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Yet another question from your friendly LoL Idiot: How do you push?

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Many good teams have 1-2 carries that are capable of pushing a lane while the other 4 do the team fight. Shaco, Yi, Trist, Sion, plenty of chars can push a lane quickly and do great damage to a tower with good escapability. I bring up sion because his ult works great on towers, his shield for creep wves, and with stun/shield + his durability he has reliable escape mechanism from 1 or 2 heroes... not their whole team at once, but then your whole team should be preventing that

In solo Q nothing kills me more than a team that clusters up like that -- you need your carries to understand when it's advisable to go push lanes. Never let creep waves build up, and cross into your territory either... there's more to the game than kills!

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Alright, so I no longer go negative and sometimes I have the highest kills and least deaths in the match. Here is my problem, I STILL ALWAYS LOSE! Even if their team feeds like ****, if they have a Teemo, Ashe, Twitch, Yi or TF they just backdoor our towers to oblivion.

Most of my games end with my team having 15+ more kills than the other team, but only a few towers down. While they pushed all the way to our nexus even though we would demolish them in a teamfight. So what would they do? They don't teamfight. They just run around in a 5man tower killing squad, hiding and then popping out at one of our towers and destroying it. We can't kill their towers because we can't push the creep wave fast enough (Those slow ass ****ers move like snails) so if we try to kill a tower, they all MAGICALLY appear at their tower and ace us, resulting in a loss.

This is I would say the reason why me and my premade lose 80% of our games. We NEVER push, or if we do push we only manage to kill one of their towers even if we aced them. And if we didn't ace them but instead only killed 4 of them? Don't expect us to even try attacking that tower. We are such *****'s we won't dare brave a tower even if it only has one guy defending it unless we have a MAJOR advantage (At least 5 level difference, baron, 6 Infinity Edges, etc...).

How can we stop doing this? It's like our entire team is made up of submissive sissy's and as a result we can't push or be offensive. Should we all start eating babies and going to football games? Drinking more beer and punching people in a bar? Having *** with tons of women?

Any form of tips or advice would be appreciated.

I think everyone goes through this phase. It's like you have gotten good at the PVP portion of the game and dominate other players but they still win the actual game. I know I went through this a while back myself, wondering why we dominated people but still lost.

1. If you take too long to push, even if you are dominating the other team, they will farm and eventually be able to fight back and even win. If you get early advantages, make sure you keep their backs to the wall the whole game and don't give up your advantage.

2. If you are behind, keep the momentum of the creeps going away from your towers in all 3 lanes, farm neutrals and try to score a big gank of 3-4 of them and take 1-2 towers. If this happens 1-2 times the momentum shift is huge and you will see them start to hide in their base.

3. Always bring a good carry to push your empty lanes, but who knows when it's time to ditch the lane and throw down. A good carry is devastating, especially one like Shaco who can push whatever he wants, whenever he wants and not be killed....and then pop in the middle of team fights and pick off half the team.

You just have to really pay attention and learn when times to push are. If you are ahead, always pressure them by having your carry push up a lane and the other 4 pushing up another lane. If you are behind, farm and defend and wait for the big gank. Keep the lane momentum going the other way as much as possible until you can catch up.

There are many little things to watch for that will allow you free towers as well. For instance, in the early laning phase transition to middle phase, people start hopping lanes. When 3-4 of them show up in the top lane, your 2 defenders stall and hold them off as long as possible. Mid moves bottom (not top) and 3 people push bottom tower hard with at most 1 defender. You get a free tower, and if you brought fortify they didn't get your top tower. Worst case scenerio, tower for a tower.

Little things like that you will start to pick up on, you just have to play and actually pay attention to the game flow rather than your next gank.

Hope that helps a bit.