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[GUIDE] How to replay your LOL games - Small filesize

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Hey guys!

Just stumbled upon a very smart program. I have always wanted to record my LOL games, but doing this with screen-recording programs like Fraps took very much disk space + you only recorded what you saw yourself, not everyone else.

But then i found LOL Replay client. The program runs in the background and makes a replay of the games you are playing.

"Matches are replayed within the actual League of Legends client, allowing full quality replays, with negligible performance impact while playing the game and file sizes much smaller than video. The camera may also be freely controlled while playing a replay, alowing the viewer to spectate whichever area they are most interested in."

Witch means when you open the replay, you become a spectator, and you can move your mouse and go wherever you want on the map. You can slow down and speed up as you like. The program lacks some features and have some bugs, but they will be fixed soon.