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how does twisted fate PoC work?

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The card last chosen can be the first card available when Pick a Card is available again. Despite locking a specific card, the ability will still cycle the card rotation every time the card above Twisted Fate pulsates. Thus, if you throw the desired card immediately after locking it before it has a chance to pulsate again, or every three pulses after locking it, the next card will be the one you last locked.
Even if you will not manage to immediately grab exactly the same card, counting the beats after the card you chose can still tip you off toward grabbing the same card again from the current card for the next time you activate the ability.

So im guessing what he is saying is that after you choose your card the timer is still going just not displayed until you throw the card you picked and whichever color the invisible timer stops on will be the first card next time? so if you pick a gold card and throw it immediately after you picked it, your next card will be gold when w is activated again. But if you wait a little before you throw the gold card you picked, then then next card when w is activated could be blue or red depending on how long you waited to throw out your gold card after you pick it?