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League of Legends VISTA x32 x64 SETUP

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To all WINDOWS VISTA users:

After you have

  • download the game
  • installed/patched the game outside Program Files
  • open all the PORTS needed (port forwarding)
  • unblock the game from the firewall

here's the next thing you should do:

go to League of Legends folder -> search for "lol.laucher.exe"
right click and choose "Properties"
then go to tab "Compatibility"
and put a CHECK mark on "Run this program as an administrator"
then click OK

repeat these steps in the "LolClient.exe"
  • League of Legends folder -> air folder -> LolClient.exe

and in the "League of Legends.exe"
  • League of Legends folder -> game folder -> League of Legends.exe

if you are able to do these steps
then you should be able to run the game in no time!!


Note: posted below are some screenshots for your reference