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Make your own hero easier to see amidst many

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The Remover

Junior Member


I'm fairly new to all this. One of the single biggest challenges I'm facing is in a big fight I can never make out my character or find myself looking at the wrong character.

I'm sure this gets better in time but it can be troublesome, and it would be nice if you could change the bars displayed above characters slightly so that yours is much more pronounced and easier to spot. The light yellow name above your head isn't distinguishing enough when everyone is all piled up with wild spells flying all over and such.


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I would second this. In a big fight there is so much going on it's pretty hard to even see your character, especially if they're small such as Teemo. Perhaps make your name and health bar have a different color that is unique from allies and enemies so that you can always pick it out of a big crowd.