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Gragas fix, thoughts?

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i played him for a few hours tonight, and its pretty true.. He is fun as hell to play, BUT with alot of builds i just seem to cap out, and then im almost feeling forced to just play ranged waiting on my barrel roll, or ult to cycle.

the mana regen is horrible for W, the passive is not noticeable at all, i imagine it would be if i stacked like 3 warmogs on him and got them to full..

his charge misses targets, ive charged at creeps to test it, and he ran right to the side of them. i almost have to be standing right in front of them auto attacking for it to connect and hit.

heres the fix.. increase the mana bonus for W, make the effect on drinking increase your ap a % for the duration or reduce cooldowns.. increase the cast cooldown make it castable on others as well as yourself..

speed up the barrels SLIGHTLY on barrel roll, increase the slow amount on his ult 5% more, slightly decrease the splash spread on hit..

remove the charge E completely...

instead have him smash the barrel on the ground in front of him and create an ae effect , a puddle.. "Alcohol abuse" that does ? per tick (slow , armor reduction, attack power reduction, ability power reduction... whatever)

call it "Cask Smasher"

there now he doesnt feel like hes confused on wether hes a caster or a tank.. cuz right now hes not much of either