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League of Legends will not close

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After signing out and quitting the client window is still up and will not close, will not force quit or quit.

First time it has happened (it's been up for a while now. I thought it would have closed by itself). It will not allow me to shut down, log off of my username, or restart my machine (safely).

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Senior Member


When quitting the client window, wait a few seconds before trying to close the PvP.net patcher window. Closing both too fast causes it to freeze up, I believe. Don't command-Q the PvP.net window OR the client window, try closing it via the 'x' in the corner of these windows. It will then ask if you want to logout in a blue box (both both pvp.net and the game client), click 'yes', and it should close properly.

If it still freezes, do not force quit it using the force quit tool (command-option-escape). Open activity monitor (/Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor.app) and type 'league' in the search bar. You will then see two processes, instead of the one you would normally see on the smaller force quit dialogue. Kill both of these processes and it will rightfully exit both running processes.

Hope that helps.

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OMG THANK YOU!! Had the same error and the force quit worked