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The Top 10 Most Powerful Champions (Lore)

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The Politician

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What about Xin Xao? His lore stated that he won at least a 299v1 in a noxian arena...

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fizz for 10

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If Wukong is following the lore he was 'borrowed' from at all I'd say he's #1.


Otherwise Syndra sounds perdy badass.

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Brute Brutality



Ok wait RENEKTON????? Op? pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I wish hes my main

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It's been said before, and ill say it again.


I don't even play jax, but in his lore he stomps on everyone in the league, no exceptions.

From the description "an unknown fighter who was unbeatable.".

Furthermore people often forget that Jax fighting with a lamppost was not the restriction placed on him by the league.

The description states "High Councilor Heyward Relivash, created special restrictions for Jax to fight under". On top of which he began only fighting with a lamppost.

AKA he was so super bad-ass they tried to nerf him, he nerfed himself and still was just on par with his competitors.

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As the title indicates, who are top 10 most powerful champions in the League (while in lore)? There are no assistance from summoners or additional items. Other than that, there are no restraints.

My Top Ten:

1. Jax (with a real weapon)
2. Fiddlesticks
3. Xerath (without the sarcophagus)
4. Cho'Gath
5. Kog'Maw
6. Mordekaiser
7. Anivia
8. Brand
9. Nasus
10. Renekton

I would put no sarcophagus Xerath as #1 considering it said in his lore he gained "near limitless power." I always assumed Xerath pre-entrapment is kinda unstoppable.

Jax is strong, but keep in mind the league puts restrictions on some champs (like Cho) so even though Jax had the largest winning streak ever, it was against champs with hindrances.

I would say top ten, although in no real order, at the height of their power:
Syndra, (Shes so similar to Xerath, except I would argue Xerath released is stronger because he has more control)
Jax, (The champ, not #1 but def in top 10)
Brand, (Unkillable eternal elemental)
Cho, (Unstoppable void monster if not for summoners)
Karthus (he cant die really),
Zilean (immortal, can see all points of time simultaneously),
Fiddle (instagib summoners with no challenge),
OLD LORE pre-curse soraka (she was a god),
and probably Nocturne (considering he was just killing people via dreams and was beyond a physical form...)

Some Champs I feel deserve special mention:
Lux - can copy others magic easily
Annie - Is EXTREMELY powerful already despite being a child
Kha - could potentially evolve to become uber powerful
Ezreal - Had tons of potential, he just never capitalized
Anivia - Immortal, but doesnt do much beyond that
Hecarim - I don't know that much about him since he's displayed as powerful, but not ridiculous like other champs post JoJ. Since theirs no additional lore it's hard to tell the limit of what he can do.

Edit: To add Viegar: He is immensely powerful, but no real focus....and hes insane

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The Mighty Moron

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There are millions of contradictions within the LoL lore. For example, Nasus managed to defeat Renekton, yet in renekton's judgement, he pubstomped nasus, MF, Rammus and Alistar. Through some assumptions, I came up with this list:

1. Xerath: Pure magic incarnate in the LoL Lore, he should theoretically be the strongest mage in Valoran. It has been specifically stated that he is limited by his armor, and that should he break free, he would be godlike. Even the strongest Shurima mages weren't able to kill him dead and proper :P
2. Brand: The elemental incarnation of fire, Brand has been stated to have had his powers bound by the summoners of Valoran.
3. Adult Annie (maybe): Considering annie's current power as a little immature kid, I think that she could be pretty unstoppable if she grows up. Never gonna happen though, shes NEVAR growing up! >=)
4. Syndra: Though she's not particularly strong in-game, She was able to shift an entire fortress and make it her flying castle in the lore. Go figure.
5. Fiddlesticks: Even the summoners fear him, and these are the dudes who can bring forth and control creatures from other dimensions.
6: Nasus: He was strong enough to be considered a god in his world, and was able to make a coupla vet summoners beg for mercy before he could kill em. (These are the dudes who were able to effortlessly subdue Swain and Jarvan).
7. Karthus: Anyone who can't die earns a place in my opinion. Even though lorewise he has technically died, such as during the fight between kassadin and malz, he always comes back.
8. Jax: WHO WANTSA PIECE OF DA CHAMP??!!! nuff said, besides the fact that he was broken before he had restrictions to fight under and the fact that i would get tons of flamers for not mentioning him.

Honorable Mentions:
Kha'zix: though right now he may not seem that powerful lore-wise, he has the ability to evolve infinitely based on the power of the creatures he kills. Now that is awesome.

Anivia: Although it is well known that she can't die, we haven't gleaned much of her power from the lore, it mainly telling us about her immortality and wisdom.

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i think number 1 would be xerath, he has basically infinite power, when he decided to come out of his tomb he blew up the shurima desert (check JoJ) and he wants to absorb the nexuses power. if you look at gragas's lore, he got super big by living NEAR a nexus, so what if someone who already commands near-infinite power absorbs all of the nexuses? i dunno, but it sounds like a **** load of power to me

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support lark:
hmm... lee sin vs brand is an interesting one. i guess he could theoretically survive the fire. though he clearly wasnt really doing much while being burned. its not like he was still in fighting condition while doing so. he was merely surviving. much like ezreal, annie, even malphite to an extent, lee sin is an example of unrecognized potential. he may have become the greatest summoner ever, he may still have the potential to be one, but he doesnt show it at all. he doesnt use those skills. he uses his monk skills.

the problem is, tho lee survived the burning, his eyes were quite literally burned off. meaning he is susceptible to fire. being human means he's also susceptible to fiddle and nocturn. one cant overcome nocturn's power. magic is useless in the dream world. it stands to reason that whatever willpower that kept lee sin alive throughout the fire is useless there too.

as for the summoner's powers themselves, we really dont know what extent their power is. we know that summoning things can produce such feedback that an entire village is destroyed (from lee sin's story). when fiddle was summoned, whoever was in that room (i forget his name), was either obliterated by the summon, or became fiddlesticks (much like what we can safely assume happened with jax and ashram).

in the end, lee is simply a really powerful human, but a human nonetheless. we dont know what his potential power is, same goes for annie, jax, kogmaw, or any other champ mentioned. we can only go by what we see, and what we see is that any human loses to fiddle/nocturn by way of fear-induced hysteria or death, and anything flammable loses to brand. humans, lose to both.

going by pre-blind/cured state for lee sin means we go by pre-curse soraka and safely assume she's a god. soraka wins in that case. /thread

nocturn/brand still tie at number 1 imo

I wonder if Mordekiaser would be susceptible to nocturn. Brand I suppose could eventually melt mordekiaser but I would assume a red hot giant mace might make brand an ash pile or at least allow mordekaiser to restrain him. I feel Morde is at least up there with noc and brand.

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Just as a gimmick, let's say it's always a 1v1 fight. So brand versus nocturne (random other champ who gets a lot of mentions; feel free to replace with one of the other frequently mentioned champs). Brand is technically a human possessed by spirit. So... Noc kills the body, spirit has to find another body. Does that count as brand losing?
I think this is the same point that makes humans lose. Irelia, lee sin, Malzahar, etc.: all very impressive, but all very human and, ergo, mortal. So there's a definite top tier, with nocturne, fiddle, nasus, renekton, anivia, xerath, kayle, morgana, zilean... Any elemental, immortal,@ alien. Not 100% convinced by this logic myself, but I DO think that a lot of brownie points are going to "Annie will be super powerful one day" and not enough are going to words like "infinite" and "immortal."