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[Guide] Anivia How-to: Getting a perfect KDA whilst being a teamplayer

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hmm, i didnt really fully read the thread, but... can anyone confirm if Ashe's slow is still considered frosted for a free Frost-bite?

I tried it and it didnt seem to work.

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Great guide! I find myself overthinking myself a lot. Usually, my rule of thumb is that if I can get on a killing spree within the first 10 minutes, I go for Mejai's. If not, I stay away. Also, sometimes, if I find my teammates cleaning after myself, I sometimes get Mejai's anyway and rack up those stacks with assists because GS makes it so that in group fights, it is very easy to get an assist on every champ kill.

Also, with Lich Bane, I've never really had the thought of it because I'm not an auto-attacking kinda guy, but I suppose some normal attacks gotta fit in there sometime in between spells and the extra movement speed is nice. I'll give it a try and see what happens.

But yeah, solid. I hope to play you someday. As of right now, I main Anivia and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So cheers!
To Anivia.
And to you for a great guide.

Peace out.