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I always lose, no matter what!

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So here's the just of it. I always lose, even when we're winning we lose, even when I'm going 10-0 we lose. No matter the champion, time of day, day, enemy team, my team. I always end up losing, I'm on an incredibly bad losing streak and I'm not blaming it on anybody or anything. I get caught out even in my own jungle, when I gank people don't follow up. I get beat to death because everybody seems to have more damage than be.(again no matter what champion)I try and I try and I try and I'm seriously just considering either quitting or killing myself.(I have the worst luck of anybody you've ever seen regardless of league of legends so I really have no value to my life at any point)

I try playing my main, I try playing someone new, I try playing different roles and different people every game, nothing works. I pay attention, I don't get caught out, I die a lot, I can't ever seem to kill somebody they always seem to get away.

I'm just wondering if god or whoever is officially telling me to stop playing this game or just the fact that the universe hates me. I seriously have no self-esteem regardless of league and this really doesn't help.

I used to be a normal person who would have bad games and good games, really bad games, and really good games. Now they're just all bad, no matter ranked or normal.

I guess the question is that should I just quit playing now or what? Because I have no idea what to do that this point.

I don't even get mad anymore, I've just gotten to the point of depression from this game.

Look at my loss streak: