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Fix for MAESTRO error.

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For everyone who has had the Maestro Error pop up while trying to log in, heres how I got around it.

First i tried to make sure that loL was aloowed through my firewall (windows and Macafee).

It was and I still had no luck getting to connect, you could try changing the compatibility mode and turning off your firewall temporarily. I suggest you turn it on as soon as your done playing to ensure safety. Try google searching "League of Legends Maestro Error" and try the links. Its a pain in the ass but worth playing if you ask me.

Thumbs up if this works. Again, I just turned off my firewall temporarily and switch the compatibility to XP Service Pack 3.
-Fire wall are different depending on what you use but for compatibilty modes you right click on the desktop icon and go to properties. The rest should be self explanitory.