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LoL as a LAN Game

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I was wondering if LoL would make a good game to introduce at a LAN party.

My group of co-workers/friends sometimes have a get-together to play LAN games, and one of the ones we used to play was DotA. A majority of the people couldn't stand the complexity of knowing all the recipes and in-turn had a difficult time playing. I wanted to option LoL as a game we can all play that is a lot more friendly for newbies. However, I would hope that it doesn't stagnate because there's only 10 champions that people can play with.

Is there a cap on how much IP someone can gather from Custom Games?
If there is, is that cap high enough for them to buy a new champion or two?

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Emissary of the League


Make sure all of the computers being used have LoL installed and patched!

Custom games:
You earn as much as you can get, until you hit level 11. Once you hit 11 you can only get IP from 6 games per day (probably on the same 22hr system as the first win of the day). You receive a -10% IP/XP penalty from custom games, but it's not significant as long as you're having fun.

The coop v AI is coming out soon, and that should be a fun way for you guys to have a casual, fun, and challenging experience, which you can cater to your group via AI difficulty (unless they don't come out with many difficulties at first, but I'm sure they will XD).

Free champions:
The 10 free champions rotate every week on Monday or Tuesday, at which time you can no longer play the champions from the previous week, and instead have 10 new champions to play for that week. It doesn't take that long to get IP for some of the less expensive champions, so you'll start seeing a variety pretty quickly.

Have everyone run through the Tutorials, they don't take that long and they give you a really good base for the game for those that aren't familiar with this type of game, and even those that are. There's one exception, I don't know why they have you buy Thornmail on Ashe (in the basic tutorial, you'll see when you play it), but you really want some other items first, and even then you should really only get it against heavy auto attack teams. I don't remember if the first tutorial gives you anything, but I know the Advanced Tutorial gives you a good chunk of IP, IIRC it's enough to pick up a 450 champion right off of the bat. If you have the time when you meet up, feel free to run through them when people get there, otherwise suggest that people run through them beforehand.

If you have an odd number of people, I would suggest rotating people out, as while adding a bot could work, it's really frustrating to lose because of a bot, either on your team or the enemy's.

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LOL is a great LAN game having people all in one spot can increase the tension level and or team work

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The biggest problem I've found with LoL at a LAN is balancing teams. Especially if you have vets of the game with n00bs.