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MF Runes

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I came up with a bit of an odd rune setup for MF, but I think it might work.

Yellows/Blues - Mana Regen for a total of 19 mp5.

Reds/Quints - combination of Mpen and Arpen for a total of 10 arp and 8.5 mpen

Build wise, I would of course focus on IE, PD, Bloodthirster and LW. But for boots I would throw in sorc boots.

I know this idea has been thrown around before, but I personally think it might work very well for the ult, especially early-mid game.

It's kind of similar to AD-Katarina builds in terms of scaling AD damage but ult wise (and make it rain) is based on magic damage.

Thanks in advance.

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so your missing 25arm pen for 8.5 mpen seems dumbb