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So i got my 300th win today

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....and i decided to buy pantheon. He can be really **** fun and has an awesome early game imo.

So far im maxing heartseeker and spear throw while puting one into aegis for the jump/stun. With a stun/exhaust with heartseeker + rally you can really dish out some unexpected damage early on.

For items i actually start out with a longsword + hp pot. Then i slowly build up a soul shroud and beserker greaves. The rest is quite obviously as much raw damage items as possible to make the skills as powerful as possible. (whats with the ult being ap based?)

His squishiness late game however seems to be one of his bigest downfalls. Other than being rather un-spartan-like its tough to not be focused/CCd in an engagement and ive racked up a lot of deaths because of it.

The ult is rather controverial atm. I like it and all but il have my real openion maybe after some games. Its gettin late tonight though... D: