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Jax AP build #1 build

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Jax, Grandmaster at Arms AP build

Okay, hi everyone, this is the first hero guide I’m doing, but I created this build like 3-4 days ago and I think it works very well, so I’d like to share it with you ().
For those who did not notice, 3 spells out of three get some great bonus from AP, that is why an AP Jax is really strong, since his leap strike and his Relentless Assault get a +1 bonus damage per AP point, while his counter strike get a +0.8 bonus damage. So here how it works:


Defense tree:
3 points in hardiness (Give you a 6 armor bonus, always welcome!)
3 point in resistance +6 magic resistance, can be nice)
4 points in evasion (+2% dodge, pretty useful with Jax)
1 point in Nimbleness (+10% movement speed after dodging an attack... which mean an a +10% ms in battle!)
1 point in defensive mastery (just here to get another point, not really useful at all, you can take a point in harden skill if you prefer)
4 points in veteran scares (+60 hp, mean you can take 1 more hit in early game (level 1-2-3))
(Optional) 3 points in ardor (+2% AP and AS, and + 4% at level 18 (which mean about +20 AP at level 18) (It’s a good move to take it, give great bonus)
(You can choose between the next two masteries build to complete the above one)

Offensive tree:
I point in cripple (I’m an exhaust lover, so I take this mastery which increased the duration of your spell by 0.5 sec and decrease your enemy magic resistance by 24 points)
3 points in Archmage’s savvy or in Deadliness (choose between a +11 AP at level 18 or a + 2% critical strike chance at any level) I like the AP bonus since this build is not base on crit, but go as you feel it ^_^
4 points in sorcery (Reduce CD by 3% not that much great, but we need it to have Archaic Knowledge.)
3 points in Sunder (ignore 6 of your enemy’s armors points per attack)
Or (I highly recommend the next one):
1 point in Archaic knowledge (Magical spell pierce 15% of the enemy’s armor, it’s pretty great since all of Jax spells do magic damage)
2 points in sunder (ignore 4 of your enemy’s armor points per attack
(At this point, you are done if you took Ardor), but if you did not take it:
3 points in Brute force (+3 damage, not very great, but we need another 3 points, so let put them there!

If you prefer Utility to offense, you could use something like this: (I recommend to take the offensive build tough

3 points in Good hand (Give you 10% less time to wait while you are dead, not very useful, but can save you about 2 minutes in an hour and a half of a game...)
1 point in perseverance (more health and mana regen (2%))
4 points in Awareness (+5% experience gaining, make you level faster than your opponents)
2 points in Utility mastery (Give you 30% bonus duration from neutral creep; can be nice since you will jungle time by time to get those buffs)
1 point in Greed (+1 gold each 10 sec, not that great since you will have plenty of money already)
2 points in meditation (+.66% mana regen, need it to gain access to tier 4 masteries)
1 point in Quickness (Probably one of the most interesting utility mastery, since it gives you a bonus movement speed, the bad thing is that you’ve only got 1 point left if you took Ardor)
If you did not took Ardor:
3 points in Quickness instead of only 1 point
1 point in intelligence (2% reduce Cooldowns to your spells)

So thats it for the mastery, as I said, I hardly recommend you to take the offensive part instead of the utility one, but do as you like () We will now go for the summoners spells which are an important part of the game too :

Summoner’s spells:
Let’s look at all the spells than we will see which are the best to take!

Exhaust: Blinds the target (100% miss chance) and slows its Movement Speed by 40% for 3 seconds. (Personally, I always use this spell because it is, to my eyes, the better summoner spell, since an exhaust enemy can neither run or attack you (except for mage which can still cast there spell, be careful to that!)

Ghost: Your Champion ignores unit collision and moves 32% faster for 14 seconds. (Can be a nice spell to track down a Fleeing enemy or to get away from an enemy gank (or from a stronger enemy), but it won’t help you to win a 1 one 1 battle against an enemy, that is why I don’t take this spell. But go as you feel, it’s not necessary a bad choice)

Heal: Restores 140 + 20 x level Health to your Champion and 50% of that to nearby allies. (For me, Heal is a most-hero-noob-spell (no offense to those who use it, it still my personal opinion ) The reason why I don’t like it at all is that the Cooldown on it is insanely too long for the effect. Can save you some time, but not very useful I think.)

Revive: Instantly revives your Champion at your Spawning Pool, 9 minute cooldown. (Nothing to say about this spell, just don’t take that, don’t even think about taking it!)

Smith: Deals 420, plus 35 times your level, damage to target enemy minion or pet. (Great spell with some heroes, but not good at all with this AP Jax. The reason why its not a wise choice is pretty simple, first, you won’t jungle in early game, so you don’t need it at the beginning. Secondly, at level 6, you can kill the lizard or the golem without smith since your ult will add you like 250 damage each 3 attacks, so it won’t be an hard job to get the buff.

Teleport: After 4 seconds, teleports your champion to target friendly minion or turret. (The second spell I usually take. Why? Because it gives you some great advantage, especially in early game, since you can recall to base, buy item, them teleport back to your lane in less than 15 sec if you are fast. Plus, it can prevent your tower from get destroyed because you can teleport to the tower which is getting destroyed in 4 sec then defend it from enemy. The last point is that it make it easier to gank you’re enemy, since you can teleport from top to bot and killed your enemy before the enemy top lane had time to call the mia

Cleanse: Removes all debuffs from your champion and reduces the duration of subsequent stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares, sleeps, and immobilizes by 50% for the next 3 seconds. ( Not bad at all, probably one of the most overall useful skill. I don’t take it with Jax cause I always forgot to use it -_-... If you are good with it, you could think about removing Teleport to replace it by cleanse.)

Fortify: Grants invulnerability to all Allied Turrets and causes them to attack 100% faster for 7 seconds. While Fortify is ready to cast, you deal 9 bonus damages to minions. (A really useful spell, but Jax is not the best hero to take it. You are really better to go with those other spells I like exhaust, ghost, cleanse, teleport, etc...)

Clarity: Restores 160+35x level mana to your champion and 50% of that to nearby allies. (Just don’t take it, you will hardly use it once since you don’t need to use your mana really often.)

Ignite: Ignite is a damage over time spell that targets a single champion dealing 50 damage plus 25 damage per level over 5 seconds. This damage is not lowered by armor or magic resistance. Also reduces the target’s healing and regeneration by 50%. (Well, I don’t really like to use this spell with Jax, since the main strength of this spell is to prevent your enemy form fleeing. With Jax, you should already be able to prevent this because of your high movement speed and your leap jump which make escape nearly impossible with most low life hero. )

Rally: Summons a beacon with 200 + 25 x level Health for 15 seconds which increases allied base Physical Damage by 30% and Health Regen by 15 + 1.5 x level per second (another nice spell that you won’t need with Jax.) Don’t have much to say about this, it’s great, but not with this build.

Clairvoyance: Reveals an area of the map for 6 seconds. (Having one clairvoyance spell on the team is always great, but would be a waste on Jax since he needs his summoner spell to be more efficient. Using it on a hero like Taric, Soraka, Zilean or their kinds would be wiser. )

Flash: Teleports your Champion to target nearby location. (Well, it was a great spell before it got or nerfed. Now it’s not so good anymore, depending on which hero you use it with. With Jax, it’s not such a great idea because you already had leap jump which can do a similar job, except that you can’t flee from enemy.)

So that’s it about the summoners spell. My recommendations are exhaust and teleport, but you can also take cleanse or ghost.
No, the Item section is not here yet. Be patient, it won’t be long! The rune section is not so complicated, but is quite expensive on IP point:

Mark rune (red one): As the other runes section will be, you will need to buy 9 of the same rune. The question is: which one? And the answer is pretty simple: you will need 9 Greater Mark of Malice, which each gives you a .93% crit chance, for a +8.4% total crit chance with the complete build. I know that this is an AP build, but some crit chances are always nice, especially in early game where 1 critical strike can hurt your enemies for almost ¼ of their max life. (Cost around 4000 IP to buy those 9 runes)

Seal rune (Yellow one): This is the most important rune for this build. You probably know that when Jax dodge an attack, he can use a 4 sec cooldown spell that stun enemies and hit them for a set amount of damage plus 0.8% of his AP. Plus, remember that we took the mastery of nimbleness which make you run 10% faster after dodging an attack... So we need a lot of dodge! So you will need to buy Greater Seal of Evasion, which all give you a 6.8 bonus dodge chance. (Cost around 8000 IP to buy those 9 runes)

Glyph rune (blue one): Another important part of the build, since it is directly related to the main build idea which is having a lot of AP to rape your enemies . To do this, you will need to buy 9 Greater Glyph of Force that gives you a .17 AP bonus per level, for a total of 3.06 at level 18. With your 9 rune, that mean you’ll have a +30 bonus AP at level 18! Combined to your mastery, you’ll have a +70 bonus AP points! (Should cost about 4000 IP to buy those 9 runes)

Glyph rune (Other way): Coming soon!

Quintessence rune (Bigger one): The best two choices would probably be to take 3 Greater Quintessence of Force, which will give you 7.74 bonus IP point each (at level 18) so you would have now almost 100 Bonus AP from your runes/masteries, or to take 3 Greater Quintessence of Evasion that will give you 1.5% more dodge chance each, for a 4.5 total, added to the 7.5 from seal rune, added to the 2% from masteries, for a great total of +13% dodge chance. Personally I prefer the AP bonus to the dodge bonus since you will already have about 40% dodge with your spell, item and the seal runes bonus.
Item Build

Yes, the time has finally come, you will now know what item you should get to be able to own in game. It’s not very complicated, but it’s kinda hard to get. Let me say this though: when you finish this build, you’ll be nearly invincible...

1. The first item you should buy with your 475 starting gold is an amplifying tome (+20 AP). The AP bonus will give you an advantage with your leap strike.

2. When you will have about 1100 gold, recall to the base and buy soul stealer and boots. (You recall at 800 gold to buy soul stealer then come back at 350 gold to buy boots if you want)

3. The next 4 items you should get are 4 Kage’s lucky pick (+25 AP //+5gold/10sec) which will give you a +100 AP bonus, plus a lot of gold!

4. When you have enough money, upgrade your boots to ninja tabi. That will increase your movements speed and give you a +11% dodge chance.

5. Now we are starting to get big items. You will have to wait about 15 minutes before you can buy your Lich bane (recall to base at 3100 gold, then sell 1 kage’s lucky pick to get the 300 gold needed to buy Lich Bane. Why Lich bane? Because at this stage, you should have about 300 or more AP and Lich bane will give you some more AP, plus the passive that make you deal your AP in bonus damage after casting a spell (3 sec cooldown on this passive). Since that each of Jax spell has about 4 sec cooldown at level max, it’s really deadly! A 350 bonus damage each 3 sec. Plus, a 8% movement speed bonus is always welcome huh?

6. Another big item which should take about 12 min to buy: Zonhya’s ring. This item will give you a 100 bonus AP, plus a +25% bonus AP (at this point, you should have about 550-600 AP if your mejai is full. (Don’t forget that your ult got a 1/1 AP efficiency... so each 3 strike, you’ll do an additional 800 damage, plus an additional 600 damage each 3 sec. Don’t also forget that your leap strike now deal close to 800 damage, while you’re stun will do 600 damage

7. Ok, we now have enough AP points; I guess we won’t need more than 600, huh? So the next item we are getting is a traditional Jax Item, Phantom Dancer. With this, you will get very, but very interesting bonus: +45% attack speed (the faster you attack, the stronger your ult will be!), +30 crit chance (Not that much useful with this build, since your crit will do like 250 damage, but it’s still nice!), 20% dodge chance (Gives you better chance to use your stun, plus, when you dodge you take no damage, so it is great too ^_^) and finally, a 12% movement speed, it’s nice to run very fast, no?

8. Ok, now the last item, you can now sell your last kage’s lucky pick to buy your last item which will make you truly unkillable! This item is the Bloodthirster. It will give you at nice attack bonus (+100 when fully charged-up) but what’s most interesting is the sweet life leach! 25% when charged-up, that means you’ll now recover about 500 hp per second.

Spell build
To have a great build, you have to choose wisely in which order you shall take your spell, because it can make you a lot stronger or weaker:
Level 1: Leap Strike
Level 2: Counter Attack
Level 3: Leap Strike
Level 4: Counter Attack
Level 5: Leap Strike
Level 6: Relentless Assault
Level 7: Leap Strike
Level 8: Counter Attack
Level 9: Leap Strike
Level 10: Counter Attack
Level 11: Relentless Assault
Level 12: Counter attack
Level 13: Empower
Level 14: Empower
Level 15: Empower
Level 16: Empower
Level 17: Empower
Level 18: Empower

After some comment, some people said it would be nice to take at least 1 level in empower in early game. I'm staying with my build because I don't really like empower, but you could easily take it at level 2 and wait to level 3 to take counter strike, it is as you like

Way of playing

Level 1-5 : Just play carefully, you are not very strong yet and can hardly kill without a good ally (If there is a Ryse or a Morgana in game, it would be a great idea to lane with them since there are holding spell are a really great combo with Jax. Allies you should be avoiding of laning with are heroes that don’t have any stun or slow. At this level, you should have your soul stealer, your bot, and one Kage’s lucky pick.

Level 6-10: At this time, you can go jungle time by time, killing the golems when they are there, and lizard to get the buff. You can play a little more offensive in lane since you do quite more damage. Don’t think you are invincible though, because you really are not. Even if you are now useful in team fight and you should be able to 1v1 2 or 3 enemies, still be careful because I doubt you can solo any enemy except if they are pretty noob. If everything went well, you should now have 3 or 4 kage’s lucky pick and you should have something like soul stealer x6 or more

Level 11-15: You are not a lot stronger than you were at level 10, except that you have some more life, better ult and more dodging chance. But still, don’t try to charge in front line, still play safely and keep upgrading you mejai soul stealer so you can grow stronger. At this point, you will probably still have only 4 kage’s lucky pick, but almost enough money to buy your lichbane. (If your mejai is pretty well charged, you can play more aggressively, but still play safe

Level 16-18 (With lichbane): Know, you can do pretty well damage and you are dangerous enough to 1v1 probably any enemy hero (except some hero like master yi which is your worst enemy) you should have something about 330 AP, so you ult and your lichbane are really great. (Lich bane do not work with empower, so be carefull with that , I have been traped too XD)
Level 18 (with zonya’s ring): It is now that the fun really begins. Your build is not complete, but you are very strong already. If you played well, you should have almost 600 AP by now, so all your spell will do insane damage. Your leap strike will do 800 damages, your stun should do 600 AOE damage and your ult so 800 damage each 3 shot, plus your lichbane which gives you a 600 bonus damage each 3 sec. Also, don’t forget you can do an AOE stun every 4 sec, give you an advantage in 1v2.

Level 18 (With Phantom Dancer): You are not invincible yet, but be patient, this will come soon ^_^. With the dodge bonus from this item, you can use your stun more often, and you run faster to be able to track down your enemy.

Level 18 (With Bloodthirster): now, you can hardly be killed. With this item, you will now recover about 1000 hp per 4 sec. So don’t be shy to attack enemies, you should be able to kill any enemy on a 1v1, and probably won even a 1v3, 1v4 and it is not impossible for you to solo the whole enemy team (trust me, you are really OP with this complete build)

So that is it for this build, I wish you will like it, it took me some time to create it but I’m kinda proud of it. I will try to update it time by time. If you have any comments or feedbacks, don’t be shy to leave them! ^_^

*Author note* Don't miss my next build which will be on Twitch, the plague Rat! I should begin it when I'll be finished with some fixing on this Jax build!

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thank you!

this forum really needed a good ap-jax guide



Mark rune (red one): As the other runes section will be, you will need to buy 10 of the same rune. The question is: which one? And the answer is pretty simple: you will need 10 Greater Mark of Malice, which each gives you a .93% crit chance, for a +9.3% total crit chance with the complete build. I know that this is an AP build, but some crit chances are always nice, especially in early game where 1 critical strike can hurt your enemies for almost ¼ of their max life. (Cost around 4000 IP to buy those 10 runes)


1. there are only 9 runes of each type
2. I think magig pen would be better because most of your burst dmg is magic and you wont have a lot of penetration

edit: i miss a rylais in your build, is it really working without a slow?
edit2: with that complete build you will have 1,971hp...thats a bit terrible for a carry with nearly no surviability and no escape skills

i would really like to know how many games you have played and won with that build

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Junior Member


Seems like a nice guide. Sounds like you can do some really good dmg.

What worries me is that it seems like it takes ages before you get strong.

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I use ap jax, but I dont waste nearly as much time on picks as you do. As your guide points out, you dont reach dangerous until 18... thats too late to make a difference most matches. However, AP jax is incredibly fun.

Also, Empower doesnt proc lichbane...

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Senior Member


nice one. ap jax is nice and fun.

a few points:
* magic pen marks
* imho the problem is sheen/bane doesn't proc on empower which leaves you with just a few procs early/mid game.
* you cannot spam leap before it is maxed as the cooldown is ridiculously long at the first few levels -> sheen early is a waste
* RoA + Rylai's is better all in all, since leap and counterstrike slow your target and you gain a bit of survivability. you can still add a mejai's in between the 2 but early RoA is a must imo. i'd start with catalyst/boots
* sapphire crystal + hp pots is much easier to handle early than a tome. +200 mana means much more leap strikes/cs before running oom resulting in more damage than you will do thanks to a tome.
* sheen -> lich bane later is more beneficial when cooldowns are lower and your mana pool is higher
* also i find jax very effective in jungling/creeping from level 6 on. so i personally wouldn't buy picks unless i plan to go dfg which is a nice idea against tanks
* mejai's is optional, it somehow discourages being aggressive mid game for not losing charges, but that is just my subjective impression
* i find nashor's tooth to be highly effective. it increases ult procs by increasing your attack speed and allows endless spam of leap and cs for even more sheen procs while still increasing AP

tabi -> RoA -> sheen -> Rylais -> Nashor's is what i would do. you can easily squeeze in a soulstealer and delay the tooth, as it's single components are very helpful as well.
this way you end up with 3100+ HP and 240 AP not counting masteries/runes.

all in all...finally someone dared to write an ap jax guide good work

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yea empower doesnt proc lich bane, which kinda makes it hard to take this guide seriously since it doesnt even seems as if you know jax at all

4 lucky picks is overkill

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Hmm my AP Jax build is a bit different.

And like others said, Lichbane/Sheen doesn't proc with Empower, pretty sure it only proc's with Counter Strike and Leap Strike, and since you don't always have Counter Strike ready, you get like one proc from Lichbane in your burst. Also, early game, Empower + Leap Strike rules regardless of whether or not you're going AP. If you get it early more with 1 point in Counter Strike it will help you get fed more.

Anyways, my build is: Catalyst, Boots 1, Mejai's, Ninja Tabi, Double Rod and usually that's as far as I get. Mejai's is just way too good to ever pass up. Especially since Jax is pretty great early game. Tabi for obvious reasons, and the Double Rod for the AP and you need the health since you need to get up close and personal to do a lot of damage in team fights.

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1. there are only 9 runes of each type
2. I think magig pen would be better because most of your burst dmg is magic and you wont have a lot of penetration

edit: i miss a rylais in your build, is it really working without a slow?
edit2: with that complete build you will have 1,971hp...thats a bit terrible for a carry with nearly no surviability and no escape skills

Yep, sorry for the rune, my bad XD was a bad one, but for the Rylais, i dont use it personnaly, but you certainly can switch an other item to get this. It could certainly be great, would have been my seventh item, but since we can only have 6 item I used this one. For the runes, it can be an other pretty interesting option. I did not really though about it before, but its true that it would probably be better than more AP.

And about the 1971 Hp, its true thats its kinda low, but with the life leach your healt recover very fast, as I said, it recover about half of your life in 2-3 sec. But don't forget that with your dodge which is about 40% with complete build, you take take quite more hit before dying.

But thanks a lot for this comment, i will make some change based on your suggestion, especially about Rylais staff that could be a great advantage.

What worries me is that it seems like it takes ages before you get strong.

Yup, that really is the main problem with this build, its kinda long since you can be really strong. I'd say between 25 and 35 min since you begin to be very strong. But still if your mejai is well charge, you are quite strong too with your ult. I'll try to make an optional Item build that will make you strong faster, i'll do some test this week and I shall be able to post a replacing build this week.

yea empower doesnt proc lich bane, which kinda makes it hard to take this guide seriously since it doesnt even seems as if you know jax at all

True, it does not work -_-.. My bad, i'll change it. I'm use to play with Jax, but did not really notice that because I do not really use empower often, I prefer a traditionnal leap strike and stun. But Just wanna say I do know Jax well, don't worry XD, even if its true thats it was a nooby error, i recognize it, thank you for telling me about it ^_^