summoners, if you use more mastery points then your level, it will simply deny your request to load the mastery file. This could be done by adding a line that just basically has the level requirement and the pvp.net client will read that and compare the two values. Summoner level=Required Level

Store Crashes

Yeah, I hate this so much. I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that, if a new champion is released, I just shouldn't play until Thursday, because the server load is ridiculous, and the store never works. I'm usually upset about not being able to play the new guy on patch day. So, why don't you implement something similar to the login queue for the store. Instead of allowing everybody access and brute forcing your servers into crash mode, have a line... just like in real life department stores. Once the store hits a user cap for whatever server cluster you're connected to, you sit in a queue. To avoid this being abused, summoners will be disconnected from the shop after 5 minutes. Leaguecraft and other sites have constantly updated information on runes, so if you're upset about not being able to hold your shop window open to do your calculations, do them there before you enter the shop. I hate to be blunt about it to other summoners, but this is a much more efficient solution that actually benefits everybody.

Clan System

In addition to the friends list in our UI, why not add a clan interface. Now knowing the roots LoL comes from, and the people involved I'm sure this is already on the list, it's probably more of a "how pertinent is this?" kinda thing. I think clans are a community thing and while limitations were suggested in the post I found this in, I'm not for or against limitations. However, implementing a clan system is more than just another tab on your friends list, because then we'll be wanting stat tracking for clans, and clan matchmaking, etc. I think it's a wonderful idea, however I don't think RIOT could implement it within the next 6 months (unless it had already been under development.) I definitely hope for it someday, and I hope this will show RIOT how much we really want one.

Posted by DarkVirux


I think the images that display for each map should be the actual map itself, either a resized version of the actual mini-map from in-game, or an artists conception of the map like the one I have in the image. This would allow new players to browse through the multiple maps and understand the layout of each one, and the theme, before joining.

I also think that the text,
"Team up against other players and destroy the enemy Nexus"
should be removed entirely. It's too obvious. Evidently anybody playing the game will already know the basic objective.

Also, only a short bit of work could really improve the "Average Game Time" for each map by literally calculating the average time of games played on that map(to be more accurate, reset every week to adapt for gamestyle changes).
Possibly even display some other statistics, like average kill/death ratios, IP/experience penalties or bonuses for the map, maximum and minimum game times, rankings, etc.

While viewing other peoples profiles, I think it would be nice to be able to see the champions the other user has purchased. Often times I'm just curious what champions the user has.

A "Report" and "Add as Friend" button should also be included to profiles.
Just something quick and small to do the job is fine.

Earlier today myself and another person happened to win this epic 3v3 game even with a leaver. However Riot was doing chat system maintenance and I mistakingly returned to lobby, unable to return to the after-game screen to Report our leaver or add the other user as a friend. I did take a screenshot of the after-game screen before leaving, so I have their names but still no way to do said actions.
Additionally, a "Back to After-Game Screen" button would be fabulous.

User avatar icons. Allow users to upload their own, or have a much bigger array of images, I don't really like any of them to be honest. The game also mentions something about unlocking more with achievements. But really just adding more or an upload system(image verification by Tribunal?) would be cool.

Display connection status/ping speed in Lobby or somewhere visible.

An if statement to close the client immediately if not connected to PvP. It often lags very badly when I attempt to close it, but only when I'm not connected to the chat."

Here was his UI edit image


Posted by DJ Reeve

So I know that there's a countdown timer AFTER just finishing a game up, but how about a timer or some sort of indicator OUTSIDE of the post-game statistics? Like at the home screen.

This indicator could be a like a green orb up in the corner by your IP and RP that is either on or off to indicate whether the first win of the day bonus is available.Something like the IP bonus indicator from having an "IP Boost"

Maybe it could be shown as another tile on the bottom near the chat boxes and notifications.

Or it could be integrated with the play button, where if the play button has a glowing aura it means you can get your first win of the day.

But what I'm really looking for is a easy to see indicator that shows you if the first win of the day bonus is available. If the first win of the day bonus is not available then the indicator will be "off" and when your mouse rolls over it or clicks on it it will indicate how much time is left before the first win of the day is available

Posted by f4nt0m

Hi all,

Being an avid gamer, I constantly game from various locations including at university during my breaks; at home; and at a mate's place. With this, I constantly create practice games before joining a normal/ranked game in fear of having high latency. It seems that hosting a single player practice game will allow me to check my ping - though it does not seem to be accurate as there have been times after that where I have joined a game to check my ping and it just shot up to 300-400. This is often the case at university (especially where the wireless signal is stronger at some places).

I have tried many times to ping via the command prompt and for some reason, the requests always time out - Possibly configured to not respond to pings?

So, would it then be possible to somehow implement a ping-checking button to the interface (possibly, the options window) that will allow one to check if their connection is alright before joining a game? This could be a simple ping to the US server ( to get our latency (that we see during load screens) and to prevent spam, disable it after 5 clicks for 15 minutes or something.

This will enable a large amount of the community that are not based in US (playing from Sydney, Australia) to make sure we don't start disconnecting or having immense lag during games. Sometimes too, ISPs start to go crazy and for those with unstable ISPs, this would help them too.

tl;dr - Add a ping-checking button somewhere, so we can ensure our connections won't ruin the game for ourselves and for others.


ELO Calculations

Yes, a VERY touchy subject for you guys. You're paying out the ass for people to come up with efficient formulas, and all we ever do is yell at you for it. I understand that its frustrating for you guys as a company, and I'm sure you guys understand our frustration as players. I believe this issue is identical to how people in World of Warcraft used to have Gear Score requirements to raid. The common counter argument was GS doesn't = skill! Well, the fact of the matter is, ELO doesn't equal skill, to a point. Once you hit the 1700's and 1800's yeah, you've got something to be **** proud of. And all you 2k+ players, congrats to you guys, because clearly you guys are the best of the best. HOWEVER, there are people stuck at 1100-1200 who belong in the 1400's and people just all mis matched. So, how can RIOT help the ELO crisis that Season 1 has created? Regulate the ELO a little differently. Right now there are a few factors going into how much ELO you get or lose. I've played four games before and ended up negative from when I started even though I went 2/2. I've also gone 2/3 and ended up neutral or positive, so clearly the ELO formulas aren't black and white, wins to losses. I think even though stats are little overrated in game, perhaps they should be considered by deaths to wins and kills to losses with match time factored. So... lets say you win a game that takes 20 minutes because they surrendered, and you died 14 times. You should get less ELO than the guy who only died 2 times on your team. If you lose a match that takes 51 minutes and have 21 kills to 6 deaths, you should lose less ELO than the guy who had 2 Kills and 18 Deaths. Of course we also need to factor in assists as well, because maybe that guy was a tank and had 30+ assists, in which case he should be properly rewarded and not lose as much ELO either. So lets say that the base ELO for winning (which of course there needs to be a base or else you can't make the formula) is 30. The base for losing is -25. So for the win, lets say you had the 14 deaths and got 10 kills and 5 assists in the 20 minute game. So you would get 30 - (14*.2)(60/20) + (10*.8)(20/60) + (5*.8)(20/60) = 25.6 ELO. I would assume rounded up which would bring it to 26. The formula I created for this was BASE ELO minus (deaths multiplied by .2) multiplied by (one hour divided by game time) plus (Kills multiplied by .8) multiplied by (game time divided by one hour) plus (Assists multiplied by .8) multiplied by (game time divided by one hour) equalling our total result. I chose the .2 and .8 after testing a few other numbers, and as I'm no mathematician I won't argue if somebody wants to say w/e. Now one could argue that 26 ELO is pathetic for winning (considering I used a base of 30) however that person died 14 times in 20 minutes and had barely any assists. A better player who had gone 5/0/5 in a 20 minute game would get 33 ELO. So its not a terrible formula for somebody who has no real education in the field it comes from. For losses simply substitute the Base ELO for the -25. In an hour long game where you went 10/5/10 you would only lose 10 ELO.

I hope that some of that proves useful to whoever you have in charge of ELO calculations and obviously those base numbers are way off from your actual base numbers.


Alright, so we've all seen your multiple attempts at solving the leaver solution, but this most recent one combined with Season 1 penalties are just way to much. I am afraid to queue dodge when it's necessary because A) I'm going to lose ELO anyway, and B) I don't want to get banned. Why should I be punished for queue dodging if somebody in ranked gets a random champion through AFK picking?

So my solution that I am suggesting is actually not to bad. Make it so that a summoner can't be assigned a champion if they don't select one by the end of the queue timer. Instead they are booted back to the main pvp client screen, and NOT put back into queue. Also on the other end of the spectrum we have really coordinated players who get paired up and communicate in pre game chat and then suddenly with 0 seconds left on the clock, "Summoner 4 has left during champion selection". Now you're back in queue and end up getting paired against the people you just talked with, and your jungler is completely boned because they know his strat, or if you were planning an early gank, they know it, etc. This makes the game seriously unfair and just not fun. Especially if my queue re pops instantly. So, how can we fix this? We can make it so that once a team is paired it stays paired. So if a summoner on the other team queue dodges, the team I'm on stays together. Likewise if I was in the team that queue dodged, the rest of us are put back into the queue and reassembled with other people. The team that stays together simply sits in the game lobby until presented with another opposing team. As far as actual in game leavers, I think your system is working just fine, except for the problem that queue dodgers are seen as leavers. Though, if you implement the system I mentioned, no longer letting people afk pick champions, then I'm sure it's not NEARLY as big a problem.

Offline Client

It's been asked for a looooooong time. As I said in my other post about this, we probably just haven't gotten one because of the security compromises it could risk. In all honesty though, I would hope that RIOT plans on releasing a standalone offline client for us at some point. It doesn't need to be linked to our summoners, it could function just like how War3 and DOTA did where we could just pick a user name, and then jump into the action with friends and LAN. Another great thing is people would eventually mod it, bringing up new champion ideas for you guys so you don't have to try so hard as well as bringing LoL back to it's roots in a modding community. Obviously modding an online game just isn't viable, but an offline client, that's a different story. Honestly, I wouldn't mind one bit dishing out $20 or so to get a copy of an offline LoL that I could LAN with my friends. I'm sure some people might be upset that I said that, but honestly, if it encourages the development of LoLAN, then cough it up.... besides, most summoners spend more than that on skins.

Game modes!!

Finally found a summoner suggesting a new game mode! I'm sure there have been some suggested before but I didn't have this thread at the time.

Random Mode (or Mystery Showdown... that sounds cool.... yeah.... lets go with that)

Posted by RainRainery

"Title undecided but this isn't a very complex gamemode, Basically you are thrust into a game with a completely random champion (out of all, not just the ones you own), once your champion is decided you can quickly set your masteries(everyone has all 30) and spells(all spells), and use one of the 3 preset rune pages (caster, dps and tank).

The goal here is to establish no advantage in the game and use what you know to play the game with your current champion."

He eventually mentioned being for lvl 30s and ranked only.... I don't really buy into that whole idea. I say stick with it being a gametype for all to enjoy. It's a great way to blow some steam! RIOT if you're worried about ip farming it... make it give 20% reduced IP. Problem solved.


Of course we know this would be a hit. You would click Play, PvP, and then under classic have All Mid, and then where the maps are usually listed have All Random and All Pick as two separate options. Then it could be a game mode where you just have a mid lane to run down with minions spawning normally, and of course your inhibitor and two nexus turrets. Maybe even add some special brush here and there in the lane. You would have to make it so that certain summoners were disabled for the match type... make it so stack items weren't in the shop, and add a really cool laser box thing that makes it so you can't run a certain distance behind your tower. Of course you wouldn't be able to B. Honestly... it'd be pretty sweet to have APAM ranked or something. Not like draft mode... just have public ELO's for it. Hell yeah, I would be in that all day (not really... but I would for a while.)


Could have a specially designed map (or chopped regurgitation of summoners rift) for this, and maybe disable summoners? Idk, cool idea, somebody post something so I can add more to this. I'm sure all of you guys have way better ideas than me!

These are all the ideas I have for now, but I'll keep checking around the forums for ideas and suggestions and update this post with new things.

I hope this more professional approach will grab your attention and actually get some notice. Note I'm not just speaking on my behalf, but I'm also reposting community concerns and interests.


P.S.S Thanks to everybody who has posted their ideas and concerns!

Another edit!

My rant on matchmaking balance issues! Note this is directed at players and is in defense of RIOT

Matchmaking can't ever be truly balanced. ELO is a simple number given to not calculate how "good" you are, its a number given to calculate where you rank on the ladder stacked up to other players (you can be carried.) You don't actually get players with 200 wins and 190 losses being paired up against players with 2000 wins, unless that person with 2000 wins has had a LOT of losses (would have to be close to 3k losses.) Wins don't determine your elo either. I have a friend with almost 700 wins, but almost 800 losses. I on the other hand have 270 wins to 220 losses and am much higher in elo than him (we're talking about normal games here.) The higher up the ladder you go without losing elo, the more you get paired against people who also have higher elo's (this should be common sense to you guys.) Eventually you're going to hit a wall where you stop winning for a bit (especially when queueing with multiple people.) After you've lost a few matches, you'll resume winning. When you hit this plateau of winning and losing on and off, thats where you belong. From here you have two options. A) Start understanding why you're losing to the higher elo players that you can't seem to beat and think you're being unfairly matched against. B) Accept that you have reached your peak and will stay in this general elo.

It's not that matchmaking is stupidly random... its that if you're queueing as a full premade... its going to try and pair you up against full premades.... this means sometimes, you'll get REALLY good players. If you're solo queueing and win 10 games in a row... expect that reign to end, because you're going to boost your elo into a higher bracket where sometimes better players may be.

If you win 200 matches and only lose 30 times... you better believe you're going to get paired against a guy with 2k wins and 1500 losses... and thats because you deserve to be playing those people... accept it as an honor... not as a flaw.

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CLAN! support

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I support this for greater justice.

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thanks to everybody who supports this!

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bumping because I added new stuff

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bumped for new stuff and a better layout of the huge wall of text

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Hmm i like these ideas, hope riot doesnt overlook this thread

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bravo OP, you have sources and you are wonderful.

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