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Looking for a solid LeBlanc build.

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i start game with boots and 3 health pots for some lane staying power. 9/0/21 with mp5 seals, flat AP for 2 quints, Mpen marks with 1 Mpen in quints. flat AP glyphs, i think thats my rune page i forgot. i also have my secondary one, 19 Mpen runes while the rest is Mp5 seals.

cleanse + flash = 3 flashes and a cleanse to make sure you are getting the **** out of there. get in rape the carry, get out.

i always rush mejai's because early/mid game, everybody is squishy and everybody is food. once you hit lvl 6 just ganking becomes fun.

after mejai's, deathfire grasp. unfortunately it doesnt work on a teemo or a twitch, why? theyre dead after a Q R W E(snared) Q cooldown, rape allowing you to save it. sometimes you wont even need to pull off a snare cause they dead. then comes the overpowered rants from the dead ppl.

next item is abyssal, maybe rylai's if i really need survivability, or an hourglass. i dont get deathcap cause i dont need it, ppl die regardless.

imo i think archangel is stupid on her but whatever floats your boat. and ill stress the ability called Cleanse. use it. ignite? wtf for? you either you nuke em or you dont.

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I prefer
Hautning guise
Sorc shoes
Abyssal sceptor
Whatever you need next
It really focuses on taking their magic resist down to nothing, maja's is usualy an item on her also due to the fact she is supposed to snowball or die. Deathcap really boosts your magic damage a TON if you have to have mana, get a tear early game. All the summoner spells above are good, flash for more blink power, ignite for that last couple of damage, exaust talented brings down their magic resist even more and allows you to land you abilities easier. Also get deathfire grasp if you want to take down a few tanks but you usualy don't need it because you can destroy squishies without it.

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I follow Siky's guide.. which is in the list of guides at the top of this forum... i can't remember its name though

Ability tome
boots (I personally get boots of mobility)

who cares after that you should of already won :P

but I guess Viod staff or a Defence item for the most fed champion on the opponents side.

Summoner spells. Ignie Ghost, never flash your blink out ranges flash.


At first practice hitting the Combo. Q R W E ignite Q... few will survive that combo.... you can do more advanced stuff later...

Also never use W to farm minions.... if you want to use the AoE, Q W the champion behind the minons.