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XPL Starting Soon and Ups Prizes

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"Teams Captains will determine who on their team will receive the points. Point will be awarded through Pay Pal.

1st Place Team will receive 250,000 XPL Points. 50,000 XPL points for 5 Team Members. $250.00

2ND Place team will receive 1250,000 XPL Points 25,000 points for 5 Team Members. $125.00

3rd Place Team will receive 75,000 Points, 15,000 Points for 5 Team Members. $75.00"

Right from the new owner of XPL and also Riot is deciding if they are going to add RP also. A final team number has not been set but it is close to starting time is running out.
There is no entry fee all fees on the site refer to anti-cheat costs and maintanance stuff for other games not League of Legends.

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xpl doesn't actually give money don't do it