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Looking for solo team mate ranked [Currently 1350 elo MAX 1630]

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About me

Summoner name: 0ADT0R00ster
Prefers to be called: Rooster
Roles: Any
Best Champions: Akali
LoL Experience: Been playing since release, 3 years DotA experience
Over 1000 games played
Microphone: Yes

Check out my youtube to see me play (Older videos arent good) (http://www.youtube.com/user/mcr00sterDOTA?feature=mhum)

Understands warding, ganking and pushing is important. Understands that a good team consists of 1 tank 1 support 1 AP 1 DPS and 1 Jungle. Does not tower dive unless it is a certain kill with certain survival. Always sticks with team. Good at solo/jungle/lane. Good at babysitting carry. Currently stuck in elo hell because of bad teams.

When playing as Carry, will farm well and aim opponent carry/support. Will fight until the death, does not run off in the middle of a fight. If Ranged carry will try to keep distance, if melee will jump in after tank initiates.
When playing as Jungler, will farm well. Well gank lanes if the enemy is pushing, weill ignore gank calls for pushed lanes. Wards dragon early and will sometimes counter Jungle and counter ward.
When playing as Tank, will initiate team fights. Will fight to death, will try to focus enemy carry/support. Will tank towers to do a backdoor.
When playing as a AP, will stay back in team fights. Try to keeps distance depending on Champion (If I am Malz I will keep my distance from the fight and spam spells from a distance). Farms well and will try to aim enemy carry/support.
When playing as Support, will #1 priority support allied carry. Will buy various support items like aegis, will ward/counter ward. Will always heal/shield allied carry when possible.

Calm and funny most of the time, occasionally will rage at bad team if I am frustrated.

What I am looking for

Good payer above 1300 elo that can play any role, understands mechanics and metagame of LoL. Friendly calm, down for a game any time. Must speak good English. Must be co-operative. Must have played over 600 games. Must have had a max elo of at least 1500.

If you are going to add me, please tell me you saw this in the forums if I accept you.