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Gold+ Team LF More Members

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I'm looking to create a semi-serious ranked team, Gold and above. Our main focus is to work together and improve as individuals and players. My Gold is to hit Diamond in ranked 5s in season 5. We already have a few scrim partners once we get our roster set in stone we will scrim them. Also we will be entering tournaments.

Practice Times are: 5 PM - 9 PM EST. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Maybe one on Friday or Saturday, not sure yet.

We will be using Kik (app on phone) to stay in contact and be using curse voice.

- Roster looks like this -
Mid - Filled (Gold 5) (Me)
ADC - Open
Support - Open
Jungle - Open
Top - Open

We are in need of a Top and Jungler the most.

Please Note: We already have a few people that may join the team, but every role besides mid is open till we know for certain they will join.

- Requirements -
- Good mic that does not pick up background noise
- Gold or above
- No raging/being toxic
- Good mentality
- Looking to improve yourself and open to criticism.
- Dedication to follow though and stay with the team.

People don't bother if you are just going to quit after a week or a few games.

Also please fill out this application to apply to the team:

Will you be able to make it to all practices(Yes or No):
Best Champs:
Mic Quality:
Internet issues:
Link to LoLKing or OP.GG:
Anything you would like to add:

This application is mostly to get people that synergize well together.

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Junior Member


I'm gold 5
Nope, I attend night school on tuesday and thursday. I won't be able to attend practice everyday, but I'm an active player and am mechanically strong .
Lulu, Irelia, Lee, jarvan - pretty much many champions, very versatile been playing since season 2.
aggressive, can play passive. team fighting I like to peel, but as junglers I like to initiate.
Mic quality is ok, no back ground noise.
not many
(: good at listening
sometimes miss cs

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We need a Top and Jungle.