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Riot points via mobile payment

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William Cross



I've been having this issue for a day now. I buy Riot points with SMS from my mobile. Wehn I wish to buy new points it sends me to the site Paymo. There I write my phone number and then receive and SMS from the site. Since yesterday I've been trying to buy 505 Riot points but when I write down my phone number and after I click "continue" a new page shows up with the message: "Your mobile network has a restriction of 100 ." and that's it...I again click "continue" and the PVP.net launcher gives me an error "You've encountered an error. Please try again later." And then it closes the shop. Can anyone please tell me how to fix this problem. Also I should mention that I am from Bulgaria and I pay with Bulgarian money. But I have reached over 100 before. I don't know why this message keeps coming out. I will be very thankful if anyone took their time to explain to me what's going on because I really need to make a purchase. Thank you in advance.