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Mundo: Carrying more than a Cleaver

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Changes to Build v1 (Crit based)

Posted this in another thread, then realized I hadn't updated the guide here with my new build yet.

You're looking at an order something approximating:
: Resist Mantle/HP Crystal
: Boots1 and Spirit Visage and Green Elixir.
: Mercs/Ninja and Avarice Blade
: Maintain Green Elixir through out the build.
: Cloak of Agility and Chain Vest
: Brutalizer or Complete Atma's
: Brutalizer or Complete Atma's
: Complete Youmu's
: Cloak of Agility
: Exec Calling (You're going to need this now if not earlier, before the Youmu's Completion, Crit AND Life Steal)
: Infinity Edge or Phantom Dancer

Ends as:
Spirit Visage
Exec Calling
**Usually take Infinity Edge or Phantom Dancer (IE will end at 90% Crit, PD at 100% Crit w/ Green Elixir)

>>> LeagueCraft Link (http://leaguecraft.com/builder/Dr.+Mundo/af1bbfc864edf5ecbb7f9b4af4c3ba65) Remember to add 15 Crit and ~0.3 to the stats given to give you the stats with Green Elixir.

This build is much closer to a glass cannon than I normally advocate running.

This build will require a very large amount of practice time to play effectively.

This build will carry your team to victory by smashing apart any single or duo champions in front of it after mid game.

You have been warned.

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hello, very nice build!
what runes do u recommend after latest ArPen runes nerf? Are ArPen still viable? What about crit chance?
and why null magic mantle as first item in build 1? I think that 1st build must be reworked.

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I think the point of Null as first item in build 1 is to help rush Spirit Visage as fast as possible, and you can still get a red pot with a Null, but you can't if you get crystal.

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Null is/was being taken for the early SV rush life zomgturtle said. It isn't necessary so much to take the Null Mantle early as having a plan for progressing through the early items in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

There really isn't an ideal starting option for a crit strike based Mundo who is going to be a fighter, in the mix, instead of a gank/clean-up, who waits till someone is alone or low health, with the current itemization.

As for current changes:
Hexdrinker gives some very interesting build options, especially with the synergy that the magic shield and Sadism has with one another, but it would still not be anything more than a counter item for magic heavy or one very skilled mage teams.

The MR/Level changes for Mundo really do not affect the builds. You can be a little more lax in taking Ninja over Merc Treads now though, due to not needing the additional MR as much to hit the 120 mark unless you personally feel a need for additional CC reduction based upon your opponents.