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So what are people's opinions of Gragas and Pantheon. I've played with both for most of today and personally I'm pretty underwhelmed. Gragas is pretty much seen by everybody as UP at least if what I read on the forums is true.

I'm not quite sure what to think of Pantheon. I think hes a little UP but it could be bad item builds on my part. I've tried attack damage, attack speed, crit chance, even tank pantheon with mediocre results. I feel like he has the same problems that a lot of squishy melee dps have, all without an escape mechanism. So that's my opinion was wondering maybe if there were any good players who would share there thoughts.

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Pantheon = Selfish champion with ult that is completely useless in team fights except for extremely lucky situations

Gragas = Bad overall with a good ultimate. Everything he can do, everyone else can do better. Kind of like the original udyr

Both are rather balanced or underpowered. I only really want changes to Gragas