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help with anivia

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Let's start with her abilities.

Her Q is a possible stun if shattered on enemy champion, which can be done early by hitting Q mid-ability. On doing so, if it hits an enemy, they be stunned. Her E procs off of her Q AND R, so you do not want to use the E until you have hit first with a Q or
R. Thus, more damage. Her wall is one of the biggest in the game, and is particularly useful in the jungle if you can catch their team out. Anivia can deal out a TON of damage, especially if you can keep them CC'd inside of your ultimate.
I tend to max my E since that's my main damage dealer, with a point in my wall before doing so. If played correctly, you shouldn't need your wall leveled up a great deal until later into the game.

Now, let's take a look at her build.

Because of her movement speed being lowest than most other mid-lanes, I tend to go Swiftness boots on her. The added speed matched with her slows and wall should guarantee you a safe escape, assuming you're positioning yourself correctly. She's extremely squishy, being one of the lowest base-health champions mid-lane wise as well. Thankfully, we have her passive to reprieve a little bit of pressure in that area, which is essentially a rebirth. You come back as an egg with full HP, but you have a channel time before you "hatch." During this time, you cannot use any abilities, actives, or summoners, but you can be attacked, so be careful.

I like building tear of the goddess for the mana-sustain, and then I build into a Rod of Ages to get some health and extra mana. I next go after an Archangel's staff for more mana. The mana that comes with the RoA helps greatly with AAS passive. After these, you want to go right into heavy-AP items such as DFG, Rabadon's, and Zhonya's.
The Zhonya's helps if you get caught out of position. It will help you reset as well as make the enemy target someone else, or totally disengage.

Keep in mind that Anivia is especially weak against champions with high mobility and utility such as Leblanc and Ahri.

I hope this helped!

An Avid Anivia Player