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-LoL Team Themes-

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ಠ_ಠ ---League of Legends: 160 Team Themes---- ಠ_ಠ

Here you can find all the League of Legends champions categorised under nearly every imaginable theme, ranging from ability-related themes to trivia-related themes (lore and references)

>> CHAMPION SPECIFIC THREAD: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=24398836#post24398836 <<

Note: Champs that are in brackets are alternatives/substitutes


---------------------------------------------Mechanically strategic teams--------------------------------------------

%HP DMG Team Champs that counters enemies with high HP (i.e. metagolem)
Amumu, Kog'Maw, Vayne, Brand, Malzahar (Warwick, Nasus, Varus, Mordekaiser, Poppy, Jayce)

Anti-Invis Team
Lee Sin, Twisted Fate, Nidalee, Kog'Maw, Caitlyn

AOE Team - A team setup that existed at a greater prevalence before patch (where AOE nukes were nerfed). This team is also notoriously known as "Press-R-to-win"
Galio, Malphite, Fiddlesticks, Amumu, Kennen, (Nunu, Karthus, Katarina, Gangplank, Morgana, Vladimir, Xerath, Wukong, Ziggs, Lulu)

Armor Team
Galio, Jarvan VI, Soraka, Orianna, Mordekaiser (Malphite, Leona, Singed, Rammus, Master Yi)

Armor Penetration - Champs with abilities that shred armor
Corki, Taric, Nasus, Karthus, Rammus (Kayle, Jarvan VI, Wukong, Nidalee, Kog'Maw, Trundle, Renekton)

Blink Team - Champs with high mobility that can easily shrug off impassable terrain
Kassadin, Leblanc, Katarina, Ezreal, Shaco (Talon)

Bubble Team - Champs that can shield themselves and their allies
Kayle, Morgana, Lux, Janna, Shen (Karma, Lulu)

CC HEAVY Team Champs with +2 forms of crowd controls excluding slows
Fiddlesticks, Blitzcrank, Amumu, Alistar, Cho'Gath (Leona, Viktor, Maokai, Nautilus, Lulu, Riven, Janna, Leblanc, Malzahar)

Dash Team - Champs which have a gap closing-ability
Xin Zhao, Poppy, Akali, Irelia, Malphite (Lee Sin, Gragas, Shen, Nocturne, Riven, Fizz, Ahri, Graves, Sejuani, Fiora, Wukong, Renekton)

DMG Reflection
Fiora, Annie, Rammus

Double Tap - Champions which excel at finishing off low HP enemies
Karthus, Lux, Twisted Fate, Nocturne, Ezreal (Nidalee, Pantheon, Caitlyn, Ashe, Xerath, Teemo, Darius, Draven)

DOT Team
Malzahar, Brand, Mordekaiser, Vladimir, Nautilus (Swain, Fizz)

Farmer Team Champions that require farming to become stronger or can farm with ease without consuming too much mana
Nasus, Veigar, Mordekaiser, Galio, Gragas (Renekton, Sion, Vladimir)

Fear Team
Fiddlesticks, Shaco, Nocturne, Volibear, Hecarim

Finisher team Champs who gain deal more damage based on how low-HP their foes are
Garen, Riven, Volibear, Pantheon, Nidalee

Global Passive - Champs with globally supportive auras (Credits to metamilo)
Twisted Fate, Zilean, Janna

Greedy Team Champs that can gain bonus gold
Gangplank, Ashe, Twisted Fate, Katarina

Grievous Wound Champs which reduce the effectiveness of healing by 50%
Fizz, Miss Fortune, Katarina, Varus, Tristana

Global Team - Champs with abilities almost have a near-global field of effect
Twisted Fate, Pantheon, Karthus, Shen, Gangplank (Soraka, Ashe, Ezreal, Nocturne, Ziggs, Draven)

Haste Team - Champs who can buff their own or their allies' movement speed
Teemo, Rammus, Zilean, Master Yi, Sona (Janna, Sivir, Gangplank, Singed, Kennen, Lulu, Karma, Skarner, Orianna, Hecarim)

Heal Team
Soraka, Taric, Nidalee, Kayle, Sona (Karma, Janna)

Immolation Team Champs with abilities which deal damage around them over time
Shyvana, Amumu, Sejuani, Nasus, Mundo (Rammus, Renekton, Singed, Annie, Mordekaiser)

Immortal Team - Champs with abilities that makes oneself or their allies very difficult to kill (Credits to Doctor Tann)
Zilean, Tryndamere, Yorick, Kayle, Anivia (Karthus, Mundo, Poppy)

Unstoppable Team - Champs which are resistant to CC
Olaf, Irelia, Singed, Mundo, Trundle (Master Yi)

Untargettable Team - Champs with abilities which allow them to briefly enter a untargetable state
Vladimir, Fizz, Master Yi, Fiora, Shaco

Kamikaze Team - Champs which benefit more based on how low their HP is
Tryndamere, Olaf, Karma, Mundo, Karthus (suicide)

Killer Team Champs with abilities that refreshes CD after an enemy champion is slain
Katarina, Master Yi, Tristana, Irelia, Evelynn, Fiora, Darius

Knock-up Team - Champs that specialise in knocking opponents airbourne
Cho'Gath, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Malphite, Wukong (Janna, Jarvan VI, Xin Zhao, Fizz, Nautilus, Lulu, Lee Sin, Draven)

Knockback Team
Vayne, Alistar, Poppy, Janna, Lee Sin (Tristana, Maokai, Orianna, Riven, Shyvana, Ziggs, Lee Sin, Hecarim, Jayce)

Magic Penetration - Champs that reduce MR
Amumu, Fiddlesticks, Karthus, Nidalee, Ryze (Soraka)

Metagolem Team Metagolem: tri-force/frozen mallet, warmog's, atma's. The metagolem offers high durability and strong late game damage, however requires heavy farming
Jarvan, Gangplank, Irelia, Renekton, Garen (Udyr, Lee Sin, Nasus, Wukong, Trundle, Skarner, Yorick, Shyvana, Hecarim)

Nuke Team - Champions that excel at dealing bursts of damage over a short period of time
Leblanc, Cho'Gath, Anivia, Veigar, Poppy (Akali, Gragas, Annie, Brand, Karthus, Ezreal)

Levitation - Champs that can ignore unit collision
Fizz, Nocturne, Hecarim, Jayce

Lifesteal Team
Lee Sin, Nasus, Olaf, Sion, Warwick

Poke Team - Champs that excels at consistently harassing enemies from far range
Kog'Maw, Nidalee, Ezreal, Corki, Twisted Fate (Janna, Xerath, Lux, Morgana, Varus, Jayce)

Pull Team - Champs who specialize at flinging or pulling enemies back
Urgot, Blitzcrank, Singed, Orianna, Skarner (Nautilus, Volibear, Darius)

Pusher Team - Excels at pushing and backdooring
Master Yi, Sivir, Pantheon, Twisted Fate, Shen (Galio/Sona/Orianna- speeds up creeps)

Rapid-Fire Team - Champs that bolster attack speed
Nidalee, Warwick, Nunu, Master Yi, Sivir (Ezreal, Jarvan, Graves, Lee Sin)

Silence Team
Garen, Malzahar, Cho'Gath, Blitzcrank, Fiddlesticks (Kassadin, Soraka, Leblanc, Talon, Viktor)

Spell Vamp Team
Ryze, Ahri, Morgana, Akali, Lee Sin (Olaf)

Stealth Team
Shaco, Talon, Akali, Evelynn, Twitch (Wukong, Teemo)

Stun Team
Sion, Annie, Anivia, Udyr, Ashe (Brand, Leona, Irelia, Taric, Kennen, Xerath, Twisted Fate)

Warwick, Malzahar, Urgot, Skarner

Taunt Team Credits to Templarx
Rammus, Galio, Ahri, Shen

Trap Team - Level 1 Trap Kill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-4KwUP5J8g&feature=channel_video_title
Maokai, Teemo, Nidalee, Caitlyn, Shaco (Heimerdinger, Zyra)

True Damage - Champs that can deal true damage
Corki, Vayne, Cho'gath, Olaf, Darius (Irelia, Twitch, Kog'maw)

Wall Team - Champs that specialise in creating obstacles and blocking foes.
Anivia, Trundle, Jarvan VI (Karthus)

----------------------------------------------Less-strategic teams--------------------------------------

Boomerang Team
Ahri, Sivir, Lux, Viktor, Orianna (Talon)

Bondage Any chain-related ability
Karma, LeBlanc, Malzahar, Nocturne, Morgana (Executioner Mundo, Evelynn)

Caution - Champs that use skills which reveals a zone of imminent danger
Kog'Maw, Karthus, Lux, Fizz, Pantheon (Veigar, Ziggs)

Cluster Team - Champs using skills that 'bursts' multiple projectiles within vicinity
Katarina, Graves, Heimerdinger, Twisted Fate, Sona (Talon, Swain)

Cone Team - Champs which can target a cone-shaped area
Corki, Annie, Rumble, Mordekaiser, Miss Fortune (Kassadin, Pantheon, Cassiopeia, Talon, Riven, Graves, Shyvana, Karma)

Crossfire X - A team leaves fiery X at their wake. GP ulti marks the 'X', Corki valkyrie & Rumble equalizer forms the X, and Lux & Ez's ultis completes it
Lux, Ezreal, Rumble, Gangplank, Corki (Ziggs)

Cyclops Team - Champions with eyes-related abilities
Sion, Cassiopeia, Malzahar, Galio

"Death from Above" - Champs that bring demise to their foes through summoning hazardous falling objects
Karthus, Veigar, Kog'Maw, Annie, Pantheon (Gangplank, Soraka, Xerath)

Detonation Team - Champs that have detonable abilities
Gragas, Lux, Anivia, Sion, Ziggs

Electric Team
Volibear, Olaf, Kennen, Blitzcrank, Xerath (Ryze, Rumble, Heimerdinger)

Giant Team
Nautilus, Shyvana, Cho'Gath, Alistar, Nasus, Renekton (Sejuani, Lulu)

Homing Team - Champs with an ability which locks-on their foes, (usually) after the activation of another ability
Urgot, Lee Sin, Cassiopeia, Kennen, Nautilus (Fizz)

Hybrid Team - Gunblade, guinsoo, rylais
Kayle, Nidalee, Jax, Akali, Katarina

Jumper Team Champs with leaping-related abilities
Pantheon, Nidalee, Jax, Tristana, Jarvan VI (Nocturne, Riven, Fizz, Darius, Jayce)

Laser Team - PEW PEW!!
Lux, Swain, Karthus, Viktor, Xerath (Space Teemo)

Liquid Team - Champions with water-related abilties
Singed, Vladimir, Kog'Maw, Fizz, Nautilus (Gragas)

ON-HIT Q Team - Champs who can empower their following autoattack
Nasus, Poppy, Leona, Mordekaiser, Trundle, (Udyr, Wukong, Garen, Talon, Shyvana, Ezreal, Gangplank)

Onomnomnom Team Champs that have biting or devouring-related abilities
Fizz, Cho'Gath, Nunu, Trundle, Shyvana

Pet Team - Champs that can create controllable pets or minions
Morderkaiser, Annie, Heimerdinger, Shaco, Malzahar (Yorick, Leblanc)

Poisonous Team
Cassiopeia, Teemo, Singed, Gangplank, Twitch (Shaco)

Swain, Nidalee, Nasus, Renekton, Shyvana (Udyr)

Rasengan - Champs that shoot ball-shaped projectiles.
Ryze, Lux, Lee Sin, Galio, Orianna (Nunu, Morgana, Veigar, Ahri, Jayce)

Ricochet Team - Champs with skills which bounce to other nearby foes
Brand, Katarina, Fiddlesticks, Master Yi, Sivir (Miss Fortune, Varus)

Garen, Wukong, Katarina, Xin Zhao, Renekton (Tryndamere, Darius)

Weapon Tossers - Skillshot-based, weapon throwing champs
Mundo, Olaf, Kennen, Nidalee, Irelia (Sivir, Leona)

-----------------------------------------Teams sorted by appearance----------------------------

Anivia, Swain, Janna, Ashe, Fiddlesticks (Iron Solari Leona)

Sion, Olaf, Nasus, Draven, Darius

Belts - Champions with two or more belts (Credits to FlamingPurpleGuy)
LeBlanc, Ezreal, Caitlyn, Veigar, Brand. (Evelynn)

Lux, Janna, Kayle, Ezreal, Orianna, Stinger Akali, Annie (3 skins), Freljord Ashe, Cowgirl Miss Fortune

Bludgeons - (Credits to Hovan) Champions who use staves, clubs, or mace-like weapons to deal physical damage
Taric, Poppy, Mordekaiser, Jax, Trundle (Hextech Sion, Jayce)

Sona, Mercenary Katarina, Prestigious Leblanc, Tango Evelynn, Arctic Warfare Caitlyn, Bandit Sivir, Frosted Ezreal, Aviator Irelia, Queen Ashe, Tempest Janna, Divine Soraka, Lollipoppy

Capes - “I make the f*cking woosh noises”
Ashe, Twisted Fate, Pantheon, Garen, LeBlanc (Vayne, Talon, Super Teemo)

Close Combat - Styles: Wuju, Karate, Hiten, Boxing, Fencing
Lee Sin, Black Belt Udyr, Karate Kennen, Boom Boom Blitzcrank, Master Yi (Irelia, Fiora)

Country Roads - Farm-themed
HillBilly Gragas, Angler Jax, Fisherman Fizz, Fiddlesticks, Nidalee (Twitch, Alistar, Volibear)

Garen, Lux, Xin Zhao, Jarvan VI, Galio (Poppy, Vayne, Shyvana, Sona, Fiora)

Dual-Wield - (Credits to Hovan)
Katarina, Shaco, Akali, Olaf, Shen (Nocturne)

Durka Durka
Zilean, Ziggs, Singed, Malzahar, Corki

Fury Swipe Champs with clawing/scratching-based abilities
Nidalee, Volibear, Warwick, Udyr, Evelynn

Leona, Gragas, Secret Agent Miss Fortune, Blacksmith Poppy, Leopard Nidalee

Jaximus, Perseus Pantheon, Viscero Xin Zhao

Guinsoo - In dedication to Guinsoo and all manly beards (Suggested by Boonaru)
Gangplank, Gragas, Olaf, Udyr, Ryze (Zilean, Greybeard Veigar)

Miss Fortune, Caitlyn, Gangplank, Tristiana, Graves (Corki, Gangster Twitch)

Soraka, Cho'Gath, Kassadin, Alistar, Olaf (Warmonger Sion)

Ionia - Balance in all things
Master Yi, Karma, Irelia, Shen, Akali, Kennen (Soraka, Udyr, Wukong, Ahri)

Talon, Shaco, Katarina, Malzahar (Sacrificial dagger)

Mechas - Scientists and big mechanical beings alike
Viktor, Rumble, Blitzcrank, Heimerdinger (Corki, Baron Von Veigar, Nunu Bot, Battlecast Urgot, Full Metal Jayce)

Noxus - Blood for Noxus
Katarina, Sion, Singed, Warwick, Urgot (Cassiopeia, LeBlanc, Swain, Vladimir, Talon, Darius)

Reanimated Beings - (Credits to Hovan) Champions that aren't human, but are bipedal and do not have blood.
Blitzcrank, Malphite, Galio, Fiddlesticks, Maokai (Orianna)

Annie, Katarina, Miss Fortune, Masquerade Evelynn, Pentakill Sona (Shyvana)

Rider (Credits to Sam Le'Curry)
Sejuani, Nunu, Rumble, Corki, (Zilean, Hecarim)

Mundoverse Mundo, Nurse Akali, Candy Cane Miss Fortune, French Maid Nidalee, Officer Caitlyn (Armor of the Fifth Age Taric)

Jarvan VI, Pantheon, Nidalee, Xin Zhao, Fizz (Wukong, Hecarim)

Master Yi, Tryndamere, Irelia, Kayle, Garen (Leona, Riven, Fiora)

Team Rocket
Heimerdinger, Rumble, Corki, Tristana, Urgot

The Void
Kassadin, Malzahar, Cho'Gath, Kog'Maw, Void Nocturne

Yordles - Pint-sized champions
Poppy, Teemo, Kennen, Tristana, Amumu (Heimerdinger, Corki, Rumble, Veigar, Ziggs, Lulu)

-------------------------------------------High RP Priority Teams----------------------------------------

Aqua Team - (Credits to Neo)
Deep One Kassadin, Coral Reef Malphite, Scuba Gragas, Siren Cassiopeia, Giant Enemy Crabgot (Urf Warwick, Loch Ness Cho, Nautilus)

Arctic Team
Nunu, Anivia, Ashe, Sejuani, Volibear (Glacial Olaf, Freljord Rammus, Frosted Ezreal, Tundra Hunter Warwick, Frozen Shen, Northern Front Swain, Frozen Terror Nocturne, Frostfire Annie, Arctic Warfare Caitlyn, Cryocore Brand, Frostblade Irelia, Glacial Malphite)

Bilgewater Team - Pirate-themed
Bilgewater Swain, Bilgewater Katarina, Miss Fortune, Gangplank (Bilgerat Rumble, Fiddle Me Timbers, BuCC Heavyaneer Tristana, Fizz)

Black Team
Vayne, French Maid Nidalee, Nightblade Irelia, Assassin Yi, Noxus Poppy, Chrome Rammus

Blue Team
Enchanted Galio, Djinn Malzahar, Vandal Jax, Anivia, Shen (Taric, Ryze)

Christmas Team
Old Saint Zilean, Earnest Elf Tristana, Silent Night Sona, Workshop Nunu, Santa Gragas (Reindeer Kog'Maw, Re-Gift Amumu, Toboggan corki)

Commando Team - (suggested by Phritz)
Commando Xin Zhao, Commando Lux, Commando Jarvan, Commando Garen, Commando Galio

Crimsom Elite Team
Crimson Elite Talon, Crimson Elite Riven

Desparado Team Wild west/cowboy themed
Cowboy Miss Fortune, Desperada Cassiopeia, Bandito Fiddlesticks, Sheriff Caitlyn, Longhorn Alistar (High Noon Twisted Fate, Graves, Sandscourge Skarne)

Double Rainbow Team (Inspired by CLINTEASTWOOD)- Either cute, colorful, downright creepy, or less-heterosexual looking champs
Armor of the Fifth Age Taric, Groovy Zilean, Lollipoppy, Vancouver Amumu, Riot Girl Tristana

Dream Job Team
Firefighter Tristana, Astronaunt/Super Teemo, Corporate Mundo, Surgeon Shen, Nurse Akali, (Professor Ryze, Explorer Ezreal, Kennen M.D)

Dressed to Kill Team - Sharply dressed champs with suits
Gentleman Cho'Gath, Secret Agent Miss Fortune, Tango Twisted Fate, Gragas Esq., Gangster Twitch (French Maid Nidalee, Almost Prom King Amumu, Prestigious LeBlanc)

Fire Team
Brand, Annie, Firefang Warwick, Shyvana, Rumble (Volcanic Wukong, Molten Rammus, Charred Maokai, Mundo)

Halloween Team
Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks, Zombie Ryze, Nosferatu Vladimir, Kitty Cat Katarina, Mundo Mundo (Bewitching Nidalee
Definitely Not Blitzcrank, Haunting Nocturne, FrankenTibbers Annie)

Hextech Team The cutting-edge technology and ingenuity of Zaun
Hextech Galio, Hextech Janna, Hextech Singed, Hextech Anivia, Blitzcrank (Orianna)

Magician Team - "For my next trick, I'll make you disappear!"
Sorceress Lux, Prestigious LeBlanc, Magnificent Twisted Fate, Shaco

Medic Team (Credits to Phritz)
Nurse Akali, Surgeon Shen, M.D Kennen (Mundo)

Medieval Team
Medieval Twitch, Barbarian Sion, Sherwood Forest Ashe, Highlander Tryndamere, Nottingham Ezreal (Executioner Mundo, Little Knight Amumu)

Ninja Team
Shen, Akali, Kennen, Nightblade Irelia, Ninja Rammus

Nordic Team - Vinland Saga~
Olaf, Viking Tryndamere, Barbarian Sion, Tundra Hunter Warwick, Valkyrie Leona (Brand- aCC Heavyording to lore)

Out for Blood - (Credits to Hovan) Champions that appears to be here for blood (or primarily crimson color scheme)
Sanguine Garen, Count Vladimir, Infernal Mordekaiser, Forsaken Olaf, Akali (Crimson/ Blood Moon), Blood Moon Shen, Bloodfury Renekton, Demonblade Tryndamere

Oriental Team - Asian-themed champions
Lion Dance Kog'Maw, Samurai Yi, Imperial Xin Zhao, Karate Kennen, Sakura Karma (Nightblade Irelia, Ninja Rammus, Shaolin Jax, Wukong, Ahri, Warlock Shen)

Outer Space - (Credits to Phritz)
Astronaut Teemo, Galactic Renekton, Galactic Nasus, Alien Invader Heimerdinger, UFO Corki, Jailbreak Graves

Paladin Team
Battle Regalia Poppy, Dreadknight Garen, Dragonknight Mordekaiser, Silver/Viridian Kayle, Dragon Slayer Jarvan

Pentakill Team
Pentakill Mordekaiser, Pentakill Sona, Pentakill Yorick, Pentakill Karthus

Prehistorical Team
Boneclaw Shyvana, Jurassic Cho'Gath, Jurassic Kog'Maw, Udyr, Nidalee

Purple Team
Morgana, Malzahar, Kennen, Alistar, Kassadin (Evelynn, LeBlanc, Mundo, Veigar)

Regal Team (Inspired by Grasshyren)
King Tryndamere, Queen Ashe, Shadow Prince Malzahar, Royal Shaco, Marquis Vladimir (French Maid Nidalee, Aristocrat Vayne)

R&R Team - (Suggested by Neo)
Surfer Singed, Angler Jax, Brolaf, Urf Warwick, Fisherman Fizz

Sand Team
Djinn Malzahar, Pharoah Nidalee, Pharoah Amumu, Pharoah Nasus, Renekton (Shurima Desert Zilean, Sandscourge Skarner)

Sports Team
Goalkeeper Blitzcrank, All Star Akali, Striker Ezreal, Red Card Katarina, The Mighty Jax (Curling Veigar, Lil Slugger Trundle, Team Spirit Anivia)

The Dark Side - Badass in Black
Harbinger Kassadin, Warmonger Sion, Darkforge Jarvan, Dreadknight Nasus, Dreadknight Garen

Undead Team
Sion, Amumu, Zombie Ryze, Spooky Gangplank, Spectral Fiddlesticks (Grim Reaper Karthus, Butcher Urgot, Yorick, Haunting Nocturne)

Vandal Team
Vandal Vladamir, Vandal Jax, Vandal Twitch, Vandal Brand, Vandal Gragas

--------------------------------Teams based on cultural references-----------------------------------------

Statue of Liberty Karthus, Minuteman Gangplank, Uncle Ryze, Cowgirl Miss Fortune, Aviator Irelia (Amelia Earhart), Bird of Prey Anivia

Captain Planet - Credits to PallasAthens. By your powers combined, I'm Captain Teemo reporting for duty!
Captain Planet: Maphite (EARTH), Annie (FIRE), Janna (WIND), Firefighter Tristana (WATER), Armor of the Fifth Age Taric (HEART)
Corruption: The arch-nemesis of team “Captain Planet”
Kog'Maw (SUPER RADIATION), Singed (SMOG), Twitch (TOXIC), Renekton (HATE), Lumberjack Sion (DEFORESTATION) (Trundle-PLAGUE)

Castlevania - What a horrible night to have a curse
Dark Faction: Vladimir, Warwick, Mordekaiser, Nocturne, Evelynn (Galio, Yorick)
Light Faction: Vayne, Garen (Gabriel Belmont), Spellthief Lux, Leona, Kayle

Deadliest Warrior - Based on a psuedo-science show
Samurai Yi (samurai), Olaf (viking), Pantheon (spartan), Shen (ninja), Gangplank (pirate)

Dragonball Z - It's over 9000!!!
Udyr (Master Roshi), Lee Sin (Tien), Wukong (Goku), Lux (Android 18) (Kennen- Shu, Ryze)

Fairy Tale - Credits to Cheltenham and Miln
Alice in the Wonderland: Annie in the Wonderland, Shaco (Nutcracko/Mad Hatter), Caterpillar Kog'Maw (Caterpillar), Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate (Knave of Hearts)
Wizard of Oz: Annie (Dorothy), Nasus (Toto), Mordekaiser (Tinman), Fiddlesticks (Scarecrow), Udyr (Lion)
Others: Red Riding Annie, Big Bad Warwick, Lollipoppy (Oompa Loompa), Sinful SuCC Heavyulence Morgana (Hansel and Gretel), Lulu

Fallout - Based on the Fallout series
Apocalypse Brand, Road Warrior Miss Fortune, Hextech Singed, Mad Scientist Ziggs

Final Fantasy
Veigar (Vivi), Jarvan VI (Dragoon), Bloodfury Renekton (Bangaa) Riven (Cloud)

Full Metal Alchemist - "At least you can get Philosopher's Stone relatively early"
Alchemists: Full Metal Pantheon (Eric), Mordekaiser (Alfonse), Brand (Mustang), Akali (Lan Fan), Shen (Fu), Ling Yao (Xin Zhao)
Homunculus: Gangplank (Wrath), Gragas (Gluttony), Evelynn (Lust), Obsidian Malphite (Greed), Swain (Father)

Lord of the Rings
Lord Mordekaiser (Sauron), Veigar Greybeard (Gandalf), Poppy (Gimli), Varus (Legolas), Tryndamere (Aragorn), Treebeard (Maokai)

Vladimir (Neo), Vayne (Trinity), Commando Garen (Mr.Smith)

Gangster Twitch, Mafia MF, Mafia Graves

Warwick (Wolverine), Tempest Janna (Storm), Twisted Fate(Gambit), Malzahar(Cyclops/Dr. Doom), Grungy Nunu (The Beast), Malphite (The Thing), , Toxic Mundo (The Hulk), Evelynn (Invisible Woman), Deadly Kennen (Deadpool), Crimson Akali (Elektra), Spectacular Sivir (From DC Universe), Xerath (Magneto)

Mythic - Champions with references with mythology
Warwick (Norse Fenrir), Nasus (Egyptian Anubis), Cassiopeia (Greek Medusa), Trundle (Norse Troll), Renekton (Egyptian Ammit), Hecarim (Greek Centaur), Alistar (Greek Minotaur) (Dryad Soraka, Loch Ness Cho'Gath, Leprechaun Veigar, Valkyrie Leona, Shyvana (Dragon), Ahri (Gumiho), Lulu (Faerie))

Outback - Australian-themed
Outback Renekton, Huntress Sivir, Safari Caitlyn, Sandscourge Skarner

Anivia (Articuno), Rammus (Sandslash), Nocturne (Darkrai), Malphite (Regirock), Kennen (Pikachu), Alistar (Tauros/Milktank)

Starcraft - Credits to Hiicantpk and FrozenXylaphone
Kassadin (Dark Templar), Malzahar (High Templar), Blade Mistress Morgana (Infested Kerrigan), Cho'Gath (Zergling), Cassiopeia (Hydralisk), Rumble (Firebat), Kog'Maw (Baneling), Full Metal Jayce (Marine)

Star Wars
Swamp Master Kennen, Chosen One Yi, Kassadin (Darth Vader), Imperial Lux

The Avengers
Pantheon (Captain America), Toxic Mundo (Hulk), Xerath/ Mordekasier (Iron Man), Olaf (Thor), Evelynn (Black Widow), Hawkeye (Varus)

Yaoi - Muscular, large chested dudes with sweaty chests (By Tenshinmon)
Ezreal, Taric, Tryndamere, Ruthless Pantheon, Nasus

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Global ownage.

TF, Panth, Karthus, Shen, preferred filler commonly a jungler.

Overkill if they pack teleport.

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Fail for not including Juggernaut Malphite in your xmen theme.

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Kayle, Morg, Lux, Shen, Sion, Janna

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ninja team on 3v3~ kennen, akali, shen

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Team We-Don't-Like-to-Die:

Soraka, Taric, Nidalee, Janna, Mundo. (Sub: Zilean for Janna)

Requirement: Quicksilver on the whole team.
Bonus points: 5 Clarities (yes, 5); 5 GAs (if they manage to get the farm)

Optional Character Build:

Ezreal, Nidalee, Kassadin, LeBlanc, Rammus.

Requirement: 5 Flashes, 5 Ghosts

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Eye of the Storm (Wind, lightning, sleet):

Janna, Kennen, Galio, Blitz (lightning bolts from ulti passive), Anivia

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fRiEd bOb

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although its not the right gender lux is more cyclops cuz of her l@zors

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fRiEd bOb:
although its not the right gender lux is more cyclops cuz of her l@zors

But Lux doesn't shoot laser from her eyes. Malzahar might be a better choice.

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Godspeed,the swarm,or w/e you wanna call it i suck with names >.< (for those who love ms5 boots along with revive and ghost its a 10v5 match)