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Bugged Since Beta: Alistar's Headbutt

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The bug as people have described it is namely where you click to Headbutt as they're running out of range, which makes them "out of range" of the spell and is incredibly stupid. Lee Sin dives at people with his Q, why can't Alistar do the same thing regardless of the "range?" Just adjust it to become that, and it fixes the problem.

It's funny that you mention Lee Sin's abilities. Not only does his Q move him to a target, but his shield skill as well. Someone made a post around here stating that Lee Sin can use his W to "ride" Nocturne's ult into a very favorable ganking situation. The fact that a targeted ability can allow 1 character to teleport using another champion's ult, yet Alistar's headbutt can't even work within its casting range is rather ridiculous. My guess is that this would be explained by saying "he's Lee Sin, the Blind Monk", but that doesn't explain why Alistair hasn't been fixed for such a long time.

I'd like to see how many people would rage if, for example, Akali's ult was as unpredictable and flaky as Alistar's headbutt...