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[GUIDE] Renekton - Lavish Brutality

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Taint Misbehavin

Senior Member


i prefer to try to balance Renekton's damage and survivability because, as has been stated, he isn't a hard carry and won't have the damage output equal to a Yi, Tryn, etc.; coupled with the fact that he is relatively squishy if you try to build him as such.

i've been having decent success running 15/15/0 masteries (i avoid the cdr in offense because i max out with core items anyways) with ghost and exhaust (or throwing a point in improved ghost if you feel like it, but i think he's fine without it), with armor pen quints and marks, armor per lv seals and mr per level glyphs.

i like the extra dodge/mobility granted from the defensive tree to counter all the minion aggro you pull from harrassment and farming with SnD. it's also nice to have vs. other melee and physical dps, ofc. the extra health from vet. scars almost makes up for not running flat health quints, and allows me to have more armor pen off the bat.

between runes and masteries, this Ren can take a bit more punishment (especially important early game) while not sacrificing too much in the ways of damage dealing.

i build items similarly to those listed above; starting with a Doran's Shield and building CDR boots, Brutalizer, and Spirit Visage asap. after that i will typically build a Sunfire Cape unless the enemy team completely lacks physical dps and is all AP. in that (rare) case, a FoN is ideal.

after those core items, i just evaluate how the match is going, enemy comp, etc to determine what to finish out with. if we're doing well, i'll finish Ghostblade for quicker tower/inhib pushes. if i'm struggling, i might go for another defensive item such as Randuin's or Guardian Angel. if the game goes longer than that (which is rare), i'll build another damage item, usually Bloodthirster.

this build gives Ren fairly balanced damage and survivability. i won't have carry-level kd ratios, but i'll typically at least double my deaths in kills and assists combined (usually something like 6/7/15) and be able to stick around in team fights longer than a glass cannon build (yay, more stuns!).

EDIT: so, i've been playing more games with him lately, alternating between the 15/15/0 build and 23/6/1, and i still can't decide which i like better. the differences aren't huge, but noticeable.
the more offensive build provides a bit more damage, making farming easier (but more dangerous) and getting better shots at kills and assists. it doesn't seem like a lot more damage on paper, but i could tell a small difference.
however, the offensive/defensive split build makes early game a lot safer and provides a bit more resilience in ganks, skirmishes, and team fights; although i find enemies getting away at low health a lot more.
i'll have to do some more testing, but ultimately i think my choice would probably just come down to team comp and what role i expect to have to play for my team.

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Senior Member


Considering his 3 basic abilities deal physical damage, would it be just half-trolling to get a tiamat?

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Air Jarvan

Senior Member


I'm just going to flat out and say I find this to be a weak build for Renekton. He's a great initiator yet you build him to be super fragile. Doran's Shield and Phage will not make him strong enough to actually survive "engaging" (initiating?) unless your team can cover you with tons of long range CC and in most cases you can't initiate in the open or you'll simply get CC'd and die instantly.

Your build forces Renekton into a role where he must go in second with a hard CC Tank (Amumu/Rammus/Galio) or third if it's like Singed. You can't bank on getting a lot of kills early and you can't always bank on having a strong team composition to cover your frailty so the way you write this guide causes concern for my own well being if I want to actually play aggressively.

Renekton deals great damage compared to who? Even with pure damage items, he's not as strong as some other melee champs in terms of damage output and you must have super good damage output as Renekton if you want to build him as squishy as you do.

I play a lot of Renekton and also against a lot of them and harassing him early on is super easy with some champs (magic damage in general wreck him hard in the early game like Lux and Teemo) and he really needs a strong lane partner to sit well in a lane or do anything at all. Simply E, Q, E early on is inviting yourself to lose more health for really nothing unless you're getting last hits from that or well... anything. No mention of E, W early on which is a stronger setup to cause people not to harass you as much or stay too close to their minions as you can scare them with a stun allowing you to heal much easier by simply walking up to the middle of a group and just hitting Q and saving your E to get out of danger.

My criticism really is addressed to your opening statement on Renekton. I don't think you play aggressively at all with this build, because... well you can't. You're more passive-aggressive requiring teamwork for kills and you're not really a force until like 30+ minutes when you finish your Frozen Mallet. You play safe, pounce on opportunities, but mainly you're farming which is why you opt for Q to be maxed first. Things like this should be clearly outlined, people don't actually read everything in a guide so skimming through might cause details to be missed (aka clean up the flavor text). It can work, but I don't think it's the best way to play Renekton, your build really pushes Renekton to be a very selfish DPS and as I don't feel like he does as much damage as Jax or Master Yi which can literally run in and obliterate everyone, this comes to be very weird for me. You can rationalize that getting kills helps your team anyways and that it's your preferred method of play, but I don't think he's the most useful on a team built like this.

Basically, I'm saying this can work, but you're not going to be the most useful unless the other team is giving away kills. Your damage isn't on the same level as other melee champs and you're trying to build him to be. He gets a stun as part of his kit to rationalize not having insane burst, but yet you kind of ignore it until last. The play style to make this work against competent players will be extremely muted and if the enemy is cautious, I will be bored out of my mind since I have to rely on my tank to make the moves while I can't really do much of anything except farm. If this is indeed the best way to play him, he suddenly isn't as fun anymore then.

I haven't read this yet but seeing the upvotes and how well put-together it is, I will read over it again, do some changes or tweaks and see how well I do. Thank you for the feedback and I'll make another post and an update to the original post if I find better changes.

Just remember that the build worked very well for me against a myriad of opponents so while what you are saying may be true, I may simply have not had the same experience. Time to go test some stuff out on my smurf. :]

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Senior Member


Just used your guide, for the most part, just item wise really and build wise. mostly but i went 21/8/17 by the time we lost ... 8 deaths because of ****ty team. hence the loss. but yeah i got a double kill 30seconds in against GP and Xin xD

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Senior Member


I'm was thinking about maining Renekton. After reading this trying to keep a straight face (failing horribly in the process), I'm convinced.

This croc is a serious beast. Nothing makes me feel better than divebombing after some cocky champion under a turret, thinking they have all the time and security in the world.

Your guide made my day. Well done.

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Senior Member


Sounds good. You don't get merc treads, but being in close range you are likely to get CCd, so what do you think about, say, the cloak and dagger?